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Promotional Materials Guidelines

Guidelines for Creating Promotional Materials
for the College, Departments, Centers, Institutes and Programs

Keep messaging and branding cohesive across campus. When creating web-pages, online newsletters, fliers, brochures, and other promotional materials, please follow the guidelines in the CSUN Graphics Standards Manual.

CSUN Colors: The university's colors are red, black and white. Guidelines focus on black, white and a specific shade of red: the official CSUN red is PMS 201. If you are having something printed by a professional print house, they need to know this to give you the right shade of red. The CSUN Wordmark is not to be re-constructed or redesigned, nor should the color be changed (unless to black).

College of Health and Human Development Communications Guidelines:


Web One Calendaring is here!  The CSUN IT Training page leads to video tutorials showing you how to add a calendar to your site in Web One and share public events with other departments, as well as the college and CSUN calendars.

E-share a College of Health and Human Development Brochure (low resolution--not for print)

What's the difference between the University Wordmark and the CSUN Seal?

The university wordmark is the primary component of the California State University, Northridge graphic identity system.

The official university seal depicts the San Fernando Valley’s heritage of mission settlement, the mountain ranges that bound the valley, the sun, and a quill and paper encircled by the words “California State University, Northridge” and “1958.”

Please use the official CSUN wordmark on all promotional materials as well as the name of the college and your department (and center of institute, if applicable).

Except on business collateral, use of the seal is optional on publications, but is usually reserved for more formal communications.

Publications and Social Media: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there social media guidelines or style rules for publications?

A: University guidelines are coming soon, but for now, please follow your sense of decorum, keeping in mind that your materials represent the college and the university. Here's a checklist:

  • proof for grammar and spelling
  • take an objective look for appropriate use of images
  • proof for accuracy of content
  • Make sure you're using appropriate terminology and using correct titles of courses, programs, options, majors, departments and college/university entities.
  • Let common sense be your guide to projecting a presence that is positive and culturally aware.
  • Look at it as if you were a stranger to the university. Did you include enough information to drive people to your event?

Q: What about the CSUN Shine logo - is that supposed to go on everything?

A: We want to spread the word about the many ways we all make CSUN Shine, but we want to stay within university guidelines.   The CSUN Shine Graphic Standards can help you determine when and whether to use the graphic.

The purpose of the CSUN Shine initiative is to communicate the university’s unique identity and distinctive qualities.
All proposed uses of the “CSUN Shine” graphic must be approved by University Advancement, Marketing and Communications to ensure conformity with these guidelines, to coordinate multiple uses and applications, and to maximize the external impact of the overall initiative. See the CSUN Shine Graphic Standards for details. 

CSUN Marketing and Communications is CSUN’s central communications office. A division of University Advancement, their mission is to increase public understanding of and support for the university through strategic communications, media relations, identity strengthening, publications, websites and social media.

Do I have to go through HHD to get my information to University Marketing and Communications?

A: No, but we ask to be in the loop. Please cc whenever sending information to Marketing and Communications, whether an event, press release, or publication.

Q: What is the font that creates the look and feel in web one, and do I have to use it?

The official font of web one is "Museo" and, as a licenced font, it has not been widely distributed across campus for use outside of web one. When it becomes available we will share a link to the download here.

Q: Do I have to get approval from the dean's office before publication?

A: If you aren't sure whether your document is ready for publication, please contact me at or call me at extension 7127.

Q: "Can I abbreviate the name of the college?"

A: Please write out the name of the college on promotional materials and in webpages. If you are abbreviating the name of the college in a memo or note, refer to it as "HHD" rather than "CHHD" to keep use consistent.

And remember: when in doubt, consult the university graphic standards manual.

General notes:

Images of people: We encourage you to use images of people on your webpages and in your publications. We are a people centered college, so it's helpful to express that visually.

Getting subjects' permission: If you use images or audio of staff or faculty, you don't need to get a release form signed, but if you use images, audio, or video of students, please do get your subjects to sign the CSUN Video/Audio Image Release Form (pdf). Keep the release form on file. In the case of using images/audio of minors, get the parents or legal guardians to sign the release form. Rule of thumb: "Use an image: get a release."

Universal Design (also known as ADA compliance for websites):
Each department's webmaster keeps department sites up to date and is responsible for keeping the sites user friendly.  Web One is structured to make this easy, so don't try to "break the template" and you should be okay. If you have questions, the CSUN Universal Design Center has tutorials, information, and the latest news to keep you in compliance.

If there is information you would like to see linked to this page, please email me.

Thank you!

Jean O'Sullivan 818-677-7127 
Public Affairs/Communications Specialist
College of Health and Human Development

Updated: fall, 2014