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Program Prerequisites

Prerequisite Requirements:

I.    Bachelor’s degree (any major)

II.   10 Prerequisite courses (listed below)

III.  GRE (Analytical, Verbal, & Quantitative)

IV.   200 PT hours are required – under a  licensed physical therapist

V.    3 letters of recommendation – at least 1 from a  licensed physical therapist

  • Only 2 courses may be planned or in progress by the application deadline – no exceptions.
  • A minimum 3.0 Prerequisite GPA.
  • A minimum grade of a “C” or higher in all courses.
  • Send all transcripts to PTCAS; NO transcripts should be sent directly to the department.

Courses can be taken at any accredited university, community college and/or extended learning institution.  Online Courses are accepted. 

No Time Limit placed on any of the prerequisite courses i.e. courses may have been taken 10 years ago.

AP Courses are accepted as long as it is on your official transcript. Pass/Fail designations are given a grade of “C” or “F”. 

Repeating Courses is acceptable to help increase your prerequisite GPA.  If you are repeating the same exact course, PTCAS will average the grades.  You may take a different course in the same subject area to avoid an averaged grade. As long as the course meets our requirement description, we will accept it.  For example, if you took Bio 101 and received a “C” grade, you may take Bio 106 instead since we accept any Biology course.

Course SubjectLabUnitsExample CoursesRequirement Description

Semester: 4

Quarter: 5

Introductory Biology

General Biology


Any Biology course with a lab is acceptable.

Semester: 3

Quarter: 4

Human Anatomy

Animal or Mammalian Anatomy

A&P: Separate

A&P: Combined

Any Human or Animal Anatomy with a lab is acceptable. A human cadaver lab is recommended.

If Anatomy and Physiology are combined, the course must be 2 semesters (8 semester units or 10 quarter units). If only one semester of a combined course is taken it will count as only Physiology.


Semester: 4

Quarter: 5

Human Physiology

Animal or Mammalian Anatomy

Any Human or Animal Physiology with a lab is acceptable. Exercise Physiology is not accepted.
Chemistry I+Lab

Semester: 4

Quarter: 5

General Chemistry I


Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Chemistry course with a lab. Introductory Chemistry courses are not accepted.
Chemistry II+Lab

Semester: 4

Quarter: 5

General Chemistry II


Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

2nd Chemistry course with a lab. Introductory Chemistry courses are not accepted.
Physics I+Lab

Semester: 4

Quarter: 5

General Physics I

Physics I

College Physics I

Physics courses must be directed towards the science major, allied health profession, etc., and must have a lab component for consideration.

Courses for non-science majors will not be considered.

Algebra or Calculus based physics are acceptable. Introductory Physics courses are NOT accepted.

Physics II+Lab

Semester: 4

Quarter: 5

General Physics II

Physics II

2nd Physics course with a lab. Introductory Physics courses are not accepted.

Semester: 3

Quarter: 4

Math: Statistics

Biology: Biostatistics

Psychology: Statistics

Business: Statistics

Any statistics course is acceptable.
Psychology IN/A

Semester: 3

Quarter: 4

General Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Any Psychology course is acceptable.

Psychology II

(higher level/ specialized)


Semester: 3

Quarter: 4

Abnormal Psychology

Developmental Psychology


Adolescent Psychology

Lifespan Psychology

2nd Psychology course. Upper Division. Developmental or Specialized Psychology courses only. A second Introductory or General Psychology will not be accepted.

Abnormal Psychology or Psychopathology is highly recommended.

Kinesiology courses will not be substituted for a Psychology II prerequisite.

For additional information:

Click on Application Requirements on the left hand side, and it will direct you to the PTCAS Website.