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Recent News

Filling a Need to Support a Chain of Economies

February 23, 2015

book cover for Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases

Mechelle Best (Recreation and Tourism Management) has *co-authored a book released in February, Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases with a formal book launch at the University of the West Indies in Barbados. Tourism in central to economies in the Caribbean.  Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases is directed to both students and professionals in tourism and also explores tourism as a global phenomenon.  The Caribbean carries the unfortunate title of being the most tourism dependent region in the world and is therefore an example that other tourism dependent destinations, such as Los Angeles and California overall, can learn from. Read more

PT Students, Campanella Foundation and LA Dodgers - A Growing Partnership

January 26, 2015

Joni iCampanella Roan with CSUNPT students

Tall and lanky, Jared Sinn has the look of an athlete. That’s what he was for many years, as Sinn played a variety of sports growing up in Simi Valley and enjoyed the thrill of competition and sense of camaraderie built by playing on a team. He also has experienced one of the difficult, and less glamorous, parts of sports: injuries. He has seen teammates get hurt on the field of play. In some instances, those injuries threatened their ability to play that sport again. Watching his teammates recover gave Sinn his life’s calling. Go directly to the story in CSUN Today. Read more

Launch of 1.5 Alive Faculty and Staff Fitness Program

January 15, 2015

people walking

The Department of Kinesiology, Matador Athleics and CSUN Human Resources have partnered to launch 1.5 Alive, a new wellness program aimed at getting faculty and staff more physically active. Starting on Friday, Jan. 30 at noon, CSUN faculty and staff can join the 1.5 Alive team at CSUN’s Matador track. During the program, which runs until May 8, the team will exercise for 30 minutes, using a combination of running or walking and the ExerCircuit fitness parcourse, outside of Redwood Hall. The program is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced. Go directly to the story in CSUN Today. Read more


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