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Internationally Recognized: Faculty Emeritus Carol S. Kelly Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

November 1, 2016

carol kelly

“My passion is to make our world a better place for children, youth, and families,” said Carol S. Kelly, Professor Emeritus, Child and Adolescent Development. Since her retirement in 2007, Kelly has remained enthusiastically involved with CSUN. Because of her dedication, she received the Lifetime Professional Achievement Award from the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice at 33rd FICE (International Federation of Educative Communities) conference in Vienna, Austria in August. Read more

Alumni Park Rangers Return to CSUN to Celebrate National Parks Centennial

October 19, 2016

Cliff Spencer

Their “offices” are located among the mountains of coastal California, the towering sequoias of the Sierra Nevadas, the cliff dwellings of Colorado’s ancient native tribes and the historic ranchland of Montana. Four CSUN alumni returned to their urban alma mater this month to help celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial and to encourage current students to follow them into careers at the national parks.

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FCS Food Scientists Craft the Spicy and Sweet

October 13, 2016

food science interns show off their new products

Dayna Middleton, a food science intern at California State University, Northridge’s Marilyn Magaram Center (MMC) for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, spent her entire summer drying rosemary, sage, basil and cilantro, and mixing it with chili powder, cayenne pepper and various other spices in order to find the perfect mixture for an all-purpose seasoning blend. Read more


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