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White Coat Ceremony Honors Newest Cohort of DPT Students at CSUN

September 20, 2016

faculty gives student white coat in ceremony

As the semester began, the faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy honored and celebrated the newest cohort of future doctors of physical therapy with a White Coat Ceremony.  This event marks the beginning of the students' three-year journey together through the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program at CSUN. Read more

Marilyn Magaram Center Anniversary Celebration Event: Tours, Shows, Photos and More!

September 20, 2016

sunflower for MMC with 25 Years insignia

The Marilyn Magaram Center celebrated 25 years of health, nutrition education and service to the community on September 15th. The center has had a hand in the creation of more than 250 products, has collaborated with more than 500 community partners, provided more than 5,000 research and internship opportunities, and reached more than 500,000 community members in its 25-year history.  Read more

Interior Design Graduate Students Contributed Ideas to Futuristic Classroom in New EUC

September 16, 2016

students use new classroom technologies

Back in 2014 as the new Extended University Commons building was still in the works and construction was soon to begin, the University designated one particular room to function as a “classroom of the future” with room for growth as newer technologies develop. Three graduate students in the Family & Consumer Sciences Interior Design program were invited to bring their expertise to the project. Read more


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