• Kinesiology dance students and faculty rehearsing

    Department of Kinesiology

  • Kinesiology students working with laboratory equipment and clients

    Department of Kinesiology

  • Kinesiology students and various exercise participants

    Department of Kinesiology

  • Kinesiology dance students performing

    Department of Kinesiology

  • Adapted Exercise

    Department of Kinesiology

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The diversity of courses within our core curriculum prepares the student for study leading to expertise in one of six areas of focus for academic options:

Four Year and Transfer Plans: (Confirm with your department advisor as the documents linked below are currently subject to revision. Thank you.)

  • Four Year and Transfer Plans

Graduate Programs

The department of Kinesiology also offers a Master’s of Science Degree with areas of study in:

Please visit the College of Education for more information about the credential programs in Physical Education and the Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization.

You can get more information about our graduate programs by following this link: