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Program Requirements for Completion

  • Completion of 1216 hours of supervised practice
  • Completion of all required courses are the DI seminar FCS 573,  FCS 681, FCS 682, FCS 607 and medical Spanish class.  A “B” average must be maintained in all classes.  (15 units may be applied towards a Masters Degree. However, a MS degree is not required to complete the DI program).
  • Cultural sensitivity training classes
  • Meeting all program competencies and student learning outcomes.

Upon completion of all program requirements, the graduate intern will be eligible to sit for the registration exam for dietitians.

The DI program is completed over two semesters and is rigorous,  combining  graduate classes with supervised practice.  Interns attend classes at 4:20-7:00 PM and/or at 7:00-9:45 PM two days a week and are in supervised practice three-four days a week.

A description of graduate courses can be found at the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Department web site or the on-line catalog. The DI Certificate provides 15 graduate credits toward a 30-33 unit Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with the specialty in Nutrition and Food Science.  It is not necessary to complete the M.S. degree to receive your DI Certificate but >80% of interns finish the degree within one or two semesters of completing the DI.  Interns with a MS or MPH degree are accepted into the program and may receive credit, towards the DI program, for some courses taken at another accredited university.