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Minor in FCS

An academic minor can enhance the focus of any degree program. We encourage students from majors inside and outside of Family & Consumer Sciences to contact us for further information about a minor in FCS.

Students majoring in Family & Consumer Sciences may wish to pursue academic minors within FCS in the following academic options (details follow):

Apparel Merchandising
Childcare Administration Minor
Family Studies
Family & Consumer Sciences Minor

Family & Consumer Sciences Education Minor

Food Science Minor

A course of study in FCS may also be augmented by a minor program from a department outside FCS, (see your FCS advisor for details) such as:

Human Sexuality Minor, Art Minor, Marketing Minor, (details below)

About The Minor Programs:

Childcare Administration Minor:

Completion of the Childcare Administration Minor meets the academic requirements for individuals who wish to teach or administer children's programs in facilities that are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services under the Community Care Licensing Provisions of Title 22 of the State Administrative Code. Such programs may provide infant care, preschool care and/or after-school care in group or licensed home settings. The Minor may also be applied toward completion of the Regular Children's Center Instructional Permit.

Required courses:

FCS330 Child Development I (3)

FCS335 Prenatal and Infant Development (3)

FCS432 Child in the Family (3)

FCS433 Administration of Children's Programs (3)

FCS491C FCS Projects(3)


FCS491A FCS Projects (1) (and)

FCS491B FCS Projects (2)

FCS 533 Advance Topics in Administration of Children's Programs (3)

FCS534 Supervision of Child Development Personnel (2)

Select one:

ART383 Art in Early Childhood (3)

CDEV406/L Enhancing Childhood Creativity and Laboratory (3)

KIN370 Physical Education in Early Childhood Programs

MUS362/L Music for Early Childhood/Lab (3)


CHS430 The Chicano Child (3)

PAS420 The Black Child (3)

SPED400 Introduction to Special Education (3)

Family Studies Minor

Contact Department for information. Info on this site is coming soon.

Food Science Minor

The Food Science Minor is designed to extend career opportunities for students of health, biological sciences and engineering who wish to work in government agencies or private businesses that deal with food products. The foods industry is the nation's largest industry, employing more than 16 million workers. Career opportunities open to college graduates in this field include research, development and production work. Professional titles included in this field are: food technologist working in production and quality control, food chemist for food analysis and research, and food microbiologist and food inspector for regulatory agencies.

Required courses:

(23 units minimum, as prerequisites for courses required in minor)

BIOL 101, 101L General Biology (4)

BIOL 215, 215L Introductory Microbiology (4)

BIOL 281 Human Physiology (3)

CHEM 103, 103L General Chemistry I (3)

CHEM 104, 104L General Chemistry II (5)

CHEM 235, 235L Introductory Organic Chemistry (4)

Minor Requirements: (20 units)

FCS 201, 201L Introductory Food Science (3)

FCS 207 Nutrition for Life (3)

FCS 301 Food Science and Technology (3)

FCS 302 Food Product Development and Quality Assurance

FCS 307 Human Nutrition (3)

FCS 303 Cultural Aspects of Food and Nutrition (3)

FCS 401, 401L Food Chemistry and Analysis (3)

Apparel Merchandising Minor

The minor in apparel merchandising is designed as an option for those students wanting some expertise is apparel merchandising as an adjunct to their major fields in marketing, journalism, consumer affairs, communications, advertising, and other majors.

Required Courses

Minor Requirements: (20 units)

FCS160 Introductory Textiles (3)

FCS 255 The Fashion Industry (3)

FCS 271,L Apparel Analysis and Selection,Lab (2+1)

FCS 353 Apparel and Human Behavior (3)

FCS 356,L Analysis and Evaluation of Apparel Quality, Lab (2+1)

FCS 455 Fashion Merchandising (3)

MKT 304 Intro to Marketing Management (3)

MKT 443 Retailing (3)

Family and Consumer Sciences Minor

The Family and Consumer Sciences Minor is suitable for individuals seeking to add a specialization to elementary or secondary teaching credentials. The Minor may also be used to provide a general knowledge of subject matter in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Required courses:

Suitable for secondary and elementary teaching credentials.

FCS 150, 150L Clothing Construction I (3)

FCS 160 Introductory Textiles (3)

FCS 170 Creative Expression in Family Environmental Sciences (2)

FCS 201, 201L Introductory Food Science (3)

FCS 207 Nutrition for Life (3)

FCS 315 Issues in Housing (3)

FCS 320 Home Management I (3)

FCS 320L Home Management I Laboratory (1)

FCS 340 Marriage and Family Relations (3)

FCS students may also be interested in minors such as:

Minor in Art

Required courses:

The ART Minor consists of 24 units in ART, as listed below:

ART 124A Drawing I (3)

ART 124C Drawing I (3) (Art 230 may be substituted for Interior Design majors).

ART 140 Beginning 2-D Design (3)

ART 141 Beginning 3-D Design (3)

ART 305 Art Today (3)


a different ART History course (with consent of advisor) (3)

Additional ART electives (9)

Minor in Business Marketing

Required Courses:

Econ 160 Microeconomic Principles (3)

Mkt 100 Conceptual Foundations of American Enterprise (3)

Mkt 304 Introduction to Marketing Management (3)

Mkt 348 Consumer Behavior (3)

Must Successfully Complete ONE of the following:

Mkt 346 Marketing Research (3)

Mkt 440 Integrated Marketing Communications (3)

Mkt 441 Sales Management and Control (3)

Mkt 442 Business to Business Commerce(3)

Mkt 443 Retail Management (4)

Mkt 445 Principles of International Marketing (3)

Mkt 447 Logistics and Transportation Management (3)

In addition, each student must select any other lower or upper division three unit cours with approval.

Total units in Minor: 18

Human Sexuality Minor

Please contact department for details. (Info will be posted on this site soon).