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Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs Program Overview

Consumer Affairs professionals protect consumers’ rights and enhance resource management among consumers. Our undergraduate program offers two patterns of study to meet your academic and professional interests: Business and Family Financial Management. In both patterns, students gain a comprehensive background in theory, principles, and practicality of the discipline from a variety of perspectives.


Consumer Affairs Business Pattern A:

Every individual and family interacts with some type of organization, business, non-profit organization, or government entity, and in some way or another, we are all consumers. The Consumer Affairs professionals with the Business focus ensure availability of information, such as through watching business practices and trends, keeping lines of communication open. The Consumer Affairs professionals let people know their rights and help them avoid predatory business practices.

Consumer Affairs Family Financial Management Pattern B:

The Consumer Affairs professionals with the Family Financial Management focus provide guidance to individuals and families in the area of money management. Our program prepares students to be certified as financial/credit, housing, or bankruptcy counselors. It is also ideal for students who seek careers in the financial services field or family services where an understanding of basic money management practices and policies will assist them in better serving their clientele.

For more information about our undergraduate program, please see the graduate programs page.

Consumer Affairs: Graduate Program (M.S.)

Master’s program is research-based and may focus on consumer economics, family financial management, and consumer resource management. Students also learn theories related to consumer economics and family financial management. For more information about our graduate program, please visit here.

Student Advisement

Consumer Affairs students receive guidance from full time faculty advisors who assist students in the selection of courses needed for timely completion of their degree (B.S. or M.S.) and that align with their chosen career.


The academic internship is a valuable part of the Consumer Affairs undergraduate program. Through the internship, students obtain professional experience and credit toward the degree. Students find opportunities for networking and potential lifelong professional relationships through internships. Opportunities are available in and around Los Angeles.

We work with:

Local businesses

Major corporations


Public relations, market research, and advertising firms

Non-profit organizations such as:
 * County of Los Angeles, Department of Consumer Affairs
 * State of California, Department of Justice, The Office of the Attorney General
 * The Better Business Bureau
 * CSUN Consumer Resource Center (CRC)

CSUN Consumer Resource Center

The mission of CSUN Consumer Resource Center is to enhance and promote consumer wellbeing and empowerment through research, education, and outreach. If you are interested in being involved, please contact us. Students majoring a variety of academic disciplines are welcomed to join us.

Consumer Affairs Student Organizations

Consumer Affairs students may join the student and professional chapters of the Society of Consumer Affairs Processionals in Business (SOCAP) where they meet professionals and future colleagues.

Career Opportunities

Consumer Affairs graduates build careers in:

* Financial services such as banking, insurance and real estate
* Corporations
* Financial and credit counseling
* Housing counseling
* Bankruptcy counseling
* Family services
* Government agencies
* Non-profit organizations
* Marketing research
* Product marketing