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Consumer Affairs

stack of moneyConsumer Affairs professionals protect consumers' rights. Every person interacts with some type of organization, business, non-profit organization, or government entity - and in some way or another, each is a consumer.

The Consumer Affairs professional ensures availability of information. (S)he watches business practices and trends. (S)he keeps lines of communication open. They let people know their rights and help avoid predatory business practices.

The Consumer Affairs option at CSUN gives students a comprehensive background in theory, principles and practicality of the discipline from a variety of professional perspectives.

The academic internship is a valuable part of the Consumer Affairs program. Through the internship, students get professional experience - and credit toward the degree.

Students find opportunities for networking and potential lifelong professional relationships through internships, and opportunities are available in and around Los Angeles. We work with:

  • local businesses
  • major corporations
  • manufacturers
  • public relations, market research and advertising firms

and non-profit organizations such as:

  • the Office of the Attorney General
  • the Better Business Bureau
  • the Consumer Resource Center (CRC) on the CSUN campus

The Consumer Resource Center (CRC) provides consumer information to the university and the local community.

Students of the option are also eligible to join the student and professional chapters of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business (SOCAP) where they meet professionals and future colleagues.

All students in the Consumer Affairs option receive guidance from faculty advisors who help them choose courses to get the degree and head into the right career.

Beyond the consumer focused curriculum within Family and Consumer Sciences, the program includes studies in

  • Management
  • Business Law
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Radio/TV/Film

Graduates of the Consumer Affairs option build careers in:

  • government agencies
  • and non-profit organizations combating fraud or monitoring consumer trends
  • corporations, improving the quality of customer service
  • public relations, advertising
  • planning product marketing
  • family financial
  • credit institutions bringing peace of mind to concerned consumers.