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Recent Faculty Achievements

Taeyou Jung Maintains Research for 'Proposition K'

July 11, 2014

Kinesiology department faculty member Taeyou Jung has received $11,418 from the City of Los Angeles in continuing support of a project entitled, "Proposition K. Maintenance Funds for the Brown Center."

Dignity Health Provides Grant to Support CSUN Nursing Program

December 17, 2013

Nursing faculty Martha Highfield has received $22,460 from Dignity Health in continuing support of a project entitled “Work with Northridge Hospital Medical Center as Nursing Research Facilitator.”

Michelle Barrack-Gardner and Terry Sweeting Look to Build ‘Health Improvement Zone’

October 11, 2013

Terry Sweeting and Michelle Barrack-Gardner, kineseology and family consumer sciences department faculty members have received $60,000 from Dignity Health (Northridge Hospital) in support of a project entitled “Canoga Park Health Improvement Zone.”

Terry Sweeting Publishes ‘New Visions’ In JOPERD ( Kinesiology )
September 24, 2013

Kinesiology professor Terry Sweeting recently co-edited an article in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD). “New Visions of African Dance for a Creative, Healthy Lifestyle” provides a brief history of African dance and culture, and highlights the benefits of a school-based program that incorporates African dance. JOPERD is published monthly by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD).

Joyce Gilbert, Merav Efrat Receive Department of Agriculture Funding ( Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences )
September 6, 2013

Family and Consumer Sciences faculty member Joyce Gilbert and Health Sciences faculty member Merav Efrat have received $245,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in support of a project entitled “Advancing Professional Competencies of Graduate Nutrition Students in the Area of Lactation Education.”

Vicki Ebin and Judith DeBonis Work Towards “Suicide Prevention” ( Health Sciences, Social Work )
August 7, 2013

Health Sciences faculty Vickie Ebin and Judith DeBonis,  (Department of Social Work and the Tseng College), have received $101,977 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in continuing support of a project entitled “CSUN Suicide Prevention and Awareness Program.”

ECU Interested in Sloane Burke’s ‘HPV Vaccine Utilization’ (  )
June 5, 2013

Health Sciences faculty member Burke has received $10,000 from East Carolina University in support of a project entitled “HPV Vaccine Utilization and Adherence Among College Students.”

Dianne Philibosian Finds Funding For ‘Dental Homes Project’ (  )
May 7, 2013

Philibosian, director of the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing, has received $30,000 from the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles in support of a project entitled “Community Dental Homes Project Consulting Agreement.”

John Van Arsdale Gets ‘Boating Safety Grant’ (  )
April 18, 2013

Van Arsdale, a faculty member in the Recreation & Tourism Management department, has received $40,000 from the California Department of Boating and Waterways, in continuing support of a project entitled “Boating Safety Grant.”

Statewide Health Planning and Development Looks To Marianne Hattar-Pollara For ‘Preparation’ (  )
January 10, 2013

Hattar-Pollara has received $50,000 from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development in continuing support of a project entitled “Nurse Faculty Preparation Program (NFPP).”