Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH students and faculty working with healthy and safety equipment, underground storage tanks
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student testing water sample, solid waste dump
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student using a microscope, biomedical waste containers

Minor in Environmental and Occupational Health

The minor in Environmental and Occupational Health Science is designed for students in other CSUN majors who wish to add some of the skills and knowledge provided by the EOH degree. The addition of this minor to another BS or BA from CSUN will qualify the student for many (but not all) of the employment opportunities available for our graduates. Please feel free to contact the Department for more information.

The requirements for the minor include 32 units of science prerequisites.

Many students may already have these courses included in their home department's BA or BS requirements.

  • BIO 101
  • BIO 281/282
  • CHEM 103/104
  • CHEM 235
  • PHYS 100A/L and PHYS 100B/L
  • EOH 455/L or BIO 215

Substitutions for the Biology and Chemistry courses are allowed. For example, BIO 106 and BIO 107 with lab may be substituted for the BIO 101 and BIO 281/282. Please contact the Department if you have questions about substitutions.

The Minor requirements are:

  • EOH 352
  • EOH 356A
  • EOH 356B
  • EOH 456
  • EOH 466A
  • HSCI 488
  • EOH 494B
  • HSCI 390/L or MATH 140