Environmental and Occupational Health

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Master of Science Degree

***REVISED Monday, November 29, 2016***

The Curriculum for the Master of Science degree in Environmental and Occupational Health has been revised effective Fall 2017. 

The Environmental and Occupational Health Program offers a Master of Science degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. 

The MS program is built on a foundation of course work provided by the BS - Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences offered by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. Thus, MS candidates will have to have completed the same courses required of BS - EOH students before becoming fully classified graduate students.

Applicants must have completed the lower-division science core, in order to be accepted to the MS EOH program:

  • One year of Biology with lab
  • One year of Inorganic Chemistry with lab
  • One semester of Organic Chemistry with lab
  • One year of Physics with lab
  • Either pre-calculus or College Algebra and Trigonometry

The Master of Science degree in Environmental and Occupational Health has a 26-unit core of 500 level or higher courses within the required 35-unit minimum.  Classified graduate students must have the full complement of courses required of undergraduates.  The culminating requirement is completion of a thesis or a comprehensive examination.

Core Graduate Courses (26 Units)

EOH 501A: EOH Concepts-I (3 units) 
EOH 501B: EOH Concepts-II (3 units) 
EOH 553: Administration of EOH Programs (3 units) 
EOH 554: Critical Review of Technical Literature (3 units) 
EOH 555: Seminar: EOH Exposure Assessment (3 units)
EOH 696A: Research Design (3 units) 
EOH 696B: Seminar: Research Methodology (3 units) 
EOH 693A: Supervised Field Training-General (2 units) 
EOH 697: Directed Comprehensive Studies  (3 units)  or EOH 698 Thesis (3 units) 

ELECTIVES (9 Units Select Three Electives)

EOH 556: Advanced Toxicology (3 units)
EOH 560: Epidemiology (3 units) 
EOH 569: Advanced Risk Analysis (3 units) 
EOH 570: Ergonomics and Safety (3 units) 
EOH 580: EOH Sustainability (3 units) 
EOH 581: EOH Programs (3 units) 
EOH 582: EOH Policy Analysis (3 units)