Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH students and faculty working with healthy and safety equipment, underground storage tanks
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student testing water sample, solid waste dump
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student using a microscope, biomedical waste containers


Michael Alvord, MS, WTO, WDOmichael.alvord@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Ed Becker, CIH, CSP, DPAjohn.becker@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Tom Boxwell, MSthomas.boxwell@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
George Brogmusgeorge.brogmus@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Karen Codding, REHS, MSkaren.codding@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
James Gibsonjames.gibson@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Gevork Kazanchyan, MS, REHS, CP-FSgevork.kazanchyan@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Ryan Kinsella, MS, CIH, REHSryan.kinsella@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Doris Miller, MS, REHSdoris.miller@csun.edu(818) 677-7476JD 1510
Jeff Mueller, CHP, MS (818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Jennifer Newmanjennifer.newman@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Maurice Oillataguerre, MS, MPA, REHS (818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Rania Sabty-Daily, PhD. REHS, CIHrania.sabty-daily@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall
Elizabeth Villafana, REHS, MSelizabeth.villafana@csun.edu(818) 677-7476Laurel Hall