Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH students and faculty working with healthy and safety equipment, underground storage tanks
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student testing water sample, solid waste dump
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student using a microscope, biomedical waste containers

Current Job Postings

Facilities Coordinator, Harbor Freight (posted on 8.18.16)

Environmental Compliance Inspector, City of Los Angeles (posted on 8.18.16)

Safety Engineer, City of Los Angeles (posted on 8.18.16)

Safety Manager, Bronco Wine Company (posted on 8.10.16)

Bio Safety Officer, Cedars Sinai Medical Center (posted on 8.10.16)

Compliance Supervisor, Apex Logistics (posted on 8.10.16)

Construction EHS Manager (posted on 8.10.16)

EHS Supervisor, Hawker Pacific Aerospace (posted on 8.10.16)

EHS Trainee, Alameda County (posted on 8.10.16)

Postdoctoral Position in Public Library, University of Alberta (posted on 8.10.16)

Research and Policy Associate, Oakland, CA (posted on 8.10.16)

Site and Safety Manager, Fresno, CA (posted on 8.10.16)

Safety Specialist, UCI (posted on 8.10.16)

Site Safety Officer, Ahtna (posted on 8.10.16)

EPA Safe & Healthy Communities Assessment Tool Support Associate (posted on 7.27.16)

EPA Program Planning Assistant (posted on 7.27.16)

Site Safety Manger (posted on 7.20.16)

Compliance Supervisor, Apex Logistics LLC  (posted 7.20.16)

EPA Scientific Support Associate (posted on 7.20.16)

Senior Safety Coordinator, County of Riverside (posted on 7.20.16)