Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH students and faculty working with healthy and safety equipment, underground storage tanks
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student testing water sample, solid waste dump
  • Picture of the Earth, CSUN EOH student using a microscope, biomedical waste containers

Current Job Postings

Safety Director (posted on 11.19.15)

Safety Professional (posted on 11.19.15)

Quality Assurance Manager, Global Food Safety, Quality & Regulating, Starbucks (posted on 10.27.15)

HSE Engineer II, Torrance, CA Honeywell (posted on 10.26.15)

EHS I, San Diego County (posted on 10.19.15)

EHS Manager, Fontana (posted on 10.19.15)

Loss Control and Human Resource Specialist (posted on 10.19.15)

Research Lead, Sanivation (posted on 10.19.15)

Safety Professional, Los Angeles (posted 10.19.15)

Safety Risk Management Professional (posted 10.19.15)

Industrial Hygienist, IBM (posted on 10.19.15)

Safety and Training Officer, Orange County (posted 10.7.15) 

EHS Disability Management Specialist 3, Boeing (posted 10.7.15)

Occ Health & Safety Spec 3, Boeing (posted 10.7.15)

Occ Health & Safety Spec 2, Boeing (posted 10.7.15)

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer, Lockheed (posted on 9.24.15)

Senior Safety Specialist (three openings), Metro (posted on 9.24.15)

EHS Manager (Dairy-Beverage) (posted on 9.24.15)

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Boeing  (posted on 9.24.15)

Public Participation Specialist, Dept. of Hlth Scvs (posted on 9.9.15)

EHS Specialist Level-3, Boeing (posted on 9.9.15)

Industrial Hygienist, Dept. of Homeland Security (posted on 9.9.15)

Health and Safety Manager, Contra Costa Water District (posted on 8.27.15)

Safety Engineering Contractor, CA Dept. of Water Resources (posted 8.27.15)

Occupational Safety, Health and Safety Specialist, CSU San Marcos (posted on 8.27.15)

Departmental Safety Coordinator, San Diego, CA (posted on 8.27.15)

Environmental Technicians, Full and Part-time Positions, Northridge (posted on 8.27.15)