Environmental and Occupational Health

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Bachelor of Science Degree

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science Degree stresses the development of a basic science foundation and an in-depth coverage of applied concepts on environmental and occupational health. The following courses are required as part of the minimum 120 semester units for the degree. They are organized in three sections:

Basic Science Foundation (38 semester units)

The lower division courses listed here may also be taken at regional community colleges. Please visit the site www.assist.org to find articulation agreements between CSUN and other campuses.

If you take classes at another campus, this web site will help you make sure you are taking the 'right' class. We have prepared suggested study plans for freshman and upper division transfer students here.

Biology with lab (8 units minimum)

Acceptable CSUN courses:

  • BIO 101/L, BIO 281/282 or
  • BIO 106/L and BIO 107/L

Inorganic Chemistry (8 units minimum)

Acceptable CSUN courses:

  • CHEM 101/L and CHEM 102/L or
  • CHEM 103/L and CHEM 104/L

Organic Chemistry (4 units minimum)

Acceptable CSUN courses:

  • CHEM 235/L or
  • CHEM 333/L and CHEM 334/L

Microbiology with lab (4 units minimum)

  • EOH 455/L

Physics with lab (8 units)

Acceptable CSUN courses:

  • PHYS 100A/L
  • PHYS 100B/L

Mathematics (5 units)

Acceptable CSUN courses:

  • MATH 105 or
  • MATH 102 and MATH 104

History of Public Health (3 units)

Acceptable CSUN courses:

  • HSCI 132 or
  • HSCI 345 (Also satisfies Section D of GE.)

Applied Science Core (24 semester units)

Environmental Health Policy, Law and Administration (3 units)

  • EOH 352 (Satisfies GE, Section D for EOH majors. Offered Fall and Spring semesters)

Environmental Health (6 units)

  • EOH 356A and EOH 356B (Offered consecutive semesters. Need not be taken in sequence)

Biostatistics with lab (4 units)

  • HSCI 390/L (Offered Fall and Spring semesters) or
  • MATH 140

Industrial Toxicology (3 units)

  • EOH 456 (Offered Fall and Spring semesters)

The Occupational Environment (3 units)

  • EOH 466A (Offered Fall semester only)

Epidemiology (3 units)

  • HSCI 488 (Offered Fall and Spring semester)

Academic Internship (2 units)

  • EOH 494B (Must be arranged by EOH Internship Coordinator. May be repeated)

Elective Courses (15 semester units minimum)

These courses should be selected with the approval of an adviser from the Environmental and Occupational Health Program.

Accident Prevention (3 units)

  • EOH 365 (Offered Fall and Spring semesters)

Health and Physical Aspects of Housing (3 units)

  • EOH 453 (Offered Fall semester only)

Environmental and Occupational Health Law (3 units)

  • EOH 454 (Offered Spring semester only)

Public Health Microbiology with Lab (3 units)

  • EOH 455/L (Offered Fall and Spring semesters. May not be taken as an elective if used to satisfy basic science core. Lab must be taken concurrently)

Water Supply and Sewage Disposal (3 units)

  • EOH 457 (Offered Spring semester only)

Vector Control (3 units)

  • EOH 458 (Offered Fall semester only)

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management (3 units)

  • EOH 459 (Offered Fall semester only)

Occupational Safety (3 units)

  • EOH 465 (Offered both Fall and Spring semesters)

Evaluating the Occupational Environment and Lab (4 units)

  • EOH 466B/L (Offered Spring semester only. Lab must be taken concurrently.)

Controlling the Occupational Environment (3 units)

  • EOH 466C (Offered Fall semester only)

Radiological Health (3 units)

  • EOH 467 (Offered Fall semester, alternate years)

Air Pollution and Health (3 units)

  • EOH 468 (Offered Spring semester only)

Environmental and Occupational Health Risk Assessment (3 units)

  • EOH 469 (Offered Spring semester only)

Environmental and Occupational Health Epidemiology (3 units)

  • EOH 560 (Offered every other Spring semester, even years)

Occupational Safety Seminar (3 units)

  • EOH 565 (Offered infrequently - please inquire with the department)

Occupational Ergonomics (3 units)

  • EOH 570 (Offered fall semester)

* An Industrial Hygiene Option allows the designation "Industrial Hygiene Option" to appear on students' transcripts and diplomas. Talk to your advisor if you are interested in this option.