Child and Adolescent Development

Rosemary Gonzalez

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Associate Professor
Office location:
285-B Sequoia Hall


Child and Adolescent Development and Chicano/a Studies

I am an Associtate Professor with a joint appointment in the Departments of Child and Adolescent Development and Chicano/a Studies. My research has focused on the academic resilience of Mexican American high school students. My current work examines the types of racial/ethnic encounters that students experience in school and how students respond to these encounters. In order to address the challenges that youth face, we need understand their experiences and build on their strengths. To this end, my future research endeavors will explore peer relationships and the impact of media on adolescent identity. I look forward to collaborating with researchers from various disciplines who conduct research that emphasizes the importance of (1) adolescent perceptions, (2) diversity within a culture, and (3) the role of contextual factors in fostering resilient outcomes.

I am fortunate to be part of a community of scholars at California State Northridge who value research, teaching, and student empowerment. My research inquiry informs and is informed by my students in courses such as: The Chicano/a Child (CHS 430); Culture, Race, and Gender in Human Development (CADV 460); and Advanced Theories and Concepts in Development (CADV 470). I strive to instill critical thinking skills in my students and have a passion to serve the needs of youth and their families. My students inspire me to examine how children's toys, books, and other educational resources can enhance motivation, foster bicultural competence, and facilitate positive peer relationships.

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