Child and Adolescent Development

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The Department faculty distinguish themselves through their academic & professional training, background, and accomplishments across the field of human development. They share their professional expertise and knowledge with their students, the university, and community. Representing innovative ideas, ground-breaking areas of research, connecting theory-to-practice, and a genuine interest in mentoring students, the faculty are recognized and lauded for their work and contributions.


Rosemary Gonzalez, Ph.D

Virginia W. Huynh, Ph.D.

Nancy Miodrag, Ph.D.

Roxanne V. Moschetti, Ph.D.

Joyce Munsch, Ph.D.

Emily E. Russell, Ph.D.

Whitney Scott, Ph.D.

April Z. Taylor, Ph.D.

W. David Wakefield, Ph.D.






Amber Ankowski, Ph.D.

Julie C. Berry, M.S., MFT

Joyce Marie Brusasco, M.S.

Leslie Echols, Ph.D.

Linda Garcia, M.S., CCLS

Amber Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Piljoo Kang, Ph.D.

Hojin Kim, Ph.D.

H. Isabella Lanza, Ph.D.

Jessica Morales-Chicas, Ph.D.

Renee Ortiz, M.S.W., LCSW

Jo Anne Pandey, Ph.D.

Andrea Rashtian, Ph.D.

Kristin Taylor, M.A., MST, NBCT