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WRRC Information

WRRC Information

The Women's Resource and Research Center is located at 18356 Halsted Avenue, Northridge, CA 91330. Please contact the Director or Assistant Director below for further information.

Ph: 818-677-2780

WRRC Director

Shira Brown

Prof. Brown's email

WRRC Assistant Director

Karen Medina

Email us at: wrrc@csun.edu

Like us at: www.facebook.com/csunwrrc

Follow us at: www.twitter.com/csunwrrc

Helpful Departmental Links

Useful links for GWS students:

  1. GWS Chair
  2. GWS Advisor
  3. Gender and Women's Studies Major
  4. Gender and Women's Studies Minor
  5. Schedule of Classes
  6. GWS Courses in Catalog
  7. QS Minor Link

WRRC Media Links

Part of mural at Women's Center







WRRC in the Media

Check out some of the articles highlighting the various programs the WRRC and GWSSA organize on campus!

"MVP co-founder speaks out against gender violence" - October 3, 2013

"CSUN students protest violence against women at Take Back the Night rally" - March 23, 2013

"Take Back the Night helps victims of violence speak out" - March 22, 2013

"CSUN hosts annual Take Back the Night event" - March 20, 2013

"Lilly Ledbetter to share her story of overcoming the pay gap" - March 4, 2013

"CSUN Women's Center Receives Grant for Wage Gap" - January 30, 2013

"Phenomenal women honored for human rights and women’s activism" - November 4, 2012

"CSUN Celebrates Women's History Month with Several Campus Events" - February 29, 2012

"CSUN Celebrates National Love Your Body Day" - October 18, 2011

"CSUN Students Take Stand for Equal Marriage" - March 15, 2011

"taking back the night" - March 13, 2011

"CSUN Community Comes Together to Take Back the Night" - March 11, 2011

"Event to Question Violent Acts Against Women, LGBT Youth" - November 17, 2010

"With Student Voter Apathy, Organizations Set Up Registration Booths" - October 13, 2010

"AS Senator Apologizes to Organization" - September 20, 2010

"AS Gives Money to the Women's Research and Resource Center for their Programs" - August 24, 2010

"Take Back the Night, WeHo Women's Conference & ImMEDIAte Justice" - March 31, 2010

"UCLA Professor and Researcher Speaks about the Gender Gap" - March 15, 2010

"Take Back the Night Helps Reclaim our Lives" - February 28, 2010

"CSUN will Fight Sexual Violence by Taking Back the Night" - February 23, 2010

"Bulemi Barbie" - November 17, 2009

"Grad Student Moves Forward" - November 10, 2009

Take Back the Night - March 13, 2012

Take Back the Night - March 13, 2012

Valley View News Story on Take Back the Night - March 23, 2011



Services at the Center

Services are offered in 3 main areas: Education, Support and Referrals.


The classes, workshops, and seminars offered at the Women's Center are designed to address issues of concern to women.

Seminar and workshop topics range from self-defense to personal health and from spirituality to political issues. The Women's Center is dedicated to bringing well known speakers to address contemporary issues facing CSUN's women. Most programs and events are academically co-sponsored by the Women's Studies Department.

The Women's Center also houses a library which provides an informal atmosphere for studying, socializing and relaxing.

Students at a March for Women's Lives in Washington


Informal peer support is always available at the Women's Center. Support and discussion groups offer valuable forums for personal growth and exploration in such topics as sexuality, self-esteem and body image, health and feminist spirituality. New groups form as interest develops. Suggestions are always welcome.


The Women's Center maintains an extensive referral file for the campus and community. This resource is available on a phone-in or walk-in basis. The file encompasses a wide range of local practitioners, agencies and organizations specializing in such areas of concern as women's health, drug and alcohol abuse, counseling and legal aid.

Each semester, the Women's Center hosts an Open House. Events are planned throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. In March, the Women's Center sponsors Women's History Month with a series of events celebrating women from diverse perspectives.

The Women's Resource & Research Center thrives because of the students who volunteer there and staff the positions available. Please contact the Director or Assistant Director of the Center to participate.

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