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CSUN Graphic Standards Manual

The Official Word Mark, "CSUN" Mark, Seal and Mascot

CSUN Word Mark for PrintThe University Word Mark

The official Word Mark is the primary component of the California State University, Northridge graphic identity system. The Word Mark is a unique signature displaying the name of California State University, Northridge in black and a Pantone Matching System (PMS 201) “Matador Red.” The typefaces are Garamond Light Condensed and Garamond Bold Condensed. The relationship of the first and second lines, and their respective sizes, is fixed in the precise manner shown and cannot be altered. All logos are available from the Graphic Standards home page.

CSUN Mark for PrintThe “CSUN” Mark (a secondary mark)

The official “CSUN” Mark is a secondary mark and may be used to identify the University after the first use of the Word Mark on publications. It is not intended for business collateral but can be used on clothing. The typeface is Garamond Light Condensed.

N Mark for PrintThe “N”

is another secondary mark for use on Web buttons or as a bullet in print, or perhaps as artwork for clothing. The typeface is Garamond Bold Condensed.

CSUN Seal for PrintThe University Seal

The official Seal of California State University, Northridge depicts the San Fernando Valley’s heritage of mission settlement, the mountain ranges that bound the Valley, the sun, and a crow quill pen and paper, encircled by the words “California State University, Northridge” and “1958.”

Except on business collateral, use of the Seal is optional on publications as shown. The University Seal can be reproduced in any of the official University colors, but is traditionally reproduced as all red and white with black type.

CSUN Athletic MascotThe Athletic Mascot

The Matador is the official mascot of the Cal State Northridge Matadors sports team and is to be used primarily in association with athletic programs and events. The mascot at left is shown as officially authorized. It is protected by copyright and is a trademark of California State University, Northridge. The mascot must not be redrawn or modified in any way without prior authorization from the Office of Public Relations and Strategic Communications. It must be reproduced from authorized digital files with the approved University colors.

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