CSUN  Wordmark
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CSUN Graphic Standards Manual

Correct Usage of the Word Mark

The official Word Mark should appear in a prominent position on all communication documents. The Word Mark should appear in all return address blocks. The Word Mark should not be used as body copy in ads, flyers, or other publications. It should be placed prominently and separate from other copy and/or elements in all layouts.

Area of Isolation for the Word Mark

Diagram of the isolation of the CSUN Wordmark

The area surrounding theWord Mark should be equal in height to the capital “N” in Northridge (see example on top).

The Word Mark should not be placed close to distracting design elements and should not become part of a larger “logo.” An exception to the area of isolation is the use of secondary type—college and department names and addresses on stationery. Secondary type should be positioned one “N” below the Word Mark

Minimum Reproduction Size of the Word Mark

Diagram of the minimim size of the CSUN Wordmark

Minimum reproduction size of the Word Mark is 3⁄8 inch, excluding the descending “g.” For use with electronic documents, the recommended size of optimum reproduction is 3⁄8 to 1⁄2 inch.

Secondary Type Usage

Secondary use of the Word Mark for print

In this example, secondary type for the college and department is flush left under the Word Mark. This configuration can be used in documents to identify the college or department of origin.