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CSUN Graphic Standards Manual

Secondary Logos and the Business System

Stationery for Approved Secondary Logos

This configuration allows for the use of secondary logos such as the official Athletics Mascot or the Campus Police Department badge at the bottom of the letterhead. Department information and standard address blocks are centered below the secondary logo at the bottom of the letterhead and on the back flap of the envelope.

Live Area for Approved Secondary Logos

Shown below are examples of the designated live areas for positioning a secondary logo. Use of a secondary logo on official CSUN stationery must be approved by the President’s Office prior to its use. Any exceptions to the requirements of the Graphic Standards Manual or the addition of any secondary seal, logo, or mark on stationery in conjunction with the University’s trademark must be approved by the President’s Office prior to the authorization of printing.

CSUN Approved Stationery System with Business Card and Envelope