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CSUN Graphic Standards Manual

Approved University Colors

The Word Mark can be reproduced in the official University colors. They are: PMS 201 (Pantone Matching System), henceforth referred to in this manual as Matador Red and Black. It is most desirable to reproduce Matador Red and Black over a white background.

3 color swatches, "matador" red, black and white

Process Color Ink Formula

The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK), formula for Matador Red (PMS 201) is:

C:0 M:100 Y:35 K:64

The words “California State University” are Black. The word “Northridge” is PMS 201, or “Matador Red.”

northridge wordmark in black and whiteNorthridge word mark white on black

If only one color is used in the reproduction, then the entire Word Mark should be printed in 100% color. For instance, if Black is the only color used, the entire Word Mark should appear in 100% Black.

If the background is darker than 50% color, then the entire Word Mark may be reproduced as a reverse out, or 100% white over the dark background.

The Word Mark must never be reproduced in screens or tints, and should always be reproduced in solid colors.