Publicity and Posting Procedures

Posting, Billboards and Banners

The distribution of written or printed matter, other than those resulting from the transaction of official university business and academic activity, shall be permitted on campus, subject, however, to reasonable directives as to time, place, and manner. (University Policies and Procedures 750-02)

Procedures for Posting

A privilege enjoyed by University Recognized and Associated Students chartered clubs, organizations and University departments is the publicizing of events and activities on campus.

One method of publicizing is to post material in appropriately designated areas. It is strictly forbidden for handbills or circulars of any kind to be affixed to trees, walls, doors, windows, light poles, or cars in the parking lots.

The following are the procedures for posting on campus:

  1. The time limit for posting on Associated Students boards is three weeks for A.S. Sponsored events and two weeks for others. On-going services sponsored by A.S. may be posted indefinitely as space provides. The time limit for University Student Union boards is two weeks for all groups.

  2. A list of approved bulletin board locations is available in the Matador Involvement Center or by visiting

  3. Other bulletin boards and display areas such as classrooms have been reserved for departmental; and faculty use. They are not for A.S. purposes or individual use unless approved by the appropriate department.

  4. All materials to be posted must clearly bear the name of the sponsoring organization or department, must be no larger than 11 x 17, and must be stamped "APPROVED FOR POSTING" by the Office of Student Development, University Student Union, Room 113 (Southwest addition). Organizations are cautioned that they must bear the responsibility for any materials they wish to display on campus. As sponsors, they are subject to the same laws applying to private individuals, including libel, defamation, sedition, and the regulations cited in Section 42352, Article IX of Title V.

  5. Only non-commercial literature may be posted. University regulations prohibit the use of bulletin boards for commercial advertising by individuals, groups, organizations, or commercial entities.

  6. Associated Students provides a posting service through the Matador Involvement Center. However, it is sometimes more expeditious to post your own material. If you wish to use the posting service, material should be left the Matador Involvement Center. Only one flyer per board for each event is allowed. All others will be immediately removed.

  7. Any materials posted covering other materials will be removed.

  8. Materials posted by University Recognized and A.S. chartered groups and departments must not conflict with policies of the State of California or with those of California State University, Northridge. They may not include the name of CSUN unless that name is a recognized portion of the organization's name, or unless it is an activity sponsored by CSUN. Otherwise, the name CSUN may only be used to designate the location of the event.

Note: Non-Commercial Notices: Individual students may place personal, non-commercial notices on 3 x 5 cards, as space permits, on A.S. boards. These notices may include advertisements offering for sale personal property owned by members of the campus community. These cards must be dated and are subject to a two-week time limit for posting.

Procedures for Billboards

The following are the procedures governing billboards on campus:

  1. Only recognized University Recognized clubs and organizations, employee groups, and departments may use billboard for publicity on campus.

  2. The time limit for displaying billboards on campus is two weeks. Permits will not be extended. Groups may re-apply for "Application for Permit to Display a Billboard" not sooner than two weeks.

  3. Billboards must be placed on the lawn within one foot of any designated interior campus sidewalk (Billboards are not permitted on the Oviatt Lawn). They may not be placed against trees, sculptures, building, or other stationary structures. Signs advertising CSUN events will direct off-campus appeal may be placed in designated areas on the boundaries of the campus with approval of Matador Involvement Center and the Physical Plant Management Department.

  4. A billboard application and sketch of the billboard-with exact working-must be submitted to the Matador Involvement Center. Billboards should be visible from the normal distance intended for publicity. Two stickers, one for each side, bearing the "Approved for Posting" stamp must be issued to the requesting organizations. These stickers must be affixed to the billboard.

  5. The maximum size for billboard is 4' x 88 or 8' x 4'. Support structures many not exceed 2' c 5'. Stakes are prohibited. Billboard must be structurally sound and stand up under their own support. Any billboard consider unsafe or hazardous or causing damage to the lawn may be removed by Physical Plant Management.

  6. Sponsoring organizations must remove billboard from campus by the expiration date on the permit. Billboard not removed by the expiration date will be removed by Physical Plant Management; sponsoring organizations will be charged $30.00 for removal.

  7. Physical Plant Management, in consultation with the Matador Involvement Center, will remove-at the organizations expense-any billboard which become unsightly or hazardous or that cause dame to the lawn.

  8. Billboard must not conflict with policies of the State of California or with those of California State University Northridge. They may not include name of CSUN unless that name is a recognized portion of the organization's name or unless it is an activity sponsored by CSUN. Otherwise, the name of CSUN may only be used to designate the location of the event.

Sierra Hall Display Case Scheduling Procedures

University recognized clubs and organizations, colleges, and departments of California State University, Northridge may make reservations for use of the Sierra Hall Display Case with the Matador Involvement Center. The Case is to be shared by two organizations each week.. The case may only be scheduled for a one-week period, once a semester. Displays may be set up after 3:00 p.m. on Friday preceding the user's week and must be cleared on Friday by 12 noon of the user's week. A sketch or detailed description must accompany the "Application for Permit to Use Sierra Hall Display Case." This application also serves as the reservation form and the selected week will be confirmed upon receipt and approval of the application. Cancellations should be made in writing by submitting a letter to the Matador Involvement Center that will be attached to the original permit.

Sierra Hall Display case reservations will be taken each year on the first business on or after the following dates:

  • For the Fall Semester: July 1
  • For the Spring Semester: December 1
  • For the Summer Semester: April 1

When picking up the Sierra Hall Display Case key, your CSUN student ID or driver's license must be left with the Matador Involvement Center. Your identification will be returned upon return of the key issued. Sierra Hall Display Case Dimensions: Each side is 15-feet long; 6-feeet high with 2 glass shelves.

Chalking as a means to promote your event/activity:

Chalking on the grounds of California State University, Northridge will be permitted in designated time, place and manner. All university recognized clubs and organizations and university departments must complete an "Application for Permit to Chalk" 10 business days before the actual event or activity, only one (1) permit per academic semester may be issued to a club/organization/department. An "Application for Permit to Chalk" must be approved prior to any chalking of university grounds. A diagram of the proposed chalking must be submitted with each request. Only University Recognized Clubs and Organizations and University Departments will be allowed to chalk. Associated Students elections committees, candidates or personnel cannot use chalking as a campaign tool. Chalking will be allowed for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. Only one (1) reservation per week will be authorized. The area chalked must be completely clean up by the end of the 3rd day. A Physical Plant Management Service Chargeback form must be submitted for the purpose of clean up (Please refer to Associated Students Chargeback, page ___).

Chalking will be permitted in the following locations:

  • Magnolia Walk

  • Orange Grove Walk

  • Matador Walk (no chalking permit in the section of Matador Walk in front of the Oviatt land

  • Jacaranda Walk

Only one (1) location will be designated per permit. Only water soluble chalk may be used for chalking.