• All events must be registered with the office of Student Development and Matador Involvement Center through the "Off-campus Event Registration" form.

  • Members of the community in the vicinity of the event should be notified in
    advance of the event, indicating time and place. A fraternity contact person's name and phone number should be given to each person who is notified in order to immediately address issues and concerns.

  • The primary focus of the event should be on the congenial socialization of the guests at the event. All planning, activities, and factors should ensure that the fraternity has taken measures to act as responsible event hosts and in providing a safe and healthy social environment.

  • The event MAY NOT BE OPEN to other guests, male or female, who are not on a previously determined guest list.


  • Chapter members shall be informed of all relevant university and organizational policies as well as federal and state laws involving events where alcoholic beverages are present. All proceedings of these functions must comply with these university, organizational, federal, and state laws.

  • Fraternities are prohibited from providing alcoholic beverages. This shall be defined as purchasing alcohol with organizational funds or credits or allowing any collection of funds for the purchase of alcohol.

  • Any fraternity function at which alcoholic beverages are present must be "bring your own beverage" (BYOB) function with the following procedures in place:

  • All guests must surrender their alcohol to the fraternity for serving upon entrance to the event. It is recommended that each fraternity determine an appropriate means to register the alcohol that is brought to the event by each guest. The use of tags, tickets, or a registration list is highly encouraged.

  • No guest shall be permitted in common areas of the event with cans or bottles. The fraternity must supply plastic cups to be used by all guests.

  • All guests must show proper identification upon entrance to the event and receive a visible identification as being of legal drinking age. Wristbands are encouraged for this purpose.

  • No guest who arrives intoxicated shall be permitted entrance to the event. An attempt to secure proper transportation for the guest should be made.

  • Any guest who becomes intoxicated at the event will forfeit his or her right to be served any additional alcohol. The fraternity reserves the right to take that person's alcohol into "safekeeping" until the person returns at a later time, to be reasonably determined by the fraternity, in a condition appropriate to reclaim the alcohol.

  • The fraternity is responsible for providing servers (1 for each 75 guests expected) who will be held responsible for appropriately serving each guest his or her alcohol upon request. These servers will be at least 21 years of age and be knowledgeable of all alcohol policies and methods of dealing with intoxicated guests. It is the responsibility of the servers to ensure that individuals only access their own alcohol and that guests are utilizing alcohol in a responsible manner.

  • The fraternity is responsible for providing sober party monitors (1 for each 50 guests expected). These monitors are responsible for providing for the health and safety of the guests and should be knowledgeable of all alcohol policies, and methods of dealing with intoxicated persons.

  • No guest may leave an event with an unconsumed beverage.

  • The fraternity will provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to use as choices for guests who are not drinking alcoholic beverages. These should be readily available and easily accessible at the serving area.

  • The fraternity should provide food in substantial quantity and quality so as to be an attractive part of the social event.

  • The fraternity will make appropriate arrangements for the safe and swift removal of all trash for the event.


  • Each fraternity will annually submit to IFC a written plan describing the measure that the chapter will take to comply with all measures of this policy, including a detailed description of the means that the fraternity has determined to appropriately manage the registration and serving of alcohol.

  • Each organization will annually present to its members (90% participation) an educational on the effects of alcohol and the consequences involved with inappropriate and irresponsible use.

  • No alcohol will be served at any all-Greek function, banquet, or workshop.
Adopted by the Interfraternity Council

February 11, 1991