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Abstract Existence

This organization is developed to combine the art of dance with the desire and passion to give back to various communities and those in need. The goals of this organization are to build our members into a connected family with a common goal to spread positive messages through dance and raise funds to give to charities of their choice.

Acasola strives to provide an opportunity for all students to enrich their musical and educational experience at CSUN through excellence in a cappella performance.

African American Music Association

The African American Music Association strives to expose students to African American music from a historical, cultural and contemporary perspective.

Alpha Gamma Alpha

National Website [External link]
Alpha Gamma Alpha encourages students to work towards the advancement of Armenian causes, further the Armenian culture, and guide members to academic excellence.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is to: cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women, in order to improve the social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of service to all mankind. The purpose of Rho Epsilon Chapter is to: interpret, implement and support the purposes and programs of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and to meet and maintain the requirements for an undergraduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honor Society

National Website [External link]
Alpha Kappa Delta strives to promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.

Alpha Kappa Psi

National Website [External link]
Alpha Kappa Psi strives to further the individual welfare of its members, foster scientific research in the fields of commerce and finance.

Alpha Nu Kappa Sorority

Alpha Nu Kappa strives to build a camaraderie among black women in Student Housing. We help develop women to grow and pursue their passions while challenging them to take risks. We also focus on providing a positive outlet and safe environment for our women to talk about their issues and personal struggles. We also strive to create unity and a place where black women can come together, relate to one another, and build friendships.

Alpha Omicron Pi

National Website [External link]
Alpha Omicron Pi encourages a spirit of fraternity and love among its members, and to stand at all times for integrity, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty.

National Website [External link]
Alpha Phi promotes growth in character, scholastic achievement, unity of feeling,and social communion among us thus united under a solemn pledge to lend a helping hand to one another.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

National Website [External link]
Alpha Phi Alpha strives to aid and assist in the personal progress of its members, further brotherly love and a fraternal spirit, destroy all prejudices, preserve the sanctity of the home,and the personification of virtue, and the respect of womanhood.

Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority

National Website [External link]
Alpha Pi Sigma promotes academic excellence, helps the Latino community through volunteer work, and creates a sense of unity and sisterhood among its members.

The primary purpose of this Fraternity will be to maintain, support, foster, and encourage the importance of Academic excellence within University standards for all its brothers.

Alpha Sigma Theta Sorority

Alpha Sigma Theta strives to enrich the lives of college women by integrating both deaf and hearing communities through social and educational experiences.

Alpha Xi Delta

National Website [External link]
Alpha Xi Delta encourages student involvement in college affairs, while living in the way that health, peace, and harmony may prevail, and a wholesome social life above reproach or criticism.

American Indian Student Association (AISA)

National Website [External link]
The American Indian Student Association provides an opportunity for members to work together, actively promote the academic success of its members, instill cultural pride within the membership on the campus.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

National Website [External link]
The American Marketing Association strives to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing while promoting beneficial relations between students, faculty, and business institutions.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

National Website [External link]
The American Medical Student Association provides an environment that supports the creative ideas of physicians-in-training, serves as a forum for health issues, and affects change in the medical education process to make it more approachable.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

National Website [External link]
The American Society of Civil Engineers encourages the development of a professional consciousness and affords an opportunity for civil engineers to become acquainted.

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

National Website [External link]
The American Society of Interior Designers strives to advance the interior design profession and in the process, demonstrates and celebrates the power of design to positively change people's lives.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

National Website [External link]
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers strives to enhance the knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering, to become familiar with the personnel and activities of the society.

Animation Student League of Northridge

The Animation Student League of Northridge strives to create awareness, encourages community and industry participation in the CSUN Animation program.

Armenian Student Association (ASA)

The Armenian Student Association cultivates a spirit of appreciation toward Armenian language, culture, history and heritage, promote Armenian studies, support members in the pursuit of their academic and personal goals.

Associated Graduate Students of English (AGSE)

The Association of Graduate Students in English strives to provide graduate students in English, a place to meet and converse with other graduate students to share accurate information about the MA program.

Associated Graduate Students of History of CSUN (AGSH)

The Associated Graduate Students of History is an organization that promotes education, academic and social community, as well as professional networking between students, faculty, and alumni interested in the field of history at California State University, Northridge.

Association of Graduate Student Affairs Professionals (AGSAP)

The Association of Graduate Student Affairs Professionals strives to provide educational, professional, and social opportunities that enhance the skills and experiences of current students, faculty, and alumni.

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA)

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting strives to promote academic and career issues related to Accounting, Finance and other related fields of business. As well help student who are interested in these fields to interact with each other outside the classroom and enhance their understanding of business matters.

Association of School Psychology Graduate Professionals

The Association of School Psychology Graduate Professionals at CSUN is an organization for graduate students and alumni in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, School Psychology program and CSUN students interested in the field of School Psychology. The association serves as the official graduate assembly and as such is committed to enhancing the experiences of current students, faculty, and alumni of the School Psychology program. The association provides educational, professional and social opportunities encouraging and enhancing professional growth and development. Furthermore, the association seeks to create a cohesive and lasting experience that will positively impact its members and alumni for years to come.

Astronomy Club

The purpose of this organization is to gather people interested in astronomy into a social setting to enjoy astronomy-related activities (e.g., stargazing and watching meteor showers), and to discuss discoveries and current events in astronomy. Our goal is to attract both people with a casual interest in astronomy and people with highly technical knowledge of astronomy into a common setting in which both may flourish.

Athletic Training is practiced by Athletic Trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. The Athletic Training Club brings together people interested in the field of Athletic Training, promotes Athletic Training as an allied health profession, and provides numerous educational opportunities through various conventions, meetings, in-services, and community service projects that will enhance knowledge and social skills.

Aztlán Graduation and Scholarship Committee

The Aztlán Graduation and Scholarship Committee strives to follow the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A.) organization requirements, and raise money for graduations, luncheons, dinners, and scholarships for Latina/o students.

Baha'i Association @ CSUN

The purpose of this association shall be to further the tenets of the Baha'i Faith, to invite those interested to investigate the Faith for themselves; to promote the unity of mankind; and to foster understanding, love and fellowship on this campus by sponsoring such things as lectures, information tables, service projects, discussions, informal gatherings, social activities and public meetings. This association shall not endorse any partisan or political group on a campus level or otherwise.

The Ballet Folklorico Aztlán de CSUN is a dance organization whose focus is on promoting the rich cultural background of the Mexican community while teaching its participants the wide variety of regional dances which exist in Mexico.

Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honors Fraternity

Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honors Fraternity strives to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting.

Business Honors Association (BHA)

The Business Honors Association strives to create a professional and social network for students accepted into the Business Honors Program.

California Career Development Association, CSUN

National Website [External link]
The California Career Development Association strives to advance the scientific discipline of career development, career guidance and education on campus.

Central American United Students Association (CAUSA)

The Central American United Students Association strives to cultivate the idea of creating unified and coherent strategies for the development of the ideology of self determination for the people of Central America.

Chinese Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to enhance friendship among members and promote greater awareness and appreciation for the latest developments coming from Chinese society, and to help incoming Chinese students become comfortably integrated.

Construction Management Association of America

Construction Management strives to help members to interact with fellow colleagues to discuss projects in a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project.

CSUN Accounting Association

Accounting Association strives to encourage fellow students in their understanding of accounting and their advancement within the profession of accountancy.

CSUN Aeronautics

The purposes of this club are to: 1. Promote the art, science, and practice of engineering in the aeronautics field. 2. Encourage originality in research 3. Foster engineering education in the community 4. Advance the standards of engineering in aeronautics 5. Promote the exchange of information among members and others 6. Develop the practicality of aerospace engineering profession in collaboration with other engineering and technical societies 7. Promote a high level of ethical practice.

CSUN American Society for Quality (ASQ)

National Website [External link]
The American Society for Quality encourages and provides the means for the development of professional skills in students, while informing them as to the nature and the incentives of entering into a profession concerned with quality.

National Website [External link]
CSUN Archery strives to encourage the sport of archery to students, faculty, and others. CSUN Archery endeavors to produce world class archers to complete in world class events.

CSUN Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer strives to help all of those affected by cancer in the San Fernando Valley through cancer education, survivorship support, advocacy efforts, and through the largest non-profit fundraiser, Relay For Life.

CSUN Communication Association

National Website [External link]
The Communication Association strives to create a support system among students and faculty, provide workshops, study sessions, activities, and opportunities to learn and grow in their field.

CSUN Filipino American Student Assocation (FASA)

The Filipino American Student Association provides activities that promote closer unity among Filipino Americans and involves Filipino Americans in the propagation and maintenance of the Filipino cultural and historical heritage.

CSUN National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

National Website [External link]
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, CSUN College Chapter strives to improve the political, educational, social and economic status of minority groups and to eliminate racial prejudice.

Deaf Jesus Apostolic club

The purpose of Deaf Jesus Apostolic Club (D.J.A.C.) is to build up the individual walks with Christ where truth make them free while as they develop their understanding by examining the word of God is the main goal for this club. Essentially, this club is to create a positive environment and welcoming to any gender and race by preparing the souls to be heard by the word of God.

Deaf Studies Association

The Deaf Studies Association strives to increase public awareness in the field of Deaf Studies, promote unity among members through academic, professional and social involvement, and to encourage personal growth in the field of Deaf Studies.

Engineering Management Student Association (E.M.S.A.)


EOP Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to provide support and programming focusing on the academic achievement, development, and growth of students. They will provide leadership opportunities, event and programs to increase social awareness.

Gamma Alpha Theta

The purpose of Gamma Alpha Theta, CSUN is to promote sisterly love, and enhance Jewish identity. We will be inspiring develop self-growth and character within each individual. Our sisterhood gives back to the community through knowledge, charity, intelligence, strength, friendships, and unity.

Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity


Graduate Arts Association

The Graduate Arts Association is for students interested in professional development and exhibition opportunities in the arts. The Graduate Arts Association supports exchange of information and ideas, the creation of art, and encourages professional development in a social and academic atmosphere.

Health Administration Student Association (HASA)

The Health Administration Student Association strives to be an organization that assists students in matters relating to the curriculum, filed experience, career placement, orientation of new students and provides social and professional extracurricular activities for its members.

International Interior Design Association CSUN (IIDA CSUN)

The Campus Centerís (a chapter of IIDA) mission is to provide an environment for the mutual development and exchange of knowledge within the college or university between students, educators, administration, and design professionals.

Iranian Student Association

The Iranian Student Association's purpose shall be the promotion of Iranian Culture. The organizations aim will be to provide students with an understanding of Iranian culture, history, politics, and heritage through events and student interactions.

Japanese Student Association

The Japanese Student Association strives to introduce the Japanese language and cultures, produce internal and external sociable events, mediate informational needs, and compensate contingencies through its efforts.

Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating (JADE)

The purpose of JADE is to be a peer educational program that is non-discriminatory and promotes awareness of the prevention of eating disorders.

Korean American Student Association

The Korean American Student Association strives to secure the general well-being of all its members, promote mutual interests that assist in the expansion of cultural knowledge, and to introduce Korean culture to all students.

Ladies Promoting Service, Intelligence and Academics

The purpose of this organization shall be to: a Promote unity and service to the community at California State University, Northridge, or on a national level as well. b Provide a network and support for minority female students at California State University, Northridge. c Promote multicultural awareness through the incorporation of all students regardless of ethnicity by presenting programs to aid tolerance and the interaction with other service and multicultural organizations at the university. d Develop leadership skills in all members by attending leadership development activities such as events, seminars, and workshops.

Lambda Chi Alpha

National Website [External link]
Lambda Chi Alpha fosters a spirit of genuine brotherhood among its members, and welcomes all members and associate members in good standing and other Zetas who visit it, and strives to increase the friendly bond between the chapters.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

National Website [External link]
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. strives to develop strong characters through political,and social, cultural activities, fundraising, community service, and social events establishing an organization based on unity, love and respect.

Latino Business Association (LBA)

The Latino Business Association is a student organization established to provide financial assistance through their annual scholarship drive and assure academic advancement while in the university.

Leaders in Alliance

Leaders in Alliance is a student leader council whose objective it is to enhance collaboration and communication amongst all student organizations in the College of Business and Economics, CSUN. Our mission is to assist student leaders in pursuit of organizational achievement, as defined by their respective constitution, and to improve the overall student experience for all business majors.

Lebanese Student Association

We, the members and board of Lebanese Student Association, want to promote the Lebanese culture at CSUN and to unite and serve the Lebanese community. Also, to educate the CSUN general student body about Lebanon, the Lebanese people and culture. As well as form a closely knit Lebanese community on campus.

The Professionals in Human Resources and Management Association promotes the interests and expands the knowledge of CSUN students in the fields of Management and Human Resources and provides professional development opportunities to its members.

Music Therapy Association of Northridge

The Music Therapy Association promotes an awareness of the music therapy profession on campus and on a community level; also, to create an environment conducive to the highest creativity and professionalism.

NABJ-Student Association of Black Communicators

We, the members of the (NABJ)-Student Association of Black Communicators at California State University, Northridge, believing that students working toward degrees in journalism and related fields of communications at CSUN should work together under the auspice of the NABJ in the education of its members. The organization shall enhance the skills and job preparation of its members; provide a vehicle for interchange of ideas, and exchange of information between and among black students studying related fields of communications and professional studies.

Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity

National Website [External link]
Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity seeks to invite and involve all students in a more harmonious and brotherly atmosphere through academic, social, and cultural means in order to improve relations amongst all students and the surrounding community.

Phi Alpha Honor Society

The purpose of this chapter of Phi Alpha shall be: A. To recognize and promote scholastic achievement among students and faculty involved in the graduate social work program at California State University, Northridge. B. To recognize, improve and further the goals of social work in the community, state, nation and world. C. To stimulate interest in preparation for a career in social work. D. To encourage continued study and research at the graduate level and in professional practice. E. To recognize those professional social workers and others whose service, contributions and leadership are held in esteem.

Pi Kappa Alpha

National Website [External link]
Pi Kappa Alpha strives to advance the educational interests of its members, promote leadership development, and maintain and uphold a high standard of life.

Pi Sigma Alpha, Delta Sigma Chapter (Political Science Honorary)

We, the members of Pi Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma chapter, form this CSUN branch of the National Political Science Honors Society to recognize academic excellence in political science at California State University Northridge, to foster intellectual exchange, and to advance future success of its members. We adhere to the rules set forward in this constitution, the rules and regulations of California State University Northridge guidelines for participation, and the standards of the national association of Pi Sigma Alpha.

Pre-Law Association (PLA)

The Pre-Law Association of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is a student-run, non-profit organization intended to promote and advance the studies and fields of law. By providing information about the field and job market, encouraging active involvement, and providing networking opportunities, as well as presenting a stepping stone into students' future, the association seeks to assist them with their current academic goals and their postgraduate career prospects.

Project D.A.T.E.

The purpose of Project DATE is to be a peer education program that is non-discriminatory (as stated in Article III, section 2) and educate the university community about sexual assault and rape, emphasizing prevention and early intervention.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) of CSUN, represent the needs and concerns of all students living in the University Park Apartments (UPA); to advocate for residents' needs, maintain communication between the residents and the Department of Residential Life, and to provide a forum for information and discussion to help build community among each resident in the UPA.

Saudi Students Association (SSA)

Saudi Students Association encourages friendship and a sense of community among students and their families in the United States, and promotes the culture, development, history and religion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to people in the USA.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon encourages friendship, scholarship and services for members, based upon the ideals set forth by the Founders and creed.

Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority Inc, Eta Chapter

Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority, Incorporated strives to act as an elite multicultural group who promote the upward mobility of women and enhances the community by means of education and voluntary services.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

National Website [External link]
The Society of Automotive Engineers strives to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the profession by sponsoring meetings which brings practicing engineers to the campus.

South Asia Club (SAC)

The South Asia Club cultivates a spirit of appreciation toward South Asian history, heritage and culture, and creates an organization where South Asians can come together as part of a distinct cultural group.

Student Advertising Graphics Association (SAGA)

The Student Advertising Graphics Association strives to simulate an environment of professional working experience, allow closer networking among peers and professionals, and encourages greater participation of alumni in CSUN's graphic design department.

Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The Student Athlete Advisory Council allows representatives from all different sports at CSUN to have a voice about ways to improve CSUN's sports programs and to reach out to the community and student body to help support CSUN's sports as well as help make a difference in the community.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee recommends scope of service, hours of operation, fee-for-service charges, mandatory fee levels, annual budgeting, and serve as the formal contact between the Student Health Committee and the CSUN student body.

University Ambassadors

The University Ambassadors is a student organization within the Department of Student Outreach and Recruitment Services which represent the University to the community in a manner that leaves a positive and lasting impression of CSUN.

Vietnamese Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to unite students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as the community at large, and to promote educational, social, cultural, and political development of its members through its diverse programming.