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Category: Community Service
Clubs and Organization
Abstract Existence

This organization is developed to combine the art of dance with the desire and passion to give back to various communities and those in need. The goals of this organization are to build our members into a connected family with a common goal to spread positive messages through dance and raise funds to give to charities of their choice.

This organization serves to promote education and mentoring to children living in homeless shelters by pairing them up with members, or big buddies, of our club to work one on one with them in specific school subjects. Our organization will also hold activities for the children at the participating homeless shelters during visits. Our organization believes that by helping these children in need, we can help children build the stepping stones needed to reach their goals.

Chicanos for Community Medicine

The Chicanos for Community Medicine strives to recruit interested students in the medical and health sciences fields and assist in the retention of Chicano(a)/Latino(a) and other interested students in the medical and science fields.

Circle K International

Circle K International strives to develop college and university students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

Coaching Corps at CSUN

Coaching Corps at Cal State Northridge strives to make sports programs accessible to low-income, underserved youth primarily in the San Fernando Valley. Coaching Corps at Cal State Northridge aims to recruit and train CSUN students to be successful, dedicated coaches to enhance the health and fitness of youth at the elementary and middle school level.

CSUN Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer strives to help all of those affected by cancer in the San Fernando Valley through cancer education, survivorship support, advocacy efforts, and through the largest non-profit fundraiser, Relay For Life.

CSUN Helpline

CSUN Helpline exists as a student organization and non-profit community volunteer organization under the guidance of University Counseling Services (UCS) for the purpose of serving the community, its trainees and volunteers.

Global Medical Training at CSUN

The purpose of Global Medical Training as an organization is to provide healthcare to underprivileged communities around the world, our philosophy is that everyone should have access to the most basic medical needs, so our goal is to achieve this by sending students to foreign countries as student doctors to aid the doctors of that nation with the health problems that they face.

National Website [External link]
Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty housing from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Peer Health Exchange

Peer Health Exchange trains college volunteers to teach health education in public high school students that lack health education. We exist due to our volunteers shared vision of a healthier future and in teaching students the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions.

Preconception Peer Educators (PPE)

The purpose of Preconception Peer Educators CSUN-PPE is as peer educators trained and certified through US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health to reduce health disparities and infant mortality rates, and promote preconception health in those communities most impacted by these issues. We would like to educate the student body, and community about health disparities that exist. The focus is to mentor and encourage total health among minorities in our community and to spread the news about infant mortality rates among African Americans, and minorities in America, and how to decrease these rates by properly educating ourselves about preventative measures.

University Ambassadors

The University Ambassadors is a student organization within the Department of Student Outreach and Recruitment Services which represent the University to the community in a manner that leaves a positive and lasting impression of CSUN.