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Clubs and Organization
4Humanities@CSUN, Center of Digital Humanities

The 4Humanities Collective is an international organization that "provides an online platform for humanities advocacy," reporting on the value of humanities scholarship by publishing materials such as "advocacy statements and campaigns, [...] news about the crisis of the humanities in society," and current humanities scholarship showcased in creative formats.

Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honor Society

National Website [External link]
Alpha Kappa Delta strives to promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

National Website [External link]
The American Marketing Association strives to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing while promoting beneficial relations between students, faculty, and business institutions.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

National Website [External link]
The American Medical Student Association provides an environment that supports the creative ideas of physicians-in-training, serves as a forum for health issues, and affects change in the medical education process to make it more approachable.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

National Website [External link]
The American Society of Civil Engineers encourages the development of a professional consciousness and affords an opportunity for civil engineers to become acquainted.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

National Website [External link]
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers strives to enhance the knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering, to become familiar with the personnel and activities of the society.

Animation Student League of Northridge

The Animation Student League of Northridge strives to create awareness, encourages community and industry participation in the CSUN Animation program.

Associated Graduate Students of English (AGSE)

The Association of Graduate Students in English strives to provide graduate students in English, a place to meet and converse with other graduate students to share accurate information about the MA program.

Associated Graduate Students of History of CSUN (AGSH)

The Associated Graduate Students of History is an organization that promotes education, academic and social community, as well as professional networking between students, faculty, and alumni interested in the field of history at California State University, Northridge.

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA)

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting strives to promote academic and career issues related to Accounting, Finance and other related fields of business. As well help student who are interested in these fields to interact with each other outside the classroom and enhance their understanding of business matters.

Association of School Psychology Graduate Professionals

The Association of School Psychology Graduate Professionals at CSUN is an organization for graduate students and alumni in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, School Psychology program and CSUN students interested in the field of School Psychology. The association serves as the official graduate assembly and as such is committed to enhancing the experiences of current students, faculty, and alumni of the School Psychology program. The association provides educational, professional and social opportunities encouraging and enhancing professional growth and development. Furthermore, the association seeks to create a cohesive and lasting experience that will positively impact its members and alumni for years to come.

Athletic Training is practiced by Athletic Trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. The Athletic Training Club brings together people interested in the field of Athletic Training, promotes Athletic Training as an allied health profession, and provides numerous educational opportunities through various conventions, meetings, in-services, and community service projects that will enhance knowledge and social skills.

Business Honors Association (BHA)

The Business Honors Association strives to create a professional and social network for students accepted into the Business Honors Program.

California Career Development Association, CSUN

National Website [External link]
The California Career Development Association strives to advance the scientific discipline of career development, career guidance and education on campus.

California Chicano News Media Association

National Website [External link]
The California Chicano News Media Association is dedicated to providing college students with the stepping stone to a successful career in the media by providing students with the opportunity to network with working professionals.

Ceramics Guild

The Ceramics Guild encourages students who are interested in ceramics to explore and exchange different ideas by sponsoring exhibits within a social and academic atmosphere.

Classical Guitar Club

Classical Guitar Club strives to integrate CSUN classical guitarists, provide a better environment, and create opportunities that the student body and staff of CSUN might not be able to directly offer us. Establish a name for the CSUN classical Guitar program and develop it over the coming years.

Computer Science and Technology Club

The primary focus of the Computer Science and Technology Club is to aid and encourage future undergraduates from various high schools and community colleges to pursue a career in a STEM field (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). The club will also funnel said students into the California State University at Northridge Computer Science Department through freshman and transfer student applications.

Construction Management Association of America

Construction Management strives to help members to interact with fellow colleagues to discuss projects in a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project.

CSUN Accounting Association

Accounting Association strives to encourage fellow students in their understanding of accounting and their advancement within the profession of accountancy.

CSUN Aeronautics

The purposes of this club are to: 1. Promote the art, science, and practice of engineering in the aeronautics field. 2. Encourage originality in research 3. Foster engineering education in the community 4. Advance the standards of engineering in aeronautics 5. Promote the exchange of information among members and others 6. Develop the practicality of aerospace engineering profession in collaboration with other engineering and technical societies 7. Promote a high level of ethical practice.

CSUN American Society for Quality (ASQ)

National Website [External link]
The American Society for Quality encourages and provides the means for the development of professional skills in students, while informing them as to the nature and the incentives of entering into a profession concerned with quality.

CSUN Communication Association

National Website [External link]
The Communication Association strives to create a support system among students and faculty, provide workshops, study sessions, activities, and opportunities to learn and grow in their field.

CSUN Council for Exceptional Children Student Chapter

The purpose of this chapter shall be to advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes. Specifically, the chapter intends to assist and provide support to the California state/provincial unit of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in all its efforts on behalf of persons with exceptionalities, and to participate in all appropriate governance activities of CEC subject to the general supervision and control of CEC.

CSUN Jishin Taiko Ensemble

The Jishin Taiko Ensemble is born of an interest in not only Japanese Taiko drumming, Japanese Traditional Music, and Japanese culture, but it also has a desire to form an intra and interpersonal social connection with the Japanese-American community at CSUN.

CSUN Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Alliance of CSUN (LGBTA)

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Alliance (LGBTA) of CSUN provides a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental atmosphere upon which members of the CSUN community can dedicate themselves to the political, cultural, educational, and social advancement of campus life.

CSUN Matador Speech and Debate Team

The CSUN Matador Speech and Debate Team encourages students to participate in public speaking events and to compete in speeches and debate tournaments.

CSUN Media Entertainment Guild

To inform, encourage and enlighten students' interest in film and video production, both in practical matters as well as in the aesthetic values. To strengthen the educational process with information, experience and exposure to knowledge that cannot be covered in classes by inviting guest speakers and networking with graduates along with people working in the entertainment industry. The Media Entertainment Guild will generate support from the students and the CSUN community by producing student films, festivals, and special events, thus gaining recognition and respect as a revered part of the academic and social influence of film in the California State University System.

CSUN Mobile Robot Club

The purpose of the Mobile Robot Club is to promote robotics and innovative technology within the community and the university itself. This is facilitated through the design and assembly of a fully autonomous robotic vehicle that can negotiate a course with obstacles and perform tasks assigned to it. The goals of this organization are to foster ties between young engineers and the organizations developing unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technologies. Furthermore the organization would like to welcome any interested students and provide them with a means of exploring cutting-edge technology. In doing so the organization intends to improve state-of-the-art robotics technology by challenging a new world-wide generation of engineers and participants.

CSUN Photo Club

The mission of the Photo Club is to support growth and provide networking opportunities in the Photographic community.

CSUN Social Work Society

The Social Work Society creates a voice for the MSW (Master of Social Work) students as well as forms a working relationship with the faculty and administration to improve on social work and social work education.

CSUN Theatre Guild

The Theatre Guild strives to supplement the educational opportunities afforded by the university to give students the opportunity to network with other students, faculty, staff, and members of the arts.

CSUN Women In Science

  • To help CSUN students consider and face challenges in their academic and career development.
  • To discuss gender bias issues, to focus on women's roles and influences, and how to improve the social environment within an academic and general setting.
  • To provide resources to assist women's self-empowerment, and to encourage achievement in science, math, and engineering
  • To foster a discussion between men and women on issues of gender and equality within academia, and in our society

CTVA Living-Learning Community

The CTVA Living-Learning Community provides CTVA majors with a living community that promotes the furthering of academic and personal success though programming and development, and provides students with a completely accessible location to produce projects in their own field.

Deaf Studies Association

The Deaf Studies Association strives to increase public awareness in the field of Deaf Studies, promote unity among members through academic, professional and social involvement, and to encourage personal growth in the field of Deaf Studies.

Delta Sigma Pi

National Website [External link]
Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed business fraternity that promotes the study of business in universities, encourages scholarship, social activities, and a closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce.

Desert Performance Lab

Desert Performance Lab is an organization that has been created by students within the CSUN playwriting community. It aims to build and sustain a community of playwrights who will work together to write and produce plays. The organization's members will collaborate with individuals and groups within the larger CSUN, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles area communities, and beyond.

Early Childhood Education Masters Association (ECEMA)

The Early Childhood Education Masters Association promotes the professional preparation, development, communication, and coordination of current students and alumni by enhancing the quality of services to young children and their families.

Engineering Management Student Association (E.M.S.A.)


Environmental and Occupational Health Student Association (EOSHA)

The Environmental and Occupational Health Student Association strives to establish channels of communication between members and encourages the exchange of ideas, job experience, job referral, and the mutual improvement of the discipline.

EOP Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to provide support and programming focusing on the academic achievement, development, and growth of students. They will provide leadership opportunities, event and programs to increase social awareness.

GE Honors Club

The club's purpose is to unite students who belong to the GE Honors Program in order to seek support among each other, broaden their knowledge about the program, and contribute to the GE Honors community.

Geography Council

Geography Council strives to socialize and form a strong community outside of the classroom. It is also a voice of the department throughout the CSUN campus to recruit possible new majors and participate in school wide events.

Geology Club

The CSUN Geology Club provides the CSUN community with opportunities to learn and explore the geology of our city, region, state, country, and planet through guest lectures, and professional development seminars.

Graduate Arts Association

The Graduate Arts Association is for students interested in professional development and exhibition opportunities in the arts. The Graduate Arts Association supports exchange of information and ideas, the creation of art, and encourages professional development in a social and academic atmosphere.

Health Administration Student Association (HASA)

The Health Administration Student Association strives to be an organization that assists students in matters relating to the curriculum, filed experience, career placement, orientation of new students and provides social and professional extracurricular activities for its members.

The Health Education Student Organization promotes interaction among students, faculty, and leaders in Health Education and Healthcare.

Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IEEE)

National Website [External link]
The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering promotes the dissemination of the theory and practice of all phases of electrical and computer engineering and other allied fields, as well as the furtherance of the professional development of students.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Interfraternity Council perpetuates the best interests of the fraternity system, the university, and the community, and continues to make a positive contribution to students.

International Interior Design Association CSUN (IIDA CSUN)

The Campus Centerís (a chapter of IIDA) mission is to provide an environment for the mutual development and exchange of knowledge within the college or university between students, educators, administration, and design professionals.

The CSUN LAYER 8 club is committed to creating an educational environment for students to practice computer security exercises in a safe environment.

Leaders in Alliance

Leaders in Alliance is a student leader council whose objective it is to enhance collaboration and communication amongst all student organizations in the College of Business and Economics, CSUN. Our mission is to assist student leaders in pursuit of organizational achievement, as defined by their respective constitution, and to improve the overall student experience for all business majors.

Lengua, Unidad, Cultura, Ideologia y Amistad (L.U.C.I.A.)

The Lengua, Unidad, Cultura, Ideologia y Amistad Club strives to convey Latino culture to all students involved, create a social academic, and cultural environment where those interested in the Latino culture can find a tool for expanding their horizons.

The Professionals in Human Resources and Management Association promotes the interests and expands the knowledge of CSUN students in the fields of Management and Human Resources and provides professional development opportunities to its members.

Management Information Systems Association (MISA)

The Management Information Systems Association offers an active organization to students pursuing any major with an interest in computer applications and promotes an atmosphere conductive to achievement.

Marine Biology Graduate Student Association (MBGSA)

The Marine Biology Graduate Student Association strives to enrich the academic lives of CSUN marine biology graduate students by supporting lectures, student travel to academic conferences, student seminars, student and faculty retreats, and other professional events.

Master of Public Health Student Association (MPHSA)

The Master of Public Health Student Association seeks to guide, support, and empower students enrolled in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Matador Band

The purpose of this organization is to promote school spirit and provide entertainment at CSUN athletic events.

Matador Math Society

The purpose of the CSUN math club is to provide a place for math majors and other interested students to discuss topics, careers, and academic issues related to mathematics.

Matador Pedal Sports of CSUN

The purpose of this organization is to educate and familiarize students and members of the campus community with the principles of building Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs) which are engineered for competitive events as well as everyday commuting. The club also aims to extract talent from the student body on campus for representation at regional and national HPV Competitions.

Music Therapy Association of Northridge

The Music Therapy Association promotes an awareness of the music therapy profession on campus and on a community level; also, to create an environment conducive to the highest creativity and professionalism.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association strives to bring together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures under one unified, organized, proactive community.

NABJ-Student Association of Black Communicators

We, the members of the (NABJ)-Student Association of Black Communicators at California State University, Northridge, believing that students working toward degrees in journalism and related fields of communications at CSUN should work together under the auspice of the NABJ in the education of its members. The organization shall enhance the skills and job preparation of its members; provide a vehicle for interchange of ideas, and exchange of information between and among black students studying related fields of communications and professional studies.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The National Society of Black Engineers, as a national student and professional based organization, does hereby dedicate itself to the development of intensive programs for increasing Black and other ethnic minority participation in the field of engineering and engineering technology. These programs will be initiated both within and outside the university community and will serve to strengthen relations between professional industry and the black community. Members of this organization are encouraged to join and participate in their individual professional societies. This organization will endeavor to provide general counseling to all members.

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

National Website [External link]
The purpose of this Association is to unite students in the Communicative Disorders department and those with similar interests, to provide relevant information for their academic career at California State University at Northridge, to inform members on local and national affairs concerning the field of work, to facilitate the transition from undergraduate to graduate to professional, to introduce different aspects of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology in the work field, and any other legal purpose which shall be deemed necessary for the furtherance of the Association's objectives.

Northridge Creative Writing Circle

The Northridge Creative Writing Circle is an out-of-classroom creative writing community for the students of California State University Northridge, no matter their major. The group does not seek to replace what is happening in creative writing classrooms, but to offer an extension of it. Its meetings and events will help the writers of California State University Northridge foster close, creative relationships with each other as well as provide venues for the further creative and professional development of its members' work.

Painting Guild

The Painting Guild strives to supplement the studio artistic experience by creating an ongoing forum of artistic development in the hope of continuing an interest in the creative process above and beyond the classroom environment, to reinforce and cultivate artistic growth and to act as transitory support system after graduation.

Physical Education Club

The purpose of this organization is to open up networking opportunities for students in the physical education and adapted physical education programs. The organization strives to collaborate and open up relationships with classmates, communities and future colleagues.

Pre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental Club encourages excellence in pre-dental scholarship, stimulates an appreciation of the importance of pre-dental education in the study of dentistry, promotes cooperation and contact between dental and pre-dental students and educators.

Pre-Law Association (PLA)

The Pre-Law Association of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is a student-run, non-profit organization intended to promote and advance the studies and fields of law. By providing information about the field and job market, encouraging active involvement, and providing networking opportunities, as well as presenting a stepping stone into students' future, the association seeks to assist them with their current academic goals and their postgraduate career prospects.

Pre-Optometry Student Association

Pre-Optometry Student Association strives to promote the interaction of students, faculty, and leaders in the optometrical world and health care. To provide a locale for Pre-Optometry students to discuss their pertinent concerns.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

National Website [External link]
The Public Relations Student Society of America encourages the understanding of current theories and procedures in the practice of public relations and provides students with the opportunity to become acquainted with their peers and professional practitioners.

Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)

RTDNA is the world's largest professional organization that broadcasts news while supporting journalism activity throughout the world. RTDNA is made up of more than 3,000 news directors, news associates, educators and students. Founded as a grassroots organization in 1946, its purpose was to set standards for gathering and reporting news. Although news techniques and technologies have changed since its founding, RTDNA's commitment to excellence in the journalism industry remains the same.

Radiologic Technology Student Association

The Radiologic Technology Student Association strives to promote an interest in the research and study of radiology while encouraging a professional spirit among those in the organization.

Sculpture Organization

The Sculpture Organization is for students interested in sculpture. The Sculpture Organization supports the growth of ideas, skills, and techniques that are used to create, understand, and discuss sculpture. The Sculpture Organization will also encourage professional development in both a social and academic atmosphere.

Society for Physics Students-Northridge Chapter

The Society of Physics Students develops collegiality among students, faculty members, and the community to broaden the understanding of physics at California State University, Northridge. We are actively engaged in promoting public interest in physics, stimulating interest in physics research and advance study, and assisting students to develop the competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility essential for the advancement of physics. The Society of Physics Students also provides liaison between students and the member societies of the American Institute of Physics.

Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

National Website [External link]
The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering stimulates student interest in the scientific and engineering developments in the fields of materials and processes, and familiarizes students with the career opportunities.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

National Website [External link]
The Society of Automotive Engineers strives to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the profession by sponsoring meetings which brings practicing engineers to the campus.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

National Website [External link]
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers encourages scientists and mathematicians within a body of technical disciplines to creates valuable relations with all academic fields, and encourage participation in the Latino culture.

Society of Professional Journalists

National Website [External link]
The Society of Professional Journalists strives to assist their members in acquiring the noblest principles of journalism and to cooperate with them in this field, and in order to advance the standard of the press by fostering a higher ethical code, thus increasing its value as an uplifting social agency.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

National Website [External link]
The Society of Women Engineers is dedicated to making known the need for women engineers by encouraging young women to succeed in their studies and careers.

Student Advertising Graphics Association (SAGA)

The Student Advertising Graphics Association strives to simulate an environment of professional working experience, allow closer networking among peers and professionals, and encourages greater participation of alumni in CSUN's graphic design department.

Student Association for Behavior Analysis

promote educational and professional advancement for all students interested in behavior analysis. We are dedicated to disseminating behavior analysis and creating opportunities to facilitate students' scholastic success.

Student Dietetic and Food Science Association (SDFSA)

The Student Dietetic and Food Science Association provides the framework for meaningful student involvement, stimulates interest in the profession of Dietetics and Food Science-related fields, and develops channels of communication between students and advisors.

Student Philosophy Society

The Student Philosophy Society promotes student interest in the study of Philosophy and encourages a professional spirit among those who are interested in philosophy.

Tech and Engineering Society

To provide the students of CSUN with information about working in their fields by bringing industry professionals from local companies to CSUN to speak to our group. To provide opportunities for CSUN students where they can work together in groups to achieve more than they could individually.To get recognition for the projects that they have worked on. Each of these three goals is meant to better equip CSUN students in their job search after graduation

TRENDS is home to all CSUN fashion students and any students on campus with an interest in FASHION! Our purpose is to introduce students to the fashion industry and to prepare them for real industry experiences. We focus on providing our members with priceless networking opportunities, and a foundation for future careers! TRENDS also hosts the Annual Spring Fashion Show featuring clothing lines from Apparel Design and Production graduating students. In this organization, students are able to acquire valuable leadership and teamwork skills essential for preparing to enter the global industry of FASHION!
Meeting Time:

Urban Planning Students of Northridge (UPS)

The Urban Planning Students Club provides assistance and personal support to students involved in and or interested in the Urban Studies and Planning program.

Vex Robotics Club

The purpose of the VEX Robotics club is to establish a team competing in the college level VEX Robotics Competition representing California State University, Northridge.