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GE Paths

At CSUN we offer you the possibility to make the most out of your General Education experience. Students enrolled in the GE Paths program explore a special theme or major question from an interdisciplinary perspective in the context of their general education requirements. You choose one of the different paths offered in the program based on your personal and intellectual interests and you take courses associated with the path. You do not have to take any additional courses in order to fulfill the requirements for the path.


Health and Wellness
The Health and Wellness path provides students with opportunities to explore personal and community health and wellness during various stages in the family life cycle.

Arts, Media, and Society
The Arts, Media and Society path recognizes the continuing centrality of the traditional arts in encapsulating the values, beliefs, and myths of human cultures.

Aesthetics and Culture
The goal of the Aesthetics, Culture, and Media path is to empower students to think, read, and write critically and creatively about the transformative power of aesthetics in a diverse range of visual, written, and oral forms.

Building Pathways: Alternative Approaches to General Education on March 14

CSUN has partnered with Los Angeles Pierce College, the CSU Office of the Chancellor, and AAC&U on a three year long project to transform our General Education from within. The approach—which we call G.E. Paths—takes already existing G.E. courses across the curriculum and connects them through themes such as Global Studies, Social Justice, and Health and Wellness through faculty development, student engagement, and high impact practices. The workshop will cover all aspects of how to start a program like this with a partner institution or on your own. We also invite additional Path connections with our local Community Colleges to help incentivize your students’ transfer to the CSU. The overall goal of the Path project is to make G.E. more meaningful to students and to thereby increase retention and progress to the degree (A.A. or Baccalaureate).

Meeting starts at 9:30 am and will extend to 3:30 pm. All presentations will take place at the Northridge Center in the University Student Union. Parking spaces (LOT G3) will be reserved for those participants who register before February 28. All CSU parking permits are valid at CSUN. More parking information and directions to campus will be sent on or around March 7.

Preliminary agenda (.pdf)

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Writing and Reading Across Disciplines

Reading Matters Initiative

Civil Discourse and Social Change

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Social Justice
The primary goal of the Social Justice path is to encourage students to think critically about social justice, to recognize it as foundational for peaceful societies, and to look for ways to promote it.

Global Studies
The Global Studies path provides students an opportunity to explore how global and transnational processes bring people together across the globe.

Principles of Sustainability
The Sustainability path broadly educates students about the fundamental concepts of sustainability including economic, environmental, and social aspects. It is designed to provide knowledge of the consideration necessary to make decisions in a world where resources are limited.


Events for the reminder of April

"The Aesthetics and Writings of Octavio Paz" Panel discussion between faculty from CSUN and UNAM, celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the Mexican Nobel Prize winner writer- Whitsett Room- Wednesday April 23rd- 12:15pm-02:00pm.

"Big Lecture:Gabriela Cowperthwaite director of 'Blackfish'" Gabriela Cowperthwaite will give a Lecture on her praised documentary "Blackfish"- Wednesday April 23rd- 6:30pm- Northridge Room, University Student Union.

"History Department Annual Whitsett Graduate Seminar and Lecture" The History department will be hosting its annual Whitsett Annual Graduate Seminar and Lecture where the work of 10 graduate students and invited speakers will shine light on the topic of American History.-Thurday April 24th- 9:00am- 04:00pm- Whittsett Room, 4th floor of Sierra Hall.

"History Student Research Symposium" Two day Symposium organized by the History department where both undergaduate and graduate students will be presenting their most recent research. Tuesday April 29th 09:00am to 04:00pm and Wednesday April 30th 02:00pm to 04:00pm.

Program Benefits

Besides gaining the skills that all students acquire during their GE coursework, through the path you will examine one theme in more depth and from many different perspectives. Furthermore, you will work very closely with faculty specialized in the theme and other students with shared interests. After you complete 18 units in your chosen path, you will be awarded a GE Paths Certificate, issued by Undergraduate Studies. You do not have to take any additonal General Education course to get the certificate, only the courses assocaited with your chosen path. Please feel free to email the Faculty Program Director for more information.

How it Works

You select one Path and take 18 units(six or seven GE courses). Although you are encouraged to remain within one path, you can sample across the different paths. You can opt in and out, there is no obligation to continue or finish the path. The program is open to all students regardless of GPA. For the complete list of course offerings please check here.