CSUN hydrogeology program among top one hundred in North

Hydrogeology Course

Study of groundwater, emphasizing geologic controls, occurrence, movement, development, management, and quality. Lab: Mapping and interpretation of hydrogeologic data. Field and lab methods are used to characterize and quantify aquifer properties, geometry and input and output. Course Syllabus

Advanced Hydrogeology Course

Study of groundwater, emphasizing analytical methods and mechanism of groundwater flow and solute transport in porous media. Various topics in the field of water quality and contaminated transport in the subsurface environment will be discussed. Course Syllabus

Hydrogeochemistry Course

The focus of this course is the chemical sources and geological and hydrochemical processes influencing water resources in general and groundwater quality in particular.  Fundamentals of groundwater chemistry and the mechanism of solute movement including analytical solutions and soil/groundwater pollution/remediation will be emphasized. Course Syllabus

Groundwater Modeling Course

Approximation of groundwater equations by finite-difference and finite-element methods. Practical exercises on calibration, verification, and prediction of groundwater behavior and solute movement under various initial and boundary conditions. See course syllabus at: Course Syllabus

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