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As you move from your first year into your second year at CSUN, getting good grades and raising your GPA might become important to you. This section offers links that help you find your GPA and resources that can help you raise your GPA. Remember you need at least a "C" average to graduate from CSUN!

  • How to calculate your GPA .

  • GPA calculator. You can use this tool to calculate what your GPA would be if your grades improved or worsen this semester.

  • You can find your GPA through your Degree Progress Report. What is a Degree Progress Report?

  • Link to Degree Progress Report.

  • Learn more about My Academic Planner (MAP) by clicking on this MAP tutorial, MAP can help you manage your degree progress to graduate in time.

  • My Academic Planner works side-by-side with the interactive Degree Progress Report available through portal.
  • Access My Academic Planner through CSUN's main webpage portal log-in.

  • If you are on Financial Aid, check out the policies* concerning academic progress and how your GPA may affect the financial aid you receive.

  • How credit/no credit courses work.


Now that you have figured out what your GPA score is, whether it is higher or lower than you expected, you may want to improve your academic performance. For a comprehensive guide to resources such as workshops, one-on-one and/or group tutoring, supplemental instruction classes, and interactive subject area computer programs and videos please visit the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

You may also be able to raise your GPA by taking winter or summer classes.

Remember grades are your responsibility. Talk to your Academic Advisor or Professor to take the steps necessary to ensure you do not fail a course!

Academic Advisors can help you balance your time by suggesting the number of units you should take per semester. If you plan to take more remember that you will need to manage your time well! Click here* to see tips on how to manage your time.

You can also form study groups or have a study partner for one or all your classes. Doing this can help keep each other on track or help each other learn! Here are some study tips you can use by yourself or with study partners.

Here are some study tips you can use by yourself or with study partners.

Your Professors

There are many reasons why you should get to know your professor but it is not always easy to approach them. This link shows you how and why you should approach your professor!

The links with an asterisk (*) require Adobe Reader.

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