As you head into your second semester and beyond, finding the ‘right’ courses to take is important. You might begin to question what your interests are and what major or career interests you.


Meet with your Academic Advisor first, then Register for your classes:


First, in order to ensure you register for classes in a timely manner click on this link to view all the advisors available to students by college. Make sure to make an appointment with your advisor before your registration appointment.


Undeclared/Undecided students can schedule an appointment by calling (818) 677-2108.


If you have already chosen a major you can schedule an appointment with an advisor by contacting your college.


These registration tips might also help in ensuring a smooth process. You might also want to take the time to inform yourself on the different registration periods and course requisites.


The Schedule of classes will list the classes available this semester and the catalog describes what the class will focus on and the requirements for graduation from each major/minor.

Links to General Education (GE) plans

Here you will find your planning guides for majors offered at Cal State Northridge. Open a 4-year or transfer plan to view a list of majors at Select a major to link to a specific plan.

In addition, Tseng College offers 2 Bachelor transfer programs for Construction Management Technology and Public Sector Management at


Link to portal and tools in portal that can help in choosing classes


Online tools that can guide you when registering for the ‘right’ courses:

  • Learn more about My Academic Planner (MAP) by clicking on this MAP tutorial , MAP can help you manage your degree progress to graduate in time.
  • Link to Degree Progress Report.
  • My Academic Planner works side-by-side with the interactive Degree Progress Report available through portal.
  • Access My Academic Planner through CSUN’s main webpage portal log-in.

Articulation agreement links and websites


As a CSUN student you may want to complete General Education courses elsewhere, transfer courses you have already taken or transfer to another university. This section offers information and links to what you need to know about transferring units from other institutions.

The links with an asterisk (*) require Adobe Reader.

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