Financial Literacy Program

Do you keep a personal budget? When was the last time you checked your FICO score? Let us get the essentials in order and help you answer these questions with ease.

Program Mission

The mission of the Financial Literacy Program is to expand students’ understanding of money management strategies that will empower them to make wise and informed financial decisions while achieving their educational goals at CSUN.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial literacy workshops and webinars have been created to reflect the most current and relevant information on money management for college students. The information will empower students to make wise financial decisions while studying at CSUN and establish the foundation for a successful financial future.

Workshops are offered in the fall and spring semesters and are presented in a relaxed informal atmosphere. Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in learning activities.

Spring 2017 Webinars & Workshops

The Financial Aid & Scholarships Department is pleased to offer the workshops and 30- minute webinars below through the Financial Literacy Program.

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What Does Submitting An Early FAFSA/CADAA Mean?


Submitting the FAFSA / CADAA has two guarantees. Join us to find out and walk away with tips for maximizing your financial aid package.

February 27




Meeting ID:

369 565 279

Online Webinar


Livestream at CSUN.ZOOM.US


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Four Money Pitfalls

to Tackle While in College



Credit card debt, borrowing too much, not saving, and not budgeting are money pitfalls known to trap the college student. Learn how to tackle these money pitfalls with helpful tips on managing debt, borrowing wisely, setting a doable savings plan and a practical spending plan.

February 28


2:00 PM


CSUN Oasis Wellness Center


Explore Klotz & Become a Wise Health Consumer



Did you know that the Klotz Student Health Center offers FREE and low cost health services? A great way to save money is to maximize what you have. As a CSUN student, Klotz is there for you and can save you money. Come to this fun and informational exploration of your health center and become a wise health consumer.

March 15


3:00 PM


CSUN Klotz Student Health Center


meet at

main entrance



Does Financial Aid Cover All Of My Expenses?


We will discuss how financial aid can or cannot cover your expenses. The key is finding out what your educational expenses are versus your regular expenses.

March 29


3:00 PM


Meeting ID:

665 860 142


Online Webinar


Livestream at CSUN.ZOOM.US


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Scholarships for Dreamers and

How to Apply



Scholarships are available 365 days a year! The answer to winning scholarships is knowing where to look. Learn effective techniques on how to search and apply for scholarships.

April 4


1:00 PM


CSUN Dream Center


How to Live On A Limited Budget



Living on a limited budget due to an illness, injury, or medical condition can be difficult for a college student. Learn how to set up a realistic spending plan with a small income. You will also learn tips on how to save money by cutting expenses.

April 18


1:00 PM


CSUN National Center on Deafness



How Is Interest Calculated On Student Loans?



Student loans do not accumulate interest at the same rate that credit cards do. Learn how to find the interest on your current loans and the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

May 3




Meeting ID:

424 997 474


Online Webinar


Livestream at CSUN.ZOOM.US


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Financial Literacy Resources

Financial Literacy Presentation Request

The Financial Literacy Program partners with University 100, CSUN Faculty, and Student Clubs/Orgs to offer presentations designed to empower students and assist them in making informed financial decisions. Below are some examples of financial literacy topics. As a service to our campus community, our Financial Literacy Program staff is available to come to your classes for a presentation.

U100 Faculty:
To request one or more of the following presentations, please click Here

CSUN Faculty and Student Clubs / Orgs:
To request one or more of the following presentations, please click Here.

Budgeting for College Students

Students will learn how to balance their income, financial aid resources and living expenses. They will develop a student budget by itemizing their expenses and resources, and create a flexible spending plan.

Credit Card Management

Students will learn how to understand the fine print on credit card applications, make the best decisions when shopping for a credit card and become responsible credit card users.

Credit Report and Scores

Students will learn the basics behind credit report scores. They'll also find out what impacts credit history and how to build, maintain, or repair credit.

Identity Theft

Students will learn how to protect themselves from identity theft and how to cope if they become a victim.

For additional information or presentation requests please contact:

Gregorio Alcantar
Financial Literacy Coordinator

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