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Part Time Faculty Positions


Part-Time Positions

The following departments may currently be seeking part-time faculty to teach a variety of courses during the current academic year.  Interested applicants should contact the Departments directly for more information.

Final determination of part-time teaching assignments is contingent upon enrollment figures and funding.

APPLICATION PROCESS (These are minimum requirements. Please contact Department for further instructions)
Applicants should forward a current resume and a letter which designates specific courses or areas they are interested in teaching and, whenever possible, times available for teaching assignments. The resume should include educational background, prior teaching experience, evidence of scholarship, and/or related professional experience.


For Spring 2015 Semester Only - October 31, 2014

For Fall 2014, 2014-15 Academic Year - April 30, 2014

Please note: Application deadline dates corresspond with the Procedures and Calendar for Recruitment of Part-Time Faculty for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Please consult with specific department(s) to confirm deadline dates. Some departments may have different deadline dates.


Accounting & IS Business and Economics
Anthropology Social & Behavioral Sciences
Art Arts, Media, & Communication
Asian American Studies Humanities
Biology Science & Mathematics
Business Law Business and Economics
Central American Studies Humanities
Chemistry & Biochemistry Science & Mathematics
Chicano/a Studies Humanities
Child & Adolescent Development Health and Human Development
Cinema & Television Arts Arts, Media, & Communication
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics Engineering & Computer Science
Computer Science Engineering and Computer Science
Communication Disorders & Sciences Health and Human Development
Communication Studies Arts, Media, & Communication
Deaf Studies Education
Developmental Math
Economics Business and Economics
Educational Leadership Education
Educational Opportunity Program
Educational Psych. & Counseling Education
Electrical & Comp. Engineering Engineering & Computer Science
English Humanities
Elementary Education Education
Environmental and Occupational Health Health andHuman Development
Family & Consumer Sciences Health andHuman Development
Finance, Real Estate, & Insurance Business and Economics
Geography Social and Behavioral Sciences
Geology Science & Mathematics
Health Sciences Health and Human Development
History Social & Behavioral Sciences
Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program Humanities
Journalism Arts, Media, & Communication
Kinesiology Health and Human Development
Liberal Studies Programs Humanities
Linguistics/TESL Humanities
Management Business and Economics
Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management Engineering and Computer Science
Mathematics Science & Mathematics
Marketing Business & Economics
Mechanical Engineering Engineering & Computer Science
Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures Humanities
Music Arts, Media, & Communication
Nursing Health and Human Development
Pan African Studies Social & Behavioral Sciences
Philosophy Humanities
Physical Therapy Health and Human Development
Political Science Social & Behavioral Sciences
Psychology Social & Behavorial Sciences
Recreation and Tourism Managment Health and Human Development
Religious Studies Humanities
Secondary Education Education
Social Work Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sociology Social and Behavioral Sciences
Special Education Education
Systems and Operations Management Business and Economics
Theatre Arts, Media, & Communication
University Counseling Services  
University 100 Academic First Year Experiences (CIELO)
Urban Studies & Planning Social & Behavioral Sciences
Women's Studies Humanities