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Teaching Associate Openings


Teaching Associates: Per the Classification and Qualification Standards (.pdf)  (available on the Chancellor's Office Website), Teaching Associates may be assigned to teach university courses or assist faculty with various activities. Work assignments are closely associated with their program of study or the academic department in which they are enrolled. Teaching Associates are allowed up to 14.8 units of instruction. If a Teaching Associate holds another postion in a student classification such as a Graduate Assistant or Instructional Student Assistant, they are limited to a combined equivalent in units of part-time work.

PositionStatusDepartmentDept. Phone Number/E-mail
Teaching Associate (.pdf)OpenRecreation and Tourism Management


Teaching Associate (.pdf)OpenPsychology

(818) 677-2827

Teaching Associate (.pdf)OpenHealth Sciences

(818) 677-3101

Teaching Associate (.pdf)Open


(818) 677-2827

Teaching Associate (.pdf)Open



Teaching Associate (.pdf)Open


Dr. Steve Graves steve.graves@csun.edu