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Office of Faculty Affairs

Shot of University Hall Faculty Affairs is a unit within the division of Academic Affairs and is the central location for all faculty-related programs, policies, and procedures.

We provide support to academic personnel regarding implementation of the Unit 3 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement. We manage various personnel processes including: faculty retention, tenure, and promotion; faculty grievance/arbitration; sabbatical/difference-in-pay leaves; and compensation programs such as the Faculty Early Retirement Program and Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base Program.

As of June 24, 2005 the Office of Faculty Affairs has also undertaken the implementation of the Unit 11 Academic Student Employee Collective Bargaining Agreement. We provide support to Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistants, and Instructional Student Assistant in regards to: appointment notification and hiring processes; student grievance/arbitration; and posting of vacancy announcements.

Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Awards

Provision 20.37 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the California Faculty Association and the Board of Trustees of the California State University (2014-17) designates the awarding of assigned time (in the form of Weighted Teaching Units, WTU), on a competitive basis, to Unit 3 faculty employees “who are engaged in exceptional levels of service that support the CSU’s priorities, but who are not otherwise receiving an adjustment in workload to reflect their effort.” Awards are designated for workload beyond the requirements of regular faculty assignment in enhancing the student learning environment.

Provision 20.37 Guidelines, Procedures and Criteria (.pdf)

Provision 20.37 Exceptional Service to Students Awards Application Form (.pdf)

Please share the announcement of this award competition, along with the Application Form and Guidelines, Procedures, and Criteria documents, with all of your Unit 3 faculty members at your earliest convenience. Given that these awards, per the CBA, must be made by the end of the Spring 2015 semester, time is of the essence. The application deadline is Monday, April 27, 2015. Completed applications, including all required signatures, must be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs by 5:00 pm on April 27.