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The College of Science and Mathematics at California State University, Northridge has five academic departments: Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics & Astronomy, with approximately 1500 undergraduate and graduate majors and a total enrollment of more than 3400 full-time equivalent students. A wide range of bachelor's and master's degree programs is offered. A talented and diverse faculty is committed to teaching excellence, high-quality scholarship, and the education of a multicultural student body in an intellectually supportive community. Both undergraduate and graduate majors participate in research with the faculty and their collective research accomplishments are a source of pride for the College.


15-49 (.pdf)ClosedGeological SciencesGeophysicsAssistant Professor
15-51 (.pdf)ClosedGeological SciencesPaleoclimateAssistant Professor
15-87 (.pdf)ClosedBiologyCell or Molecular BiologyAssistant Professor
15-50 Revised (.pdf)


BiologyProkaryote MicrobiologyAssistant Professor
15-53 Revised (.pdf)ClosedBiologyGeneticsAssistant Professor
15-38 (.pdf)ClosedChemistry and BiochemistryPhysical and or Theoretical ChemistryAssistant Professor
15-41 (.pdf)ClosedChemistry and BiochemistryChemical EducationAssistant Professor
15-55 (.pdf)OpenPhysics and AstronomyBiophysicsAssistant Professor
15-56 (.pdf)ClosedPhysics and AstronomyAstrophysicsAssistant Professor