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Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, & Communication

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The College of Arts, Media, and Communication is composed of the departments of Art, Communication Studies, Cinema and Television Arts, Journalism, Music, and Theatre. The College has approximately 5,000 undergraduate and graduate majors served by more than 100 full-time and 200 part-time faculty. College facilities include a recital hall, two proscenium theaters a black box theatre, 120-seat screening room, and the CSUN Art Galleries.


15-07 (.pdf)


ArtPhotography/VideoAssistant Professor
15-08 (.pdf)OpenArtGraphic Design/
User Interface & User Experience Design
Assistant Professor
15-25 (.pdf)OpenArtAnimation Game Design/Game ArtistAssistant/
Associate Professor
15-09 (.pdf)ClosedTheatre Assistant Professor
15-10 (.pdf)OpenTheatre Assistant Professor
15-12 (.pdf)OpenJournalismDigital Media Entrepreneurship/
Digital Public Engagement/Public relations
Assistant Professor
15-13 (.pdf)OpenJournalismBroadcastAssistant Professor
15-14 (.pdf)OpenJournalismVisual CommunicationAssistant Professor
15-15 (.pdf)OpenJournalismParticipatory Media/
Ethnic/Community Media
Assistant Professor
15-28 (.pdf)ClosedMusicMusic Education (Instrumental)Assistant/
Associate Professor
15-29 (.pdf)OpenMusicViolinAssistant Professor
15-45 (.pdf)ClosedCinema and Television ArtsTelevision ProductionAssistant/
Associate Professor
15-52 (.pdf)ClosedCinema and Television ArtsElectronic Media ManagementAssistant Professor
15-30 (.pdf)OpenCommunication StudiesCommunication TheoryAssistant Professor
15-31 (.pdf)OpenCommunication StudiesIntercultural CommunicationAssistant Professor
15-32 (.pdf)OpenCommunication StudiesCommunication and TechnologyAssistant Professor