The Fuel Cell Project

Facilities Services’ Fuel Cell Project, which debuted in 2007, has helped established CSUN as one of the nation's leading academic institutions in taking action to reduce global warming. Not only does the fuel cell power plants lower the demand for power from local utilities and save CSUN money, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that would have been produced by generating the electricity at conventional power plants.  

Protecting the Environment & Saving Money —8 facts about the Fuel Cell Project

  1. Generates 8,333,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, annually (18% of the total campus demand load).
  2. Produces 22 billion BTU's of thermal energy. (Enough to heat and cool 45 large homes for an entire year).
  3. Has a combined heat and power efficiency of 83%. Inset photo from Fuel Cell project PDF
  4. Produces no NOx, Co, SOx, volatile organic compounds or particulate emissions. Conventional generation produces 25 pounds of emissions per megawatt hour whereas the CSUN Fuel Cell produces only 0.1 pounds of these emissions.
  5. Reduces greenhouse gas emission by 69% compared to greenhouse gas emissions by similar conventional power generation. This plant eliminates more than 6,400 tons of CO2 into the environment per megawatt year.
  6. Represents a savings of $7 million over the next 15 years. Inset photo from existing Fuel Cell project PDF
  7. Qualified and received $2.75 million in incentive rebates.
  8. The first institution in the world to have a grid connected fuel cell plant.
  9. The first institution in the world to self install a 1 megawatt fuel cell plant.
  10. The first and only 1 megawatt fuel cell plant operating in any college, institution or school in the world.
  11. The first and only fuel cell plant in the world which recycles the satellite central plant emissions for the purpose of research and academic operations of a greenhouse.

How much energy is the Fuel Project Producing? Check out our dashboard for updated data on our energy production.

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