Current/Future Projects

Current/Future/Active Feasibility Projects as of January 2017

Projects In Construction

Extended Learning Building
Central Plant HHW Piping  Replacement Phase 1
Associated Students Sustainability Center ( Recycle & IS )
Extended Learning Building Bookstore Renovation
SSU New Housing Offices
Research Building No. 1
CY Roof Replacement Phase 1
CY Roof Replacement Phase 2
CY Roof Replacement Phase 3
CY Roof Replacement Phase 4
CY Roof Replacement Phase 5
CY Roof Replacement Phase 6
CY Roof Replacement Phase 7
CY Roof Replacement Phase 8
CY Roof Replacement Phase 5 & 7 HVAC Piping
CY Roof Replacement Phase 2 & 3 HVAC Piping
CY Roof Replacement Phase 6 HVAC Piping
EH 2219 Geology Lab Renovation
EH 2219A Geology Lab Renovation
9324 Reseda Accessibility Mitigation
OV Special Collections Expansion Phase 2
Solar Observatory in the Orange Grove
EH 2004 Geology Lab Renovation
Housing UPAs 1-3 - Carpet & VCT (no landings or stair treads)
IT Wireless Access Points Phase V
LO 1223 Geology Lab Renovation
University Hall 105/110 Renovation for University Advancement
UN 105 Renovation
SQ 160 1st Floor
Redwood Hall Fire Rated Glazing & Storefronts
JD 1581B Autoclave Installation Project
BH 101 A & R Multi-Purpose Room Renovation
RE Suite 277 & Room 276B Renovations
RE Suite 277 Fire Alarm Device & Emergency Lighting
Balcony repairs - common balconies  1, 6, 7, 10, 13 (total 7)
MZ 210B Journalism Office Renovation
BH 160 Patio Door Conversion Project
Rubber flooring, UPAs 1-4 supplement
Geography Map Library - Renovation Supplemental
UN 120D AV Installation
MZ 211 Journalism Lab Renovation
Wellness Center Elevator Tower Panel Replacement

JOC Planning/Design

Citrus Hall 3315 Chemistry Lab Renovation
JH Courtyard Phase 2
RE 2nd Floor Restroom Work
UN 320 Loop System
LRS:ED 100 Suite Configuration
Humn Dean's Office SH 461Renovation
JR 142 New Computer Lab (Chicano Studies)
Design Options to move Risk Mgmt. to Purchasing
UN 165K HR Conference Room Refresh
SQ 120 Magaram Center Screen Installation
SH 158 and SH  164 Renovation Project
KCSN Workstation Reconfigure
FPDC, Fac Affairs, UA 3rd Floor Renovation Project
OV 18 Renovation 

JOC Projects Planned for the next 3 months

SRC Pool Heater
OV300 LRC AV Refresh
JR 316 AV Refresh
A&R Flat Panel Installation Three locations

PPM Projects

PPM Trades Bldg. - Replace Roof
Oviatt Library, 2nd Floor, Core - Remove/Install Carpet
Jeanne Chisholm Hall, Rm. #109 - Floor, Paint, Remove Window
Redwood Hall, Rm. 170E (Lab) - Repair/Replace Cabinetry under Sink
UPA Storm Drain Line Repair at Bldg. 5 & Lindley Ave.
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure B3

Projects on Hold

SH Renovation Phase 2
SH Renovation Phase 1
VPAC Terrace Lighting Project
UN Welcome Center
Mens and Womens Soccer Team Rooms
RE Roof Replacement Design ONLY
JH Roof Replacement Design Only
IT Camera Installation in Bike Compounds at Housing (G9)
JD PV Project. 
USU Northridge Center Renovation Project
Redundant Sub-Station
EH 3rd & 4th Floor Restrooms. 
Irrigation Water Reclaim Plant Feasibility Study
Student Health Center North Entry
Master Plan Building #57 Lab School
Archery Easton Sports
Green House for Botanic Gardens

Campus Quality Fee (CQF) Projects

Jacaranda Courtyard CQF Proposal
Learning Commons Technology Service Point (CQF Awarded)
Oviatt Creative Media Studio CQF Proposal
Sierra Walk Benches (CQF Awarded)
NCOD Courtyard

Major Capital Projects Currently in Design

Bldg. Electrical Substations Replacement
Central Plant HHW Piping Replacement Phase 2 & 3
JD Second Floor Addition
MDF HVAC & Electrical Upgrade
Athletics Sport Medicine Project
Outdoor Classroom at the Food Garden CQF
P2S Utilities Mapping
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure G3
Oviatt Library Portico Deck Water Protection
Sierra Hall 392
Student Housing Building 6 Renovation.
Campus Single Occupancy Restrooms Subject to AB1732 Requirements
Student Health Center Room 240
Plummer and Darby Street Intersection Project
G6 Parking Structure

Major Capital Projects in Planning/Feasability

Baseball Master Plan
CSUN Hotel Project Market Demand Study  & Developer RFP