Current/Future Projects

Current/Future Projects and Active Feasibility Projects: Updated May 2014

In Construction

Project Name
Student Housing Phase II
USU East Conference Renovation
UPA 6, 7 & 8 Countertops & Sinks Replacement Project
SN 1st Floor Office Repurpose Project
B3 Parking Structure Security Camera Installation Project
UVA Building A-L Exterior Painting
Cleary Walk Lighting Replacement Project
RE East Lobby Renovation
VPAC / Lindley Ave. Sidewalk
JH 3113 Development Office
BH 408 Math Developmental p/t Office Renovation Project
SQ 104 Wheelchair Lift Replacement Project
AMC Dept. Offices Renovation Project
JD Open lecture Light Rezoning Project - 13 Rooms/Painting/Chair Rail
RE 120/151/151A Renovation for ROTC and HHD 024
IA Reception Renovation
UPA 7-101, 7-114, 7-202, 5-202, UPA 17 Corridor, UVA F3, H6 & H7 Flooring Replacement Project
MZ 360 SMART Upgrade Project
SN Renovation Project-4th Floor Project Supplemental
UVA Building L Recreation Room Door Replacement Project
SH 376 S & BS: Psychology Department / Abatement
SH 204-S&BS Student Services Center Renovation / Abatement
JD 1600A SMART Installation project
Education Dept. - Installation of (3) Mind Screens
UN 310i Conference Room Audio Visual Project
UN 325K Conference Room AV Installation Project
BC Corridor Flooring Supplemental
Athletics Conference Room - Table Communications
UN 360 Miscellaneous Electrical and Data
JH 3115 Metal Shelving

CQF Projects 2013/2014

Project Name
JH Courtyard
Phase 2/CQF Benches - Campus Wide
OV Creative Media Studio
SH South Bike Racks

JOC Projects Planned for the next 3 Months

Project Name
JD CECS Centralized Shop Renovation
AR Area Landscaping
JH 1131 and 1133 Classroom Renovations
UPA Bldg. 6 Fire Alarm Upgrade
VPAC Private Office
JH 2204 Room Re-Orientation Project
ED 3117 Room Re-Orientation Project
Chicano House Audio/Visual Project
CS 3307 Lab Renovation Project
CS 3321 Chemistry Lab Renovation
SN Guard Railing Replacement
UPA 6, 7, 8, 13 & 14 Flooring Replacement Project
UPA 16 Plumbing Leak Repair - Shower Pan
SH 376 Abatement Supplemental
SH 376 S & BS: Psychology / Office Renovation
A&R Workstation Reconfiguration Project - Carpet & Paint
A&R Workstation Reconfiguration Project
SH 204-S&BS Student Services Center Renovation Project

Currently in Design

Project Name
Extended Learning Building Feasibility Study
USU Wellness Center
OV Special Collections Expansion
CY Roof Replacement
EH 1st Floor Men and Women's Restroom
Solar Observatory
Plummer Street (SOUTH) Sidewalk/Landscape: Darby to Etiwanda
Plummer Street (NORTH) Sidewalk/Landscape: Darby to Etiwanda
JD PV Project. 
TUC Bamboo Court and SSU

In Planning

Project Name
SH Unisex Restroom 

In Feasibility

Project Name
Associated Students Recycling Center
Police Services Security Camera
Sand Volleyball
USU Satellite Student Union 
PPM In-Building Recycling Pilot Project
RE 2nd Floor Deck
IA Building Exterior Patio
Health Center

JOC in Planning/Design

Project Name
CY 158 Recital Hall Renovation Project
EH 2208 Laboratory Renovation Project
UN Building Skin Repairs
EH 2209 Laboratory Renovation Project
MZ 150/140 New Equipment and Connectivity
JD 2202 Simulation Lab Expansion (4 new beds)
JH 2111 Renovation 
CHS Annex Interior and Exterior Renovations
Building Room Occupancy Survey
JD 3rd Floor Faculty Office Study
UPA 16 & 17 Door Room Painting
Career Center Move to Bayramian Hall
JH 1103 Case Study Room Renovation Project
EH 2004 Rock Lab Renovation
ADA upgrades on JOC projects
VPAC/Theater Department 2nd Floor change in use
USU A/S Wet Room

PPM Projects

Project Name
OV Perimeter and Building Water Intrusion Repairs
BC Pools Deck Coating & Wall Paint
EH Generator Install
SQ 220 suite, 214, 212 - Carpet, VCT, Paint, Door
EA 101 & 103 - Replace Carpet & Base
UN 180 - Replace Carpet, Base, Remove Door, Wall Treatment
CS 3302 (MRR) - Remove/Install Floor Tile
JH 2119 - Install Carpet Tile, Base, Floor Plates
Sierra Tower #610, 612, 614, 616 - Replace VCT with Carpet
Vincennes/Redwood Hall - Street Repair
B5 Parking Structure - Paint/Clean
B3 Parking Structure - Paint/Clean
BH 210 - Demo Counter/Prep for New Install
SH #341 - Replace Carper & Remove Task Chairs

Projects On-Hold

Project Name
Soccer Field Bleachers
SH 194 Renovation to RIMI Eco Lab
IA Building Renovation Project
B3 & G3 Parking Structure - CQF SMART Parking Infrastructure
BH 100R Cash Services - Carpet & Paint East Lobby
BH 520 Counseling Lobby Flat Panel TV Installation
RE 102:  Women's Volleyball Team Room Renovation Project
RE 108 - Women's Basketball Locker Room Renovation
OV 18 Front Counter Re-Config Project
EH 2202 Laboratory Renovation Project

Cell Site Projects

Project Name
AT&T Cell Site on Jacaranda Hall
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure B3