Current/Future Projects

Current/Future/Active Feasibility Projects as of March 2016

Projects In Construction

Extended Learning Building
Student Housing Phase II
USU Wellness Center
Central Plant HHW Piping  Replacement Phase 1
NH HVAC Replacement
OV Special Collections Expansion Phase 1
EH 2007 Laboratory Renovation Project
Solar Observatory in the Orange Grove
Solar Observatory in the Orange Grove - Addendum
Housing Lassen Entry Gate
Housing Lassen Entry Gate - Supplemental
BH 150 Admissions & Records Renovation Project
I.T. Wireless Access Points Athletic Fields
Lassen Entry Gate-Curb Ramps
EDU Admin - E100 Renovation
EDU Admin - E100D Refresh
Sierra Hall 1st Floor Unisex Restroom
RE Bleacher /Fire Rated Door Replacement Project
Street Lighting Upgrade Project
JD CECS Centralized Shop Supplemental - Upgrading Electrical and FA Systems in 1134
JD CECS Centralized Shop Supplemental - Electrical
UN 352/354  Suite Renovation Project
OV 19 & 27 - Add Scope OV 21
UN 120A & 120D AV Installation Project
JH Media Board - Pull Station Removal
RE Suite 277 & Room 276B Renovations
9324 Reseda Accessibility Mitigation
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure B3

CQF Projects

SN Courtyard - CQF

JOC Projects Planned for the next 3 Months

CS 3321 Chemistry Lab Renovation - Additional Client Changes
SH 220 Sound Abatement
UN 250 Conference Room Audio Visual Installation Project
Human Resources Renovations Rm 165 Lobby Painting Only
Human Resources Renovations Rm 165 J Cloud Ceiling
Human Resources Renovations Rms 170 and 172
Human Resources Renovations Rms 165, 175 and 185 Re-Carpet
Human Resources Renovations Rm 165 Lobby Carpeting Attic Stock
EH 2004 Geology Laboratory Renovation Project
SQ 210 AV Refresh
House Balcony Repairs: UPA 1- 309, 4-309, UPA 5 Common Deck
EDU 1222A & 1223
EDU Mindscreens
BH 408A AV
EDU Admin 103A AV
Housing Village Roofs
University Hall 285 Equity & Diversity Renovation

Major Cap Projects Currently in Design

Central Plant HHW Piping Replacement Phase 2 & 3
Associated Students Sustainability Center ( Recycle & IS )
Extended Learning Building Bookstore Renovation
SSU New Housing Offices
Research Building No. 1
CY Roof Replacement
Magaram Center Food Testing Kitchen  and Outdoor patio dining area
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure G3
JH 1105 Gateway Testing Lab
Archery Easton Sports
OV Special Collections Expansion Phase 2
9324 Reseda CARE Renovation
9324 Reseda LACI Renovation
P2S Utilities Mapping

Major Cap Projects In Planning/Feasability

Bldg. Electrical Substations Replacement
CSUN Hotel Project Market Demand Study  & Developer RFP
9324 Reseda 1st Floor Renovation

JOC in Planning/Design

EH 2210 Geology Lab Renovation (Clean Lab)
JD 1581B Autoclave
SH 401 Conference Room Renovation
NCOD Courtyard
Sierra 278B Computer Lab Urban Studies- Rob Kent
BH 130 Financial Aid Dept. Renovation
SH 171: Geography Map Library Renovation
SH 2nd Floor Display Case Renovation
SH 164: S&BS Part/Time Faculty Office
LO 1223 Geology Lab Renovation
SH 360 & 362 Renovation
RE 129 Fueling Station
BH 210 Door Opening
RE 102 Women's Volleyball Locker Room
VPAC Terrace Project
BH 101 & 163 AV
JD 2523 AV Update
Juniper Hall Courtyard West 
WAPS: Phase V
RE Door Project: Phase 2
Deaf Studies Conference Room Renovation (JC 204)
ED 3118 Conf Room
JH Reconfigure 2 Rooms
Cypress Recital Hall AV
VPAC 333 Wall Installation
UPA 1,2,3: Carpet, vinyl, paint, countertops in kitchens & bathrooms
UPA 11: Upgrade Fire Alarm
UPA 16-21 Painting Touch Up
UPA 4:Re-installing sound proofing materials in practice and recording room

PPM Projects

RE Pool Renovation
Oviatt Library - Elevator(s) Modernization
Sierra Hall, South  - Elevator Modernization
Oviatt, 2nd Floor, Core - Remove carpet/floor anchors, install client carpet
Sequoia Hall, Suite #120
Eucalyptus Hall Rm. #2223 - Install VCT & Base
ADC, West Courtyard - Metal Roof Addition
Student Health Center - Install New Ceilings in Var. Rms & Hallways
Bayramian Hall, 230A & B - Replace Carpet & base
Child& Family Studies Lab School - Repair Classroom Tile Floor
AT&T Cell Site on Jacaranda Hall
Sprint on Jacaranda

Projects On-Hold

SH Renovation Phase 2
SH Renovation Phase 1
UN Welcome Center
Mens and Womens Soccer Team Rooms
IA Building Renovation Project
EH 2202 Laboratory Renovation Project
RE Roof Replacement Design ONLY
JH Roof Replacement Design Only
IT Camera Installation in Bike Compounds at Housing (G9)
SH 381 Office Renovation
JD PV Project. 
USU Northridge Center Renovation Project
Redundant Sub-Station