Current/Future Projects

Current/Future Projects and Active Feasibility Projects: Updated February 2015

Projects In Construction

Extended Learning Building
Student Housing Phase II
USU Wellness Center
Nordhoff Hall HVAC Replacement
Career Center Move to Bayramian Hall
JD CECS Centralized Shop Renovation
UN 265/275 Graduate Studies Renovation Project
Meridian Bldg.:  Pioneering Tech Group Renovation
CS 3321 Chemistry Lab Renovation
Racquet Ball Courts Building Repairs
EH 2208 Laboratory Renovation Project
CS 3307 Lab Renovation Project
EH 2209 Laboratory Renovation Project
SQ 2nd Floor - IT Dept. Carpet Only
KCSN - Oat Mountain Back Up Generator Project
JD 1124/1126 Health Science TI Project
SH 204 S & BS Renovation Supplemental
CW Controller Upgrades for Certification Ph 1
OV 251 Renovation Project
Irrigation Controller Upgrade Project Phase II
EDU Student Lounge
SG 100 - SMART Renovation Project
IT (USU) Exterior WAPs Installation Project
BH 100R Cash Services Back Counter Electrical Project

CQF Projects 2013/2014

JH Courtyard
Phase 3 CQF Benches

Projects Planned for the next 3 Months

Solar Observatory in the Orange Grove
Plummer Street Improvements project / (SOUTH) Sidewalk/Landscape: Darby to Etiwanda
IA Reception Renovation
Dean's Office Remodel for S & BS
Sierra Tower 503 Conference Room - Wall Fur-Out
UN 325 - AVP's Office South Wall Electrical
UN 166 Conference and Workroom Renovation
UVA K4 Flooring Replacement Project
UPA 1-210 Balcony Repairs
UN 285 Additional Scope / Copier Power & Lighting
SH 290 Political Science Department Remodel
OV 35/37 Paint and Carpet Project
Bayramian Hall Fire Alarm Panel Move
IT Wireless Project: Phase 2:Wireless Devices on Buildings
ADA upgrades on JOC projects

Currently in Design

Central Plant HHW Replacement
Associated Students Sustainability Center ( Recycle & IS )
OV Special Collections Expansion
CY Roof Replacement
SH Unisex Restroom 
JD PV Project. 
TUC Bamboo Court and SSU
New Lassen Entry and Guard Shack for Housing Design Only
Matadome Roof Replacement Design ONLY
USU Northridge Center Renovation Project
JH Roof Replacement Design Only
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure B3
AT&T Cell Site on Jacaranda Hall
Verizon Cell Site on Parking Structure G3
Sprint on Jacaranda

In Planning/Feasability

UN Welcome Center
CSUN Hotel Project Market Demand Study
Sewer Scalping to Provide Title 22 Irrigation Water

JOC in Planning/Design

BH 150 Admissions & Records Renovation Project
BH 170&BH180 Admissions & Records Renovation
UPA 10 Fire Alarm Upgrade - Pathways
SH 194 Renovation to RIMI Eco Lab
JD 2202 Simulation Lab Expansion (4 new beds)
Building Room Occupancy Survey
IT Camera Installation in Bike Compounds
Stern Sculpture Lead Paint Abatement
JH 1103 Case Study Room Renovation Project
EH 2004 Rock Lab Renovation
VPAC/Theater Department 2nd Floor change in use
RE 276 SMART Upgrade
JH 2214 SMART Renovation
LO 1118 and LO 1119 Physics Faculty Office Renovation Project
USU A/S Wet Room
UPA 4,5 & 8 Flooring
UPA 4,5 & 14 Countertops Project
UPA 9 NuFlow Epoxy Coat Water Supply
UPA 16 Dorm Room Painting & UPA 17 Common Areas Painting
UPA 15 ADA Upgrades to Three Units
UPA Lassen Guard House (AEPC)

PPM Projects

Education Admin - Re-roof
Campus Wide Emergency Civil Plumbing Services
SH 341 - Remove Carpet/VCT (Abate)/Install VCT
MG 4112A - Renovate Sink
Etiwanda ADA Sidewalk Upgrade- Halsted to Plummer 

Projects On-Hold

IA Building Renovation Project
EH 2202 Laboratory Renovation Project