Canvas Reference for Faculty

Canvas Interface Overview

500 - Canvas Interface Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Logging in to Canvas

Profile and user settings in Canvas

Updating your profile:
Adding email addresses and mobile numbers for notifications:
Setting notification preferences:

Navigation in Canvas

Global navigation:
The dashboard:
Customizing your Courses list:
Course navigation:

The Course Home Page

About the Course Home Page:
Setting the course homepage:

Making the course visible to students

Publishing a course:


Posting an announcement:
Delayed posting of announcements:

Using Discussions

Important terms:

Creating a discussion:
Reading replies:
Replying to a discussion:
Editing or deleting a discussion reply:
Creating a content page:
Uploading and managing files:

Using the Assignment tool

Creating an Assignment:
Adding or editing  the details of an assignment:
Grading Assignments, quizzes and discussions:
Accessing SpeedGrader:
Using SpeedGrader:


Creating a quiz:
Viewing student results on a quiz:


The modules index page:
Adding a module:
Adding content to a module (assignments, content pages, files):

Other Important Tasks

Viewing the course as a student:
Viewing course enrollment:
Copying content from another Canvas course:
Using the Conversations (Inbox) Tool:

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