Equity & Diversity

  • It's On Us to End Sexual Violence

    It’s On Us to End Sexual Violence

  • Shine a Light on Sexual Violence

    "Shine A Light” on Ending Sexual Violence

Equity & Diversity

Equity & Diversity

Members of the California State University, Northridge community have a right to work, live, and learn in an environment free from unlawful discrimination based on a protected status. CSUN is committed to maintaining an environment where no student, employee, visitor, or recipient of services and/or benefits provided by the University is subjected to any form of prohibited discrimination in any University program or activity.

To that end, the Office of Equity & Diversity affirms the University's commitment to the core principles of diversity and inclusion, to the policies and practices that ensure equitable consideration and opportunity in education and employment, and to a culture that embraces a multiplicity of talents, knowledge, beliefs, abilities and experiences.

We value inclusion as a necessary condition for achieving institutional excellence, and we strive to provide leadership that extends beyond the fulfillment of basic regulatory requirements. Every member of our campus community plays an integral role in contributing to our diversity and in addressing fundamental issues of bias and exclusion.

Title IX: Addressing Sexual Violence & Gender Equity

CSUN prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, and sexual orientation in academic, extracurricular, and athletic programs and activities.

Please see Title IX Notice of Non-Discrimination.

CSUN is committed to maintaining an educational environment free of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. If you experience any of these forms of violence or if you are a friend or family member of a victim/survivor, you are strongly encouraged to utilize the various on and off campus resources described below. Your safety and well-being is the University’s priority. 

Including Myths & Facts, Warning Signs & Prevention Tips

The Sexual Violence Prevention Committee (SVPC) is a presidential committee comprised of students, faculty, staff, campus police services and community partners.  SVPC is charged with reviewing existing, new or proposed practices, education and outreach programs, and prevention and awareness initiatives to create and maintain a campus culture that promotes respectful, healthy relationships and encourages bystander intervention. SVPC strives to engage the campus community in efforts to eliminate all forms of sexual violence and provide support to survivors of sexual trauma.


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