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Educational Policies Committee

Curriculum Forms

New Course Proposal From
Use this form to request a single course that can be offered independently of any other course, lab or activity.
New Course: Lecture/Lab or Lecture/Activity Combination Form
Use this form to request two courses that are co-requisites with each other such as Lecture/Lab or Lecture/Activity combinations. These are routinely published together in the printed Catalog and SOC as in BIOL 101/L (3/1). However, these are technically two entries in the Solar Catalog: BIOL 101 (3) and BIOL 101L (1).
Course Modification Form (CM)
Use this form to modify an approved course that already exists in the Solar Catalog.
New Experimental Course Form
Use this form to request an New Experimental course. Previously offered Experimental Course Experimental
New Program (NP)
Program Modification (PM)
Form to Request the Information Competence (IC) Designation