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Volume 42:04

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Chair: Kent Baxter Compiled by: RosaMaria Chacon


Can it really be the 7th week?  Soon Summer shall be over and we will ease into November with dreams of a few days off for turkey or pie or a short trip or just simply nada—-a bit of R & R


“Remixing Sovereignty” with Tall Paul, Indigenous Hip Hop Artist, Oct 15th Noon Plaza del Sol sponsored by Gender & Women’s Studies, American Indian Studies, and the Civil Discourse and Social Change Initiative…Sounds Fun

“Everything Marx”–panel discussion with Chris Higgs, Steve Wexler, and Nate Mills at the Critical Theory Club Oct 15th 7:00 p.m. Contact  or   for location.

Celebrate another issue of The Northridge Review Oct 16th begins at 7:00 at the Planetarium BP 31200 (across the lawn from ST) Snax and Great Readings–always a fun time!

Mona Houghton and Elyce Wakerman will be signing their novels at the Local Authors’ Showcase–Burbank Public Library 300 N. Buena Vista St Oct 17th 1-4. (Mona’s work: Frottage & Even as We Speak and Elyce’s – A Tale of Two Citizens: a Novel) I’ve taught Even as We Speak in a contemporary lit class–popular with students but have not had the pleasure yet of reading A Tale of 2 Citizens…Have You?

“Streamapalooza! Insights into Copyright and Media for 21st Century Educators” with a variety of speakers and lunch. Wednesday October 21 8:30–4:00 Oviatt Library. To RSVP

“The Sexy Female Sport Supporter: Media Depictions and Supporter Reactions” Oct 14th 2:30-3:45 with Kim Toffoletti from Australia at Sequoia 104

“Mexican American Women in Sports and Their Struggle for Gender Equality” Oct 28th 2pm Seminar with Jose Alamillo at Redwood Hall 253



Please let Wendy know by tomorrow Oct 9th which classes you want to use for student evaluations. Isn’t the Sponge Bob cartoon cute?

Let’s help keep our teaching community running smoothly even though we are all busy. Each of us can do at least one teaching observation and some of us can squeeze in a second observation.  You need not return to your computer and pound out a letter (oh maybe that was typewriters).  Now we have a simple check off/easy comment form.  Composition and Business Communication need the most help.  Find a few names and check the schedule Jackie provided to choose someone close to your schedule for ease of completion. Contact the committee head to make sure your chosen one is not already dancing with someone else (spoken for).  Claim your credit too–remember to turn in the form to Marlene afterward.

Health and the other Benefits–Open Enrollment for the new year ends tomorrow Oct 9th. Find out how much it will cost and what you can get if you need it…..

How did they come up with the name DOODLE and what could it mean? Well, pas grave/no worries. Let’s do the Doodle poll with Tonie for the subject matter interviews.  It is a bit difficult to schedule faculty in pods of two. Help Tonie and give her your preferred day and time.  Or if you know someone you would like to work with for an interview and you two can (pre)agree on day and time, you can add that info to the comments section. Most of us do only one of these and if it doesn’t help to whistle while we work, it does help to share out the work. Many hands…

Oct 16th 3-5 Wings & New Voices Ceremony–USU Grand Salon…we can’t do the traditional salon with a Marquise or Gertrude Stein but we can support our newest student writers plus good snacks.

RSVP BY OCTOBER 23RD to attend the celebration of Shane Frelich’s life on Oct 30 4pm Valley Performing Arts Center.  Attendees are requested to wear cheerful clothing rather than the traditional black clothing. In lieu of flowers, Donations can be made to an education fund for Shane’s children


Campus Sustainability Day Oct 20th 9:30-2:00 Presentations about Urban Agriculture, Tech & Solar, and Backyard Ecology.

Día de los Muertos–Oct 29th 6-10/Night of Offering outside Chicano House. Guests are welcome to bring food or flower offerings. Tell a story of someone you are remembering. Light refreshments.  Presentation Oct 30 2-4 by Professor Xochitl Flores-Marcial at Library Fermin Presentation Room  Celebration Oct 30th 5:30/6:00 until midnight courtyard between Sierra Hall and Jerome Richfield with ofrenda viewing, music, arts and crafts…Definitely worth seeing the student work–incredible creativity and work

If you would like to address some of your concerns about the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Part One of “Dealing with Workplace Violence and Fear or Threats of Violence” will be facilitated by Anne Glavin, CSUN Chief of Police and Kristina de la Vega, Vice President of Human Resources October 28th 9:30-11:00 2nd Floor Training Room, Department of Police Services


Jutta Schamp did a poster presentation at Yale in July. “The Right Brain, the Unconscious, and Postcolonial Trauma: Post-Jungian Undercurrents in Anton Nimblett’s Sections of an Orange” at the International Association of Jungian Studies and International Association of Analytical Psychology.

Then she took her Post Jungian presentation of Sections of an Orange on the road to Detroit. She did a panel presentation at the Midwest Conference on British Studies at Wayne State U in September.

Impressive Jutta!

Irene Clark gave a presentation/workshop for the Social Science Writing Project, titled “Developing Effective Writing Assignments.”

Chris Higgs’ nonfiction manuscript, As I Stand Living, was named a semi-finalist in the Cleveland State U Poetry Center Book-Length Essay Competition. Chris also has an essay in the upcoming issue of Gorse, an international literary journal: “How to Write Experimental Fiction in Five Easy Steps.”

Shaun Cullen’s essay “The Innocent and the Runaway: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Racial Melodrama and the Epistemology of Ignorance” will appear in the Journal of Popular Music Studies (March 2016). His essay “White Skin, Black Flag: Hardcore Punk and the Racialization of Sound” is forthcoming in Criticism. And he presented a paper, “Rockin in the Free World: Neil Young and Cold War Liberalism” at the Association for the Study of the Arts annual meeting in September. Plenty of Pop Culture Production!

Kudos to All!


until another Thursday ~

Volume 42:03

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Chair: Kent Baxter Compiled by: RosaMaria Chacon



plenty to do…and I mean this in a good way

Today Sept 24th: 10:00 AM ST 703 Brown Bag Discussion — Literature Curriculum

Today Sept 24th: 6:30 Plaza Del Sol Performance Hall– A Conversation with Jeph Loeb from Marvel Entertainment and Charles Hatfield.  Space is limited/Do RSVP

Panel Discussion– Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby  September 26th 1pm Noski Auditorium  Ask Charles for more information as he is our resident comics expert.

“The First Emperor of Qin and His Empire”–China Forum Lecture  September 26th 3:30-5:00 Linda Nichols Joseph English Reading Room…Professor of History Wei Cao from Shaanxi Normal University and the Chief Curator of Emperor QinShiHuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum.

“Goldstar, Groupon, and Gilt: How artists and promoters maximize their concert promotion using value partners” Panel Sept 28th 6:30-8:00 Cypress Recital Hall (Networking Reception 8-9 Cypress Rm 101) put on by CSUN Music Industry Program and CSUN Music Entertainment Association.  The diverse panel will be moderated by Amanda Harrison–contact her for more information.

“Borderlands Sovereignty and the Shared Experience of Indigenous Women”–Guest Lecture September 29th 2:00-4:00 (reception 4-5) Whitsett Room…Professor Tracey Bunda and Dr. Kathryn Gilbey visiting Indigenous Australian scholars from the University of Southern Queensland.

Marrow Donor Registry Drive (ages 18-44) If you were wondering what you could do to honor Shane Frehlich’s life and good work at CSUN, you may want to register  September 29th 10-4 at Redwood Hall (a bit of paperwork and a cheek swab). Note that Cheryl McMillan, a staff member in the Office of Alumni Relations needs a marrow transplant. We often want to do something and sometimes we are too far away and/or unable.  This is an opportunity for those seeking one.

“Promoting Academic Honesty” Panel October 8th 12:30-1:45 Whitsett Room.  This panel is sponsored by Academic First Year Experiences, CFA and Faculty Development and includes light lunch. RSVP by Oct 6th.  For more information ask Cheryl Spector, who by the way was showcasing two very interesting websites at the last University Writing Council meeting. (Academic First Year Experiences and Multilingual Writers Working Group). 

Nominations for Honorary CSUN Degrees for 2016 are Due Oct 30th. Nominations and selection process are confidential. For more information

To Conserve Water: Physical Plant Management is removing grass and replacing it with drought tolerant plants. In order to prepare for this Brown is the New Green. The grass will not be watered and it will turn brown–thus making it easier to remove and then replace. Or maybe it will turn yellow, which is a good thing–A Major CSUN effort to help the Planet and California. This is only one of the water saving efforts of CSUN. There has been a 15% water use reduction according to Austin Eriksson. Sustainability Program Manager. You can help by reporting a leak if you see one.


For those of you looking to evaluate and/or change your benefits, the Annual Open Enrollment period is from September 14th to October 9th.  Use the website, read your booklets, talk to benefits and make your choices.

As Santosh let us know, the Amenities Fund is low, low, lowest. It funds the social lubrication that keeps us from mere nods as we pass from copy machine to elevator to classroom and back. It pays, for example, for refreshments to keep us sparring in a lively manner at department meetings, and the holidaze roundup party. Do consider contributing.  All donations accepted, including partial payments and reminders should you desire. Suggested (a bargain for the entire year): Professor–$70.00, Associate Professor $50.00 and Assistant Professor $40.00.

Under the Sea Family Fun Zone Sept 25th 4-7 just north of the Sol Center in the University Student Union.

What will YOU do when there is an emergency at CSUN????    INFO = POWER  so check out the Emergency Desk Reference for ideas:


If you didn’t win a course release via lottery at the beginning of the semester, maybe you want to apply for one now.  Faculty Fellowship and Grant Program (course release or grant) Due Sept 30th  Hone your proposals, and get your signatures.

What about a Summer Stipend beginning with your second summer here . . .  Apply for the Probationary Faculty Research Program.  Due November 16th

Open House for those considering teaching secondary school  Oct 6th 1:30-2:30 JR 319 ESM/FYI/JYI advisors and the head of the Credential Office will provide information on these programs. Refreshments…Come and meet us and ask your questions.  Tell your students!

New Voices and Wings Publication Ceremony–who doesn’t like to be published…who doesn’t like to be recognized for it  Oct 16th 3-5 USU Grand Salon…a good time for our students and us with yummy Refreshments.  Do come!

The 2016 University Faculty Retreat will be January 19th and 20th.  If you want to make a presentation on the theme “Rediscovering CSUN” your proposal is DUE Oct 19th. More information to follow on registration.

If you are interested in a Transnational Writing Group–ask Santosh Khadka for more information.

The Oviatt Library received a competitive Latino Americans: 500 Years of History Grant from the NEH and the American Library Association for public programs from September 2015–April 2016. There are several participants in these programs, including Central American Studies, Chicano Studies, CSUN Veteran’s Resource Center, Tia Chucha’s, San Fernando, Glendale, Van Nuys Libraries, Rancho Camulos and the Museum of San Fernando Valley. There will be diverse and fascinating film screenings, workshops, and exhibits. See Oviatt Library ENews Fall 2015 for more information

Save Water–Take a Selfie.  1. Save Water   2.  Draw the logo of a large drop of water on your hand (yes) with CA in the middle of the drop  3. Take a selfie  4. Tag friends and tell California how you are saving water    #KeepSavingCA     See Sustainability website for more information…


Nazanin Keynejad and Eric Kufs have been awarded the prestigious Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Award, which designates them as Sally Casanova Scholars.  This award includes funding for a summer research program, travel to a national symposium, and other costs associated with applying to doctoral programs such as visits to institutions.  Their faculty mentors are Danielle Spratt and Steven Wexler.

Kudos to Nazanin and Eric, who are well on their way to a successful future!

For those of you who knew her when: Iris Shah was inducted into CSUN’s 50 Year Club at the annual Founder’s Day Festivities.  Treat yourself–follow the link,  and check out the third picture to take a look at Iris

Let your light shine and let me know: email RosaMaria to broadcast/post here


until another Thursday ~



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Chair: Kent Baxter Compiled by: RosaMaria Chacon



Dr. Shane Frehlich, Faculty President and Professor of Kinesiology, passed away Friday Sept 4th after his long battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (as noted earlier in the President’s announcement).  A memorial service–a celebration of his life will be held October 30th at 4:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.


The first of the season Graduate Reading Series this Friday September 11th at 7:00 p.m. Brett Hymes, Jesse Clemens, and Emilio Sotelo will be reading for us.  Always a good time with refreshments!

CSUN’s Sustainability Day will be Tuesday Oct 20th 9:30-2 pm in the USU Northridge Center.  “Building Resilience” is this year’s theme.  Help the planet sustain herself–she needs us!

I find the Professional and Personal Development Calendar for 2015-2016 particularly useful.  In addition to yoga and Walkability Wednesdays, one can learn about the Benefits and Wellness Fair  September 22nd 9-11 a.m. (in case you want to ask questions about your health benefits, etc). There are CalPers Seminars to plan for retirement (See Bob Noreen and Beverly Rousseau below for the other benefits of retirement)–two Seminars on Sept 24th. And for the personal direct touch, there are one on one CalPers benefit consultations in addition to workshops on Living in Earthquake Country and Dealing with the stress of living in earthquake country and those other miscellaneous stresses.  Check it out:


Tomorrow September 11th is the last day for students to add a class with a permission number and the last day for students to drop a class on the portal (without signatures).

From September 14 — September 18th at 4 p.m. students must use the 4th week Change of Schedule Petition for Undergraduates (available on CSUN website).  They will need your signature and the Associate Chair’s signature (either Kent or RosaMaria).  For your Convenience: If you will not be available to approve or deny and sign due to lateness of student request or your schedule, you can email both Kent and RosaMaria and give us permission to either approve or deny for you and sign in your place.  It is important to send your email to both of us since we can’t anticipate which one of us the student will visit (depending on our office hours). Our hours are as follows: Kent  Mon 12:30-2, Wed 12:30-2, Thurs 2:30-3:30; RosaMaria Tues 1:45-4:45, Wed 1:40-3:50, and Thurs 10-12:20.  Please do not email Jackie about 4th week changes because she must forward them to Kent and RosaMaria (thus causing a delay).  If you have a question about these changes, please email RosaMaria or Kent.


Submit your work to the Northridge Review! 5 poems or 5000 words max for other genres–Deadline September 25th  Online Submission

Sheena Malhotra, Special Assistant to the Dean, encourages us to apply for the Faculty Fellowship and Grant Program due September 30th by 5:00 p.m. It takes a little work to apply for that course release or grant support for student assistants or travel but it always brings a smile to our face when we get one.  Apply if you can.

The Beck Grant 5 Gears Program Faculty Learning Community is also accepting applications until September 16th by Noon. $1000. Stipend

Jennifer Lee is working with AGSE on what graduate students want to learn outside of the classroom.  She is looking for volunteers to help with the Career Opportunities and Professional Development Workshop Series.  Email Jennifer to let her know how you can help.


Asking if there is life after retirement, Bob Noreen, former Department Chair, responds: I’ve traveled to 65 countries, continue to supervise ETS scoring, was appointed by the U.S. State Department to a panel that reviews Common Core Curriculum initial test assessments, review the assessments of the four vendors who provide the exams and now plans to review K12 educational standards.  Better than a rocking chair, Bob asserts!

Beverly Rousseau, who retired from CSUN last year, is not using the rocking chair either. She just published Inside Stories, a book of short stories (using her pen name Jo Rousseau).

Linda Rader Overman published her essay “Adiós Margarita Cansino, Hello Rita Hayworth” in Starbodies and the Erotics of Suffering.  Both titles sound intriguing!


Correction from last issue: Nikki Eschen-Solis teaches at CSUN.  It is Alex, her wife, who teaches at ELAC.


until another Thursday ~


Volume 42:01

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Chair: Kent Baxter Compiled by: RosaMaria Chacon


Well, we are all sweating a bit (perspiring for the dainty among you) so it must be the end of August and it must be the start of a New School Year.  I hope we have all had our Wheaties or Caffeine in whatever form you take it and are ready for the challenges, frustrations, and riches of a New Year.  The Best to Us and to Our Students.



IMG_3043 IMG_3062

The wonderful arrival of Joseph DeGraffenreid June 12, 2015 (6 pounds and 8 ounces and 19.5 inches)–Happy and Healthy!!! Congratulations to Michele DeGraffenreid and Garret!

Nicole Eschen Solis (previously Nikki Eschen) as of June 10, 2015–a small beautiful ceremony on the beach in Kauai. She married her partner Alex Solis. Congratulations to Nicole and Alex!  Nicole now teaches at East Los Angeles College.

and Complimenti to Jackie — she will be the Special Assistant to the Dean during the Spring Semester,   we shall miss her

Donors to the English Department:

The family of Thomas Matthew Magness (who graduated from the English Honors Option San Fernando Valley State in 1968 with a passion for writing) have decided to establish a fund for graduate student travel to conferences between $1000–$2000 per year. He passed away this year, and his sister and her husband want to honor him.

Dorothy Rankin, one of our longtime lecturers who passed away last year, left $20,000. in her will.  Her dear friend Faye Hogan added $5000. to create the Dorothy Rankin Endowment Fund for professional development opportunities for lecturers (with 1 year and 3 year appointments). Dorothy continues to Give.

Irene Clark and her husband Bill have established a $50,000. endowment for the Irene Clark Fund for Rhetoric and Composition.  This fund will provide an award for an essay written for the Rhetoric and Writing minor or the Rhetoric and Composition Masters degree. It will also provide grants for graduate students in the Rhetoric and Composition option to present a paper at conferences in Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy studies. Irene, with her husband, continue to nurture and encourage in her chosen field–her passion.

Such generosity and paying it forward! How wonderful for Rhetoric and Composition students, Graduate student travel, and Lecturers.  Bravo!


Freshman Convocation Thursday Sept 10 6:00 p.m. Oviatt Library Lawn/Keynote Speaker-David Levithan, author of Every Day –the Freshman Common Reading for 2015.  Come if you can.

Although we are nearing the end of the week, let’s remember that the students are still in the driver’s seat in terms of adds.  If there is a spot they can take it, so let’s be careful to not overuse permission numbers and accidentally fill our classes to the brim. Next week, we can safely add with permission numbers.

Frank De La Santo recently sent us the Beginning of Semester Notices which provide useful tidbits on offices hours, attendance policy, faculty absences, keys, copying, etc.  Sometimes there is new information and sometimes, we might want to peruse it once again to help ourselves find out how to do something or avoid problems.

Our Staff is Really Wonderful and I like to let my students know not to contact the office to find me or ask questions because the staff has enough to do. And the students can email me, even at 3am, although I don’t answer until the next day.

If you want to post something in Thursday’s Notes, do send RosaMaria an email.


Aug 29th 4-7 opening reception for Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby curated by Charles Hatfield who encourages you to drop by anytime (CSUN Art Calleries).  He and Michele also invite you at 7:30 to his house for an informal get together at their house 18101 Kinzie Street  (just two blocks from the Galleries). RSVP for after party and email Charles for further info.

The Friends of the Oviatt Library are calling for submissions for their inaugural San Fernando Valley Award for Nonfiction (to recognize and promote important contributions to written work about the San Fernando Valley).  Works in the categories of history, social and behavioral sciences, physical and life sciences, biography and autobiography, and nonfiction humanities must be received by December 1, 2015.  An award of $750.00 with an Honorable Mention of $250.00 will be presented.  For more information, see

Faculty Workshop  Thursday Sept 17th 3-5 pm   Rooting Out Unconscious Bias  in Sierra Center/Colleagues Room.  Facilitators: Meryl Marshall-Daniels and Marcella De Veaux will address how Unconscious Bias can show up during hiring or as new faculty join CSUN and explore the parameters of this issue.  To register email

The West Valley Regional Branch of LA Public Library will be hosting a panel in Sept/Oct on Harper Lee’s new novel Go Set a Watchman.  If you are interested, contact Daryl Maxwell though I know some of you already volunteered

The Youth Policy Institute is looking for part-time Gear Up (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) Academic Tutor for Pacoima schools.  $11.00-$13.00 hr/20-25 hours weekly. Looking for currently enrolled or college grad who has completed freshman English, Algebra II or equivalent.    to apply

The Youth Policy Institute is also looking for a part-time Gear Up Lead Tutor $13.00-15.00/20-25 hours weekly.    to apply


The U.S. Department of Education has approved a continuation award for Enchao Shi and Lulu Smith (Foreign Languages) for their project “Promoting and Expanding Access to Modern China Studies at CSUN” for $57,691.  (a small part of the much larger grant). The first year of the project went so well that it was extended.  Congratulations Enchao and Lulu.

Martin Pousson’s short stories “Two-Headed Boy” (Antioch Review) and “Feathers” (Epoch) will be published in Fall issues.  Another short story “Father Fox” was a finalist in the Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award. His invited essay on the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina will be published in The Advocate in September. From the Advocate to the Grand Opening of the new Pride Center in the USU–Martin will be a featured speaker.  Onward to Comic Con–Long Beach–he will be a featured panelist on LGBTQ genre literature. Always in Motion Martin–Good Work.

Noreen Lace’s poem “The Kiss” will be published in the August/September issue of Pilcrow and Dagger. A Hearty Congratulations!

Nate Mills has two pieces out recently– “Playing the Dozens and Consuming the Cadillac: Ralph Ellison and Civil Rights Politics” Twentieth Century Literature (61.2 2015) and “Writing Brotherhood: The Utopian Politics of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man” in Lineages of the Literary Left (U of Michigan 2015). His monograph, moreover, Figure in Rags: The Lumpenproletariat and the Black Marxism of Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, and Margaret Walker is under contract with U of Massachusetts Press. Impressive, Nate!

Jared Thomas (MA CW 2014) has been accepted into the USC Sol Price Graduate School of Public Policy. Happy Studies!

Zachary Jensen (BA CW 2015) founded Angel City Review, an online Literary Magazine.  Check it out at

And More Success for Prior and Current Creative Writing Students!

Mike Browne’s (BA CW 2015) short story “Ritual” was published in USC’s  Fractal Magazine

Teresa Cordova (BA CW 2015) had two poems “The Art of Opening Up”and “Whine and Whiskey Solution”  published in Angel City Review

Ros Perez (BA CW 2014) had two short stories “Mouse” published in New Legends Anthology and “Plague” in My Favorite Apocolypse Anthology

Thea Manalang (BA CW 2015 and current MA student) has been named the new Fiction Editor of Angel City Review and also had a story “The Lighter” published in Angel City Review

Douglass Weissman (BA CW 2009) was a finalist in the Glimmer Train Family Matters Short Story Award for “The Silent Riot of Waiting”

Kudos to All


If a note is missing, I attribute it to being tech challenged and I thank those who patiently gave of their time, energy, and knowledge so this could come out instead of being buried in the dregs of August.

until another thursday~