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Video Resources

'Night MotherNorman, Marsha
12 Angry MenRose, Reginald
2001: A Space OdyesseyKubrick, Stanely
60 Minutes: 9/11 Before and After
A Streetcar Named DesireWilliams, Tennessee
Adventures of Mark Twain, TheTwain, Mark (segments)
Advise & ConsentDrury, Allen (novel)
Afterglow: A Tribute to Robert FrostFrost, Robert
All My SonsMiller, Arthur
All the King's MenWarren, Robert Penn
American TonguesCenter for New American Media
An Occurrence at Owl Creek BridgeBierce, Ambrose
AndroclesShaw, George Bernard
Andromeda Strain, TheCrichton, Michael (novel)
Anna KareninaTolstoy, Leo (novel)
Anna KareninaTolstoy, Leo (novel)
Annie HallAllen, Woody; Brickman, Marshal
Antony and CleopatraShakespeare, William
Antony and CleopatraShakespeare, William
Apocalypse NowConrad, Joseph (novel)
Approaches to Hamlet
ArabyJoyce, James
ArrowsmithLewis, Sinclair
As It Was in the Beginning
As You Like ItShakespeare, William
As You Like ItShakespeare, William
As You Like ItShakespeare, William
As You Like It - Part ITime Life Videos
As You Like It - Part IITime Life Videos
August SanchezBravo
AvalonLevinson, Barry
Awakw and Sing!Odets, Clifford
Barn BurningFaulkner, William
Barretts of Wimple Street, TheBesier, Rudolph (play)
Barry LyndonThackeray, William Makepeace (Novel)
BartlebyMelville, Herman (novella)
Battleship PotemkinAgadzhanova, Nina (script)
Beauty and the Beast
Beckett Directs Beckett: A TrilogyEndgame
Beckett Directs Beckett: A TrilogyKrapp's Last Tape
Beckett Directs Beckett: A TrilogyWaiting for Godot, Part I
Beckett Directs Beckett: A TrilogyWaiting for Godot, Part II
Becky SharpThackeray, William Makepeace
Beggar's OperaGay, John
Beggar's Opera, The
Being ThereAshby, Hal
Beowulf & the Old English TraditionAnonymous
Bernice Bobs Her HairFitzgerald, F. Scott
Beyond HateMoyers, Bill
Bill Moyers Interview with Mike Rose
Billy Budd
Billy BuddMelville, Herman
Biography: H.G. WellsWells, H.G.
Birth of a Nation, TheGriffith, D.W.
Bleak HouseDickens, Charles
Bostonians, TheJames, Henry (novel)
BramwellGannon, Lucy; Crompton, Michael
Bridge on the River KwaiSpeigel, Sam
Bridging the Gap Video Series to accompany Business Communications: Process & Product 6eSouth-Western
Bring the PainRock, Chris
Broadcast NewsBrooks, James L.
Builing Workplace Skills Video Series to accompany Business Communications: Process & Product 6eThomson South-Western
BullittTrustman, Alan R. (Screenplay)
Caesar & CleopatraShaw, George Bernard
CamilleDuman fils, Alexandre
Captain AmericaLee, Stan
Careers for English MajorsPanel Discussion
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofWilliams, Tennessee
Changeling, TheMiddleton; Rowe
Charlotte Bronte's Jane EyreYoung, Robert
Charlotte's WebWhite, E.B.
ChaucerA Prologue
Chaucer & Middle English Literature
Children of a Lesser GodMedoff, Mark
Chris Rock: Never ScaredRock, Chris
Chronicles & KingsTestament: The Bible & History
Chronicles and Kings
Chrysanthemums, The
Citizen KaneWelles, Orsen
Citizen Kane - Orson Wells(see The Horse Dealer's Daughter)
Clockwork Orange, ABurgess, Anthony
CNN Today: Critical ThinkingMagnin, Jeff
Color Bar Test
Comedy of ErrorsShakespeare, William
Confessions of Robert Crumb, TheCrumb, Robert
Count of Monte Cristo, TheDumas père, Alexandre
Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair
Cross CreekRawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
CrosscreekMartin Ritt, Director
Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur
Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur (play)
CrumbZwigoff, Terry
Cultural Criticism & TransformationHooks, Bell
Curriculum VitaeHeyn, Marion
Cyrano de BergeracRostand, Edmund
Cyrano De Bergerac, Part OneRoyal Shakespeare
Cyrano De Bergerac, Part TwoRoyal Shakespeare
Dead, TheJoyce, James
Death of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur
Death of the Heart, TheBowen, Elizabeth
Dennis Potter: The Last Interview
Desire Under the ElmsO'Neill, Eugene
Diary of Anne Frank, TheFrank, Anne
Dickens and Great Expectations
Dickens and Great Expectations
Dinner At EightCukor, George
Discussion of Lottery Time
Do You Speak American? Down SouthMacNeil, Robert
Do You Speak American? Out WestMacNeil, Robert
Do You Speak American? Up NorthMacNeil, Robert
Doctor's Dilemma
Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik
Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik
Dr. StrangeloveGeorge, Peter
DraculaStoker, Bram
Drama: Nucleus of a Story
Dreams Die HardCrisis House
Duchess of Malfi
Dutchess of Malfi
Dutchess of Malfi
East of EdenSteinbeck, John
Edward II
Edward II
Elizabeth Bishop: Voices and VisionsBishop, Elizabeth
Emily Dickinson: Voices and VisionsDickinson, Emily
EndgameBeckett, Samuel
English Intern Program Panel Discussion: Careers for English Majors
EquusShaffer, Peter
Europeans, TheJames, Henry
Evil Under the SunChristie, Agatha
Eyes on the Prize: Episode 1: AwakeningsHampton, Henry (director)
Eyes on the Prize: Episode 2: Fighting BackHampton, Henry (director)
Eyes on the Prize: Episode 3: Ain't Scared of Your JailsHampton, Henry (director)
Eyes on the Prize: Episode 3: No Easy WalkHampton, Henry (director)
Eyes on the Prize: Episode 5: Mississippi: Is This America?Hampton, Henry (director)
Eyes on the Prize: Episode 6: Bridge to FreedomHampton, Henry (director)
Eyes Wide ShutSchnitzler, Arthur (Novel)
FalstaffHolinshed, Rapheal
Far from the Maddening CrowdHardy
Farewell to Arms, AHemingway, Ernest
Fargo DeselatoHovel
Fear and Loathing in Las VegasThompson, Hunter S.
Fight ClubPalahniuk, Chuck
Fool for LoveShepard, Sam
FrankensteinShelley, Mary
FrankensteinShelley, Mary
Frederick DouglassDouglass, Frederick
Freedom WritersGruwell, Erin
Fugitive Kind, theWilliams, Tennessee
Full Metal JacketHasford, Gustav (Novel)
Furious Flowers - Warriors
Furious Flowers: Warriors
Gawain and the Green Knight
General, The; Playhouse, The; Cops
Gentleman's AgreementKazan, Elia
Geoffrey Chaucer and Middle English LiteratureChaucer, Geoffrey
George Bernard Shaw & His Time
Getaway, TheThompson, Jim
Getaway, TheThompson, Jim
Ghost WorldClowes, Daniel
GladiatorScott, Ridely (Director)
Glass MenagerieNewman, Paul
Glenngarry Glen RossMamet, David
GloriaCassavetes, John
Godfather, ThePuzo, Mario
Godfather: Part II, ThePuzo, Mario
Godfather: Part III, ThePuzo, Mario
Gold Rush, TheChaplin, Charles
Gold Rush, TheChaplin, Charles
Golden Bowl, TheJames, Henry
Grapes of Wrath, TheSteinbeck, John
Great Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott
Great Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott
Guess Who's Coming to DinnerKramer, Stanley
Gulliver in LilliputSwift, Jonathan
Gulliver's TravelsSwift, Jonathan
HamletShakespeare, William
HamletShakespeare, William
HamletShakespeare, William
HamletShakespeare, William
HamletShakespeare, William
HamletShakespeare, William
Hamlet - Part IShakespeare, William
Hamlet - Part IIShakespeare, William
Handful of DustWaugh, Evelyn
Handful of Dust, AWaugh, Evelyn
HannibalUlmer, Edgar G.
Hans Christian AndersonConnolly, Myles
Hardy, Thomas & Dorset
Harrison BergeronVonnegut, Kurt
Hart Crane: Voices and VisionsCrane, Hart
Heart Is a Lonely HunterMcCuller
Heart is a Lonely HunterMcCullers, Carson
Heart of DarknessConrad, Joseph
Heartbreak House
HeddaIbsen, Henrik
Hedda Gabler
Hedda Gabler: Part I & IItranslated by Michael Meyer
Heiress, TheGoetz, Augustus (play)
Henry IVBranaugh, Kenneth
Henry IV, Part IIShakespeare, William
Henry IV: Part IShakespeare, William
Henry IV: Part IShakespeare, William
Henry VI: House of LancasterShakespeare, William
Henry VI: House of YorkShakespeare, William
Hero's Journey, TheJoseph Campbell's Life
Horse Dealer's Daughter, TheLawrence
Horse's Mouth, TheCary, Joyce
Hotel New Hampshire, TheIrving, John
Hungarian VideoDr. Arthur
I'm a FoolAnderson, Sherwood
I, Claudius: A God in ColchesterGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: A Touch of MurderGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Family AffairsGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Fool's LuckGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Hail Who?Graves, Robert
I, Claudius: Old King LogGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Poison Is QueenGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Queen of HeavenGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Reign of TerrorGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Some JusticeGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: Waiting in the WingsGraves, Robert
I, Claudius: What Shall We Do About Claudius?Graves, Robert
I, Claudius: Zeus By JoveGraves, Robert
If These Walls Could SpeakElliott, Jack
Importance of Being Ernest, TheWilde, Oscar
In Cold BloodCapote; Truman
In CountryMason, Bobbie Ann
In Search of History: The Greek Gods
Innocents, Thew/ Deborah Kerr
Invitation to EducationRose, Mike
Isaac Bashevis SingerSinger, Isaac Bashevis
James Joyce's WomenJoyce, James
Jane EyreBrontë, Charlotte
Jane EyreBrontë, Charlotte
Jean De FloretteBerri, Claude
Jilting of Granny Weatherall, ThePorter, Katharine Anne
Jolly Corner, TheJames, Henry
Jonathan Swift and Gulliver's Travels
Jonathan Swift: Life and TimesSwift, Jonathan
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell and the Power of MythCampbell, Joseph
Joseph Campbell and the Power of MythCampbell, Joseph
JudeWinterbottom, Michael (director)
Julius CaesarShakespeare, William
Kill Bill Volume 2Tarantino, Quentin
Killing, TheKubrick, Stanley (Screenplay)
King Arthur: His Life and Legends
King LearShakespeare, William
King LearShakespeare, William
King LearShakespeare, William
King LearShakespeare, William
King LearShakespeare, William
King Lear, Part IShakespeare, William
King Lear, Part IIShakespeare, William
Krapp's Last TapeBeckett, Samuel
La BambaValdez, Louis (Screenplay)
La JeteeChris Marker
Lady of Shalott, TheAlfred, Lord Tennyson
Langston Hughes: Voices and VisionsHughes, Langston
Language AcquisitionKrashin, Stephen
Largo DesolatoHavel, Václay
Last of the Belles, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott
Lathe of Heaven, TheLe Guin, Ursula K.
Legend of Arthur
Legend of Arthur
Leopard, TheDi Lampedusa, Giuseppe Tomasi
Les MiserablesHugo, Victor
Letter From an Unknown WomanZweig, Stefan
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby: Act FourDickens, Charles
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby: Act OneDickens, Charles
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby: Act ThreeDickens, Charles
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby: Act TwoDickens, Charles
Like Water for ChocolateEsquivel, Laura
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.
Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeLewis, C.S.
Loaded Weapon
LolitaNabokov, Vladimir
Lonesome DoveMcMurtry, Larry (novel)
Long Day's Journey into the NightO'Neill, Eugene
Long Days Journey into Night, AO'Neill, Eugene
Long Walk Home, TheCork, John
Look Back in AngerOsborne, John
Look Back in AngerOsborne, John
Lord JimConrad, Joseph
Lord of the FliesGolding, William
Lord of the Flies AnalysisGolding, William
Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the RingTolkien, J.R.R.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingTolkien, J.R.R.
Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersTolkien, J.R.R.
Lost HorizonHilton, James
Lottery Time, The
Lottery, The
Lottery, Thea discussion
MacbethShakespeare, William
MacbethShakespeare, William
MacbethShakespeare, William
MacbethShakespeare, William
Mailer on Mailer
Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard
Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard
Making of a Renaissance Book
Making of a Renaissance Book, The
Maltese Falcon, TheHammett, Dashiell
Man That Corrupted the Hadleyburg, TheTwain, Mark
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, TheFord
Manon of the SpringsBerri, Claude
Mansfield ParkAusten, Jane
Marianne More: Voices and VisionsMoore, Marianne
Mark TwainBurns, Ken
Mark Twain TonightHolbrook, Hal
Mark Twain Tonight!Holbrook, Hal
Mark Twain: A Concise AutobiographyFamous Authors Series
Mark Twain: A Concise Biography
Mary Shelley & Frankenstein
Master Harold and the BoysFugard, Athol
Match PointAllen, Woody
Measure for MeasurePigott, Tim
Measure for MeasureShakespeare, William
Measure for MeasureShakespeare, William
Measure for Measurew/ Tim Pigott
Measure for Measure & Merchant of Venice
Melville Documentary
Michelangelo: Artist and Man
Mickey Mouse MonopolyMedia Education Foundation
Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William
Midsummer's Night Dream, A
Midsummer's Night Dream, A
Midsummer's Night Dream, APeter Hall & Royal Shakespeare Co.
Midsummer's Night Dream, AShakespeare, William
Mildred PierceCain, James M.
Mill on the Floss, TheFitzgerald, Geraldine
Miller's Tale, TheChaucer
Misanthrope, TheMolière
Miss JulieStrindberg, August
Miss JulieStringberg, August
Monsieur IbrahimSchmitt, Eric-Emmanual (Novel)
Most Dangerous Game, TheConnell, Richard
Mother NightVonnegut, Kurt
Moving BooksCSUN-IMC-TV
Mrs. DallowayWoolf, Virginia
Mrs. Warren's Profession
Much Ado about NothingBranaugh, Kenneth
Mulholland Dr.Lynch, David
Mutiny on the BountyLloyd
My Cousin RachelDu Maurier, Daphne
My Old ManDiscussion
My Old ManHemingway, Ernest
National SoulMoyers, Bill; World of Ideas Anthology
New Faculty Information
Nicholas NicklebyDickens, Charles
NinotchkaLengyel, Melchior
O Brother Where Art Thou?Homer (story); Coen, Ethan; Coen Joel (screenplay)
Occurance At Owl Creek BridgeAmbrose Bierce
Oedipus the KingSophocles
Oedipus the KingSophocles
Of Mice and MenSteinbeck, John
Old ManFaulkner, William
OleannaMamet, David
Oliver TwistDickens, Charles
Oliver TwistDickens, Charles
Oliver TwistDickens, Charles
Oliver, The Musical
On the WaterfrontSchulberg, Budd
Once Upon a Time in the WestLeone, Sergio
One Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichSolzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestKesey, Ken
Orpheua DescendingWilliams, Tennessee
OthelloShakespeare, William
Our Mutual FriendDickens, Charles
Our TownWilder, Thorton
Out of AfricaBlixen, Karen; Thurman, Judith; Trzebinski, Errol
Overdrawn At the Memory BankVarley, John
Paradise Restored
Paris Was a WomanWeiss, Andrea
Passage to India, A
Paul's CaseCather, Willa
Pearl, TheSteinbeck, John
Penny SerenadeCheavens, Martha
PhiladelphiaNyswaner, Ron
Piano Lesson, TheCharles Dutton, Alfre Woodard
Pickwick Papers, TheDickens, Charles
Pinter, The CollectionPinter
Place in the Sun, ADreiser, Theodore (novel)
Poetry is Words that Sing
Portable Phonograph
Portable PhonographStory into Film
Power of Reading, TheKrashen, Steven
Pretty WomanLawton, J.F.
Prick Up Your EarsLahr, John (biography)
Prick Up Your Ears: The Life of Joe Orton
Pride & PrejudiceAusten, Jane
Priest of Love, TheLawrence, D.H.
Private Conversations: On the Set of Death of a Salesman
Private Conversationson the set of Death of a Salesman
Private History of a Campaign That FailedTwain, Mark
PsychoBloch, Robert (novel)
Pulp FictionTarantino, Quentin
PygmalianShaw, George Bernard
PygmalionShaw, George Bernard
Queen ChristinaViertel, Salka; Levino, Margaret P.
Qui JuYimou
Raise the Red LanternTong, Su (Novel)
Raisin in the Sun, AHansberry, Lorraine
Raisin in the Sun, AHansberry, Lorraine
Rappaccini's DaughterHawthorne, Nathaniel
Rappiccini's DaughterHawthorne, Nathaniel
Re: Iowa Experiment on Racial Prejudice - Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes
Rebel Without a Cause, ARay
Red Shoes, TheAnderson, Hans Christian
Reivers, TheFaulkner, William
Remains of the Day, TheIshiguro, Kazuo
Return of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Return to OzBaum, Frank L.
Revising ProseLanham
Revising ProseLanham
Revising ProseLanham, Richard
Richard IiiShakespeare, William
Rime of the Ancient Marinerda Silva, Raul
Rivals, The
Robert Frost: Voices and VisionsFrost, Robert
Robert Lowell: Voices and VisionsLowell, Robert
Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, TheWilliams, Tennessee
Romeo & JulietGreer, Germaine
Romeo & JulietLuhrmann
Romeo & JulietShakespeare, William
Romeo & JulietShakespeare, William
Rose for a Family
Rose for Emily, A
Rosencrantz & Guildenstein Are DeadStoppard, Tom
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are DeadStoppard, Tom
Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard
Salome's Last DanceWilde, Oscar
Sanchez, Thomas Reading
Scarlet Letter, TheHawthorne, Nathaniel (Novel)
Scarlet Letter, TheHawthorne, Nathaniel (Novel)
Schindler's ListKeneally, Thomas
School for ScandalSheridan, Richard
Second Shepherd's Play
Second Shepherds' Play, The
Secret Agent, TheConrad, Joseph
Secret Sharer, TheDiscussion
Secret Sharer, TheDiscussion of Joseph Conrad's
Seize the DayBellows, Saul
Sense & SensibilityLee,
Sense and SensibilityAusten, Jane
Seven Samurai, TheKurosawa, Akira (screenplay and director)
Shadow of a DoubtHitchcock, Alfred (director)
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Shakespeare's SonnetsWright
ShaneSchaefer, Jack (Novel)
Shaw V. ShakespeareCaesar & Cleopatra
Shaw V. ShakespeareThe Character of Caesar
Shaw V. ShakespeareThe Tragedy of Julius Caesar
Shaw vs. Shakespeare I: The Character of Caesar
Shawshank Redemption, TheKing, Stephen (short story)
She Stoops to Conquer
Shinning, TheKing, Stephen (novel)
Singer, Isaac Bashevis
Sister SunnyHemingway
Sleepy HallowIrving, Washington
Slipper & the Rose, The (Cinderella)
Smooth TalkOates, Joyce Carol
Smooth TalkOates, Joyce Carol
Snows of KiliminjaroHemingway, Ernest
Southern Poverty Law Center
Stand by MeKing, Stephen (novella)
Stanely Kubrick: A Life in PicturesHarlan, Jan (Director)
Stella DallasProuty, Olive Higgins
StevieWhitemore, Hugh
Story of An Hour, TheChopin, Kate
Story of EnglishMother Tongue
Story of English: A Muse of FireMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: An English Speaking World and Mother TongueMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: And English Speaking WorldMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: Black one WhiteMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: Next Year's Words: A Look into the FutureMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: Pioneer O PioneerMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: The Guid Scot's TongueMcNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: The Loaded WeaponMacNeil, Robert; McCrum, Robert
Story of English: The Muvver TongueMacNeil, Robert; McCrumb, Robert
Strange InterludeO'Neill, Eugene
Strange InterludesO'Neill, Eugene
Streetcar Named Desire, AWilliams, Tennesee
Student Success
Student Success
Suddenly, Last SummerWilliams, Tennessee
Sunset BoulevardBrackett, Charles; WIlder, Billy; Marshman, D.M.
Sweet Bird of YouthWilliams, Tennessee
Sweet Bird of YouthWilliams, Tennessee
Swimmer, TheCheever, John
Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green KnightWeeks, Stephen (Screenplay)
Sylvia Plath: Voices and VisionsPlath, Sylvia
T. S. Eliot: Voices and VisionsEliot, T.S.
Tale of Two Cities, ADickens, Charles
Taming of the Shrew, TheAmbrose Video
Tempest, TheAmbrose Video
Ten Cents a Dance: ParallaxOnodera, Midi
TessPolanski, Roman
Tess, Part IHardy, Thomas
Tess, Part IIHardy, Thomas
The EntertainerOlivier, Laurence
The Godfather, Part ICappola, Francis Ford
The Godfather, Part IICappola, Francis Ford
The Godfather, Part IIICappola, Francis Ford
The Maltese FalconHuston, John
The Man in the Grey Flannel SuitZanuck
The Merchant of Venice
The MisanthropeMoliere
The PawnbrokerLumet
The Portrait of a LadyCampion, Jane
The Shop On Main StreetKadar/Klos
The TempestShakespeare, William
ThiefHohimer, Frank (Novel)
Thomas Hardy amd Dorset
Thomas Sanders ReadingSanders, Thomas
Three Sisters
Three Sisters
Three Sisters, Part I & II
Three Sisters, Part III
Throne of BloodKurosawa, Akira
TomorrowFaulkner, William (Short Story)
Top 10 1/2 Tips for Writing Critically
Tower of London, The
Treasure IslandStevenson, Robert Louis
Trelawney of the Wells
Trial, TheKafka, Franz
Turn of the Screw, TheJames, Henry
Twelfth Night, Part 1 &2
Twelfth Night, Part 3
Twelfth Night, Part I
Twelfth Night, Part II
Under Milk WoodThomas, Dylan
University Ph.D. Programand entry program
Unstrung HeroesLidz, Franz
Untouchables, TheDe Palma, Brian
Voices & VisionsPound, Ezra
Waiting for GodotBeckett, Samuel
Waiting for GodotBeckett, Samuel
Wallace Stevens: Voices and VisionsStevens, Wallace
Walt Whitman: Voices and VisionsWhitman, Walt
Washington SquareJames, Henry
Way of the WorldCongreve
Way We Live Now, TheTrollope, Anthony
West Coast: Beat & BeyondTribute to Jack Kerouac
West Coast: Beat and BeyondKerouac, Jack
What Happened to Kerouac?Kerouac, Jack
What the #$*! Do We Know!?Arntz, William
What's Love Got to Do With itLanier, Kate (Screenplay)
Where the Lilies BloomCleaver, Bill; Cleaver, Vera
Who Am I This Time?Vonnegut, Kurt
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Albee, Edward
Wild Duck
Wild StrawberriesBergman, Ingmar
WildeGilbert, Brian
William Carlos Williams: Voices and VisionsWilliams, William Carlos
William Wordsworth & the Age of English Romanticism
William Wordsworth and the Age of English RomanticismWordsworth, William
Wings of the DoveJames, Henry
Wings of the Dove, The
Winter's Tale, TheAmbrose Video
WitEdson, Margaret
Wizard of Oz, TheBaum, Frank L.
WomenJoyce, James
Women, TheBoothe, Clare
Works by Adrienne RichRich, Adrienne
Works by Alice WalkerWalker, Alice
Works by Arthur SzeSze, Arthur
Works by Barbara GuestGuest, Barbara
Works by Barry LopezLopez, Barry
Works by Carlos FuentesFuentes, Carlos
Works by Caryl PhillipsPhillips, Caryl
Works by Czeslaw Milosz, Vol. IMilosz, Czeslaw
Works by Derek MahonMahon, Derek
Works by Eamon GrennanGrennan, Eamon
Works by Eavan BolandBoland, Eavan
Works by Edna O'BrienO'Brien, Edna
Works by Eduardo GaleanoGaleano, Eduardo
Works by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin and Nuala Ní DhomhnaillChuilleanáin, Eiléan Ní; Dhomhnaill, Nuala Ní
Works by Ernesto CardenalCardenal, Ernesto
Works by Galway KinnellKinnell, Galway
Works by Gary Snyder Vol. ISnyder, Gary
Works by Gilbert SorrentinoSorrentino, Gilbert
Works by Grace PaleyPaley, Grace
Works by Hayden CarruthCarruth, Hayden
Works by Jack GilbertGilbert, Jack
Works by John Edgar WidemanWideman, John Edgar
Works by Joy HarjoHarjo, Joy
Works by Kay BoyleBoyle, Kay
Works by Larry HeinemannHeinemann, Larry
Works by Louise GlückGlück, Louise
Works by Lucille CliftonClifton, Lucille
Works by Luis J. RodriguezRodriguez, Luis J.
Works by Pattiann RogersRogers, Pattiann
Works by Paul WestWest, Paul
Works by Peter MatthiessenMatthiessen, Peter
Works by Peter ReadingReading, Peter
Works by Philip LevineLevine, Philip
Works by Richard FordFord, Richard
Works by Richard WilburWilbur, Richard
Works by Robert CreeleyCreeley, Robert
Works by Sandra CisnerosCisneros, Sandra
Works by Scott Russell SandersSanders, Scott Russell
Works by Sonia SanchezSanchez, Sonia
Works by Stuart DybekDybek, Stuart
Works by Thom GunnGunn, Thom
Works by W. S. MerwinMerwin, W. S.
Works by Yahuda AmichaiAmichai, Yahuda
Write Course: An Introduction to College Composition, The
Writers on Writers:Great Literature in Action
Writing Interns
Wuthering HeightsBronte, Emily
Wuthering HeightsBronte, Emily
Yea You Rite!The Center for New American Media
Yeah You RITE!