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AnonymousIntro to Modern English and American Literature - William Blake, Virginia Wolf00:00:00
AnonymousMr. Merrett00:00:00
AnonymousMr. Thomas00:00:00
Beckett, SamuelAll That Fall 1&201:30:00
Beckett, SamuelCascando00:00:00
Beckett, SamuelEmbers00:00:00
Beckett, SamuelRough for Radio II00:00:00
Beckett, SamuelWaiting for Godot 1 & 201:00:00
Beckett, SamuelWaiting for Godot 3 & 400:51:00
Beckett, SamuelWords & Music00:00:00
Brooks, GwendolynReading Her Poetry00:52:17
Burns, RobertPoetry and Border Ballads00:00:00
Burns, RobertSongs & Poems00:00:00
Callary, Robert E.Linguistics Series 7 tapes00:00:00
ChaucerPardoner's Prologue & Tale, The00:00:00
Coleridge, SamuelColeridge, Samuel01:00:00
Cusack (reader)Poems Penyeach00:00:00
Cusack, CyrilEcce Puer00:00:00
Edwards, Mary LouiseIntoduction to Applied Phonetics Series 7 tapes00:00:00
Eliot, T.S.Waste Land, The & other poems (2 copies)00:52:00
Ferlinghetti, LawrenceContemporary American Poets - Read Their Works00:30:00
Frost, RobertMending Walls, Death of the Hired Man, Witch of Coos00:50:00
Frost, RobertReads His Poems00:55:00
Gay, JohnBeggar's Opera Acts I, II, III00:00:00
Ginsberg, AllenContemporary American Poets - Read Their Works00:29:00
Goodman, KenPsycholinguistic Nature of Language Experience00:00:00
Hemingway, ErnestCapital of the World, The00:27:42
Hemingway, ErnestClean Well Lighted Place, A00:09:10
Hemingway, ErnestFifty Grand00:46:07
Hemingway, ErnestGambler, the Nun, & the Radio, The00:45:01
Hemingway, ErnestKillers, The00:45:07
Hemingway, ErnestShort Happy Life of Francis Macomber, The00:00:00
Hemingway, ErnestSnows of Kilimajaro, The00:57:05
Hemingway, ErnestUndefeated, The00:00:00
Joyce (reader)Anna Livia Plurabelle - from Ulysses00:00:00
Keats, JohnPoetry of John Keats00:56:00
Lowell, RobertPoems of Robert Lowell00:28:00
Mathews, Walter (reader)Poetry Off the Page00:00:00
Mathews, Walter (reader)Shakespeare Off the Page (3)00:00:00
Miller, ArthurDeath of a Salesman 1 & 200:52:00
Miller, ArthurDeath of a Salesman 3 & 400:59:00
Miller, ArthurDeath of a Salesman 5 & 600:47:00
Moore, MarianneReads Her Poetry00:21:00
O'Neill, EugeneLong Days Journey Into Night 1 & 200:54:00
O'Neill, EugeneLong Days Journey Into Night 3 & 400:40:00
O'Neill, EugeneLong Days Journey Into Night 5 & 600:41:00
O'Neill, EugeneLong Days Journey Into Night 7 & 800:54:00
Poe, Edgar AllenTales of Horror & Suspense (2)00:00:00
Pound, EzraReading His Poetry I (Cantico del Sole & others)00:50:11
Pound, EzraReading His Poetry II00:42:34
Roethke, TheodorePoems of Theodore Roethke00:40:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act 3 & 400:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act 5 & 600:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act I00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act II00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act III Scene 1 - 300:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act III Scene 4 - Act IV00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet Act V00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamKing Lear 1 & 200:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamKing Lear 700:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream00:52:21
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare Hamlet00:54:38
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare Julius Caesar00:54:57
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare King Henry V00:53:29
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare King Lear00:49:32
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare Macbeth01:00:57
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare Othello00:54:20
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet00:56:45
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice00:55:36
Shakespeare, WilliamLiving Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew00:55:30
Shakespeare, WilliamMacbeth 1 & 200:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamMacbeth 3 & 400:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamMacbeth 500:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamOthello00:41:00
Shakespeare, WilliamOthello Tape I00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamOthello Tape II00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamRichard II Tape I00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamRichard II Tape II00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamRichard II Tape III00:00:00
Shakespeare, WIlliamRomeo & Juliet, Part I00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamRomeo & Juliet, Part II00:00:00
Shakespeare, WilliamRomeo & Juliet, Part III00:00:00
Shaw, BernardMajor Barbara 1 & 201:26:00
Shaw, BernardMajor Barbara 3 & 400:00:00
Shelley, PercyPoetry of Shelley00:57:00
Sitwell, EdithFa´┐Żade00:00:00
SophoclesOedipus Rex 1 & 200:00:00
SophoclesOedipus Rex 3 & 400:00:00
Spender, StephenPoetry of Stephen Spender, The00:56:00
Spiller, RobertGreat American Writers 1840-186000:32:00
Stevens, WallaceReading His Poetry (2 copies)00:50:48
Thomas, Dylan1 & 2 (2)00:58:00
Thomas, Dylan3 & 4 (2)01:00:00
UnknownMedieval Realms -- Britian 1066 to 150000:00:00
UnknownMedieval Realms -- Britian 1066 to 150000:00:00
Van Slooten, HenryConrad's Twenty-First Year00:00:00
Wakefield, MasterSecond Shepherd's Play, The00:38:00
Wakoski, DianeContemporary American Poets - Read Their Works00:37:00
Whitman, WaltLeaves of Grass00:44:25
Whitman, WaltLeaves of Grass - Vol. 200:47:15
Williams, William CarlosReads His Poems00:42:40
Wordsmith, WilliamTreasury of William Wordsmith00:00:00
Yeats, W.B.Poems & Songs, Purgatory00:00:00