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Kent Baxter

Kent  Baxter Associate Professor
PhD (1998) University of Southern California
Office: Sierra Tower Room, 725
Phone: Telephone: (818) 677-3425
Email: kent.baxter@csun.edu

Office Hours

None submitted for this semester.


Areas of specialization include: Children's and Young Adult Literature; 20th Century American Literature and Culture; Age Studies; Professional Writing.




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Baxter, Kent (Ed.). Critical Insights: Coming of Age. Forthcoming from Salem Press.


“Adolescent Vérité: Shocking Glimpses of the Teen in Contemporary Film and Television.” Mediated Boyhood: Boys, Teens, and Tweens in Popular Media and Culture. Ed. Annette Wannamaker. New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2011.

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Review of Joanne Brown’s Immigration Narratives in Young Adult Literature (Scarecrow Press, 2011) in The Children’s Literature Association Quarterly (forthcoming).

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