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Internships and Service Learning

Internship Program Service Learning

Internship Program

The English Intern Program (EIP) enables CSUN students to transfer the writing and research skills they have learned in their classes into a rewarding career in professional writing.

Graduates from the program are working as writers and editors in fields such as copywriting, technical writing, corporate communications, publishing, advertising, and public relations.

The program consists of a writing and professional development course (English 407) and an off-campus writing internship (English 494IP) that provide both the training and experience needed to begin writing professionally.

EIP can help you make the transition from classroom to career.


English 407 (Composition and the Professions)

  • Hone your writing and research skills.
  • Learn models for professional writing assignments, such as press releases, speeches, fundraising letters, promotional brochures, print advertisements, webpages, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Create effective job application materials, including a resume, cover letter, and portfolio.
  • Connect with professional organizations and societies that can help you begin your career.

English 494IP (English Intern Program)

  • Work 12-20 hours per week in the communications division of a company or organization.
  • Students have completed internships with CNBC, Warner Bros., the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sage Publications, MedTronic, KCET, Los Angeles Conservation Corps., and others.
  • Complete real-world assignments under tight deadlines.
  • Make valuable contacts in the professional world and compile an impressive portfolio of your work.


For more information, please contact Dr. Kent Baxter, Internship Coordinator, at (818) 677-3425, kent.baxter@csun.edu.

Service Learning Opportunities

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