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From Dr. Kent Baxter Graduate Advisor
Last Revised: 03/11/2014

Key: CW=Creative Writing, Lit=Literature, RC=Rhetoric and Composition Theory

Please note the following:

*Three 620’s, three 630s, two 622s, two 623s and two 654s may be taken as long as the individual class topics are not repeated.

*CW students are allowed to take two 512’s, 608’s and 609’s.          

*CW students must take 2 workshops in their primary genre. 

*400 level courses may not be used for required graduate level (500-600) literature courses. Students may take up two 400-level courses with the approval of Dr. Baxter via the “400-Level Consent Form". Forms are due by the end of the first week of the semester.

*Classified graduate students who have completed 15-18 units of graduate study should make an appointment with Dr. Baxter in order to draw up a contract/formal program.

*Before students can enroll in their culminating experience (697C, 698C, 698D), they must be classified, have a formal contract on file with the English Graduate Department, and have submitted both the “intent” form and receipt for graduation application.

*Permission numbers for 697C, 698C, and 698D are given by Marjie’s office via email.  

* 697C is offered every semester, but does not meet as a class. Contact Dr. Baxter for details.  

*  698D (Graduate Project) is offered once a year in the spring semester                

* Students must apply for graduation once they complete 18-21 units.

* Permission to enroll for 600A, 600B & BF are given after acceptance into the TA program. TAs must be fully classified and enrolled in order to teach.

* New TA's must be fully classified by June 1, 2014 and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to teach Fall 2014.

* All TA's must be enrolled in order to teach.

* Have you made your advisement appointment with Dr. Baxter?

 Course Descriptions coming soon


                                                                 FALL 2014

Monday Classes
12:30-315 pm* Engl 600 &BF: College Comp.: Theory & Pedagogy, Teaching Associate Sem.(RC) I.Clark
4-6:45 pm Engl 604: Seminar in Language and Linguistics (Core) Peck
Engl 620FM Faulkner and Morrison:  (Lit) Stanley
7-9:45 pm Engl 620AS: Art Spiegelman & The Transformation of Comics (Lit) Hatfield


Tuesday Classes
4-6:45 pm Engl 620JJ: James Joyce (Lit) Wightman
Engl 652: Creative Writing Studies (CW Core) Hall
7-9:45 pm Engl 601: Seminar in Scholarly Methods & Bibliography (Lit Core) Byler
Engl 609: Seminar in Poetry Writing (CW) Barresi


Wednesday Classes
4-6:45 pm Engl 630ML: Medieval Literature (Lit) Kleinman
Engl 654: Satire and Social Contract (RC/Lit Hybrid**) Wexler
7-9:45 pm Engl 638: Critical Approaches to Literature (Core) Mills


Thursday Classes
4-6:45 pm

Engl 595NF: Creative Non-Fiction Prose (CW) J. Lopez
Engl 630SG: The Social Gospel and Modern American Literature (Lit) Dawahare

7-9:45 pm Engl 624: Beckett, Pinter, and Churchill (CW/Lit Hybrid**) Mitchell


Friday Classes
10:00am-12:45pm* CANCELED:Engl 638: Critical Approaches to Literature (Core)

 *Note time of day
**    Engl. 624: Students must let Professor Mitchell know if taking for CW or Lit credit.
**     Engl. 654: Students must let Professor Wexler know if taking for RC or Lit credit.

Reminder, students must be fully classified upon completion of first 12 gratuate units (usually 4 classes).