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Portfolio Instructions for Students

Your Approaches to University Writing Portfolio should include the following items:

  1. In Left Pocket: A Cover Letter or Reflective Introduction explaining the following:
  • Why you selected the essays included for evaluation;
  • How these selections represent the evaluation rubric used for the course.
  1. In Left Pocket: One in-class, timed essay (ungraded, no written comments, with assignment attached.
  1. In Right Pocket: Two Revised Essay Packets which will consist of the following:


    • A clean copy of a FINAL polished draft of an essay with your student ID number in upper right corner of each page and assignment sheet attached to the first page. These essays may be from 3-5 or 4-6 pages, depending on the assignment.
    • At least one (1) rough draft. Use White-Out to remove your name and any assigned grades.
    • STAPLE OR PAPER CLIP all drafts together to form a packet for each essay.

**Revised essays should represent your best work. Portfolio readers will assume that you have further polished even those essays that originally received high marks and evaluate them as representative of your writing ability at the end of the semester.

 Portfolio Preparation

Please purchase a plain pocket folder with 2 pockets for your Portfolio.  Bring this folder to class on the day your Portfolio is DUE: ___.   Your teacher will provide you with a white sticker.  Write your student ID # on the white sticker and place it on the front of the folder in the upper right hand corner.  Then, arrange your Portfolio materials in the following fashion as indicated in steps 1-3.