Computer Science

  • server rack and sample Java programming code

Department Announcements

  • Advisement for Summer and Fall 2014 - Now is the time to be seeking advisement regarding which courses to enroll in for the summer and fall 2014 terms! You can find information about who your advisor is by visiting the undergraduate advisement page or the graduate advisement page.
  • Computer Science and CIT Undergraduate Senior Project - For undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science under the 2010-2014 University Catalogs and for all Computer Information Technology majors, an undergraduate senior project is a requirement of the major. For Computer Science, the year long project starts with COMP 490/L in the fall and concludes with COMP 491L in the spring. For CIT, the year long project starts with CIT 480/L in the fall and concludes with CIT 481/L in the spring. It is important to note that the first semester of the project always starts in the fall and the second semester is offered the following spring. When planning for your last 2-3 semesters of your degree, be sure to take into consideration the fall start of all senior projects. For any student who (1) has completed the prerequisites for entry into either COMP 490/L or CIT 480/L by the start of a fall semester and (2) can show a path towards graduation within 3 semesters, the Department will guarantee the availability of a seat in an appropriate senior design course; do not be alarmed if a senior design section is currently full, accommodations will be made; check with the Department Office for details.
  • A Note to CIT seniors regarding COMP 424 and COMP 485 - Because of the increasing number of CIT majors preparing to take COMP 424 and COMP 485, the Computer Science Department will now offer these two courses (along with COMP 484/L) on a year-round basis. This means that subject to sufficient enrollment, these courses will be offered during both the spring and fall semesters, and possibly during summer session.  CIT majors who are completing CIT 360, IS 435 and IS 451 also have the option of talking with either the Computer Science Department Chair or the Department's Assistant Chair regarding possible alternative COMP 400/500 level courses being applied to satisfy the COMP 424 and COMP 485 requirements in the CIT major.
  • A Note to CIT majors needing to enroll in IS courses required by the CIT major - To enroll in IS 312 and the IS 400 level courses that follow IS 312, CIT majors will need to request permission numbers from the Department of Accounting and Information Systems by visiting their permission number request web site: You will be held to just the prerequisites shown on the CIT major diagram for the IS courses; you will not be required to take the business, accounting or economics courses listed in the University Catalog as prerequisites to those IS courses.
  • For anyone needing to take COMP 232 - The number associated with that course changed to COMP 333 effective fall 2011. Current articulation agreements with community colleges regarding the transferability of courses equivalent to COMP 232 will not be immediately impacted by the move of the course to upper division status at CSUN.
  • Tenure-track faculty position opening with the department - The Computer Science Department is current seeking applications for a tenure-track faculty position. You can read the details regarding the position and how to apply in the official announcement.