Computer Science

  • server rack and sample Java programming code

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology

The B. S. degree in Computer Information Technology (CIT) is designed for students interested in professional careers involving the design, implementation and support of solutions to informational technology infrastructure needs.

The B. S. in CIT program requires a total of 120 units, including general education requirements, major core and a 15+ unit sequence domain emphasis package that is normally satisfied by completion of a program minor from a breath discipline.  The domain emphasis package must be satisfied by a course sequence that does not require computer science or business courses.  Those interested in the equivalent of a minor in business are directed to explore the opportunities provided by the B. S. degree in Information Systems with the IT option offered by the College of Business and Economics.  A CIT major must complete a minimum of 18 residency units of upper division CIT program courses; this is in addition to all other institutional residency requirements.